Thinking about starting an email marketing campaign? Is your email marketing not working out as well as you’d hoped? Whatever the case, you need to do one crucial thing to make sure your email newsletters get opened instead of get deleted. In order to increase longer term open rates and decrease unsubscribe rates on email marketing, you need to give your email newsletter subscribers a series of welcoming messages. Here’s why.

A well thought out series of welcome email newsletters will help turn your newcomer into a long-term subscriber.

Why you should start your email marketing subscribers off with welcoming email messages

Have you ever subscribed to an email newsletter and then didn’t immediately get a message from the company? Probably. Lots of companies do exactly this with their email marketing.

Perhaps when your email newsletter finally did come a month later, you completely forgot you signed up for that email marketing newsletter. Chances are you deleted it before opening it, or worse, you opened it and unsubscribed.

The problem is it only takes a couple of days to forget you subscribed to an email newsletter if you aren’t reminded early and often. You don’t want your email marketing newsletters to suffer this fate. You must introduce new email newsletter subscribers to your company with a series of autoresponder welcoming messages. It’s a good way to increase the ROI on your email marketing.

Here are the key elements of a good email marketing welcoming campaign. 

Make sure this information is covered in the subscription process: 

When the email newsletter subscriber is signing up he or she should be told what kind of messages they will receive (promotional, educational, text, html, etc.) and how often the messages will be received. It should also tell the email newsletter subscriber that their information will be kept private. Mention that your address should be white listed. Gather any other information you can about the person. This transparency not only increases open rates, but ensures you’re reaching the right reader.

Send the initial welcoming message: 

This is the most vital part to an email marketing welcoming campaign. This welcome message lets the email newsletter subscriber know you’re serious about sending your emails. It also introduces your company’s value proposition and other reasons your customer should look to you when they’re in the market for your service or product. It should also fulfill any subscribing incentives you promised.

Send follow up welcoming messages: 

These should be sent early and often. That way your new email newsletter subscriber recognizes your company when you send your regular email marketing messages to their inbox. Consider sending them a series of how-to articles, links to articles of interest on your website, or anything else you can offer them.

The true beauty of all this is that most email marketing software can handle this with an autoresponder! No extra work on your end after you’ve created the messages!

When you start your email marketing relationships off with a series of welcoming emails you help ensure more email newsletter subscribers open your messages and stay subscribed. That is, increased open rates. This will ultimately keep more people interested in your products and services.

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