The subject of email marketing is massive in scope and there are countless strategies to study and mistakes to avoid. But the technique and a general rule of consistency, in writing and sending emails for marketing, is one whose importance is easily underestimated. However, it is also one that should never be overlooked. Maintaining consistency is the perfect way to keep current customers, draw in new ones, and rapidly brand your company to appropriately establish the reputation it needs to survive and flourish.

What Does It Mean To Be Consistent?

When I say consistent, I’m referring to pretty much every definition of the word. Your company uses marketing and public relations techniques to exude a certain image to your clients and customers. While you should always strive to maintain consistency across all forms of advertising and external sales tools, it’s especially important that you back up your established image in all email marketing and establish a routine layout or pattern.

Stay Out of the Spam Section

This helps you stand apart from the junk mail bin. People can sometimes get up to a hundred or so spam messages in their inbox a day, depending on their computer’s susceptibility to such intrusive devices as spyware, malware and cookies. But it is very likely that the majority are not going to recognize your sender’s address immediately unless they’ve either been a customer of yours for years or they’ve been corresponding back to you recently on a personal basis. This means that you’ll have to lure them in with a good subject title and you’ll need to keep them engaged with the content on your email.

Email Marketing Can Be a Foot in Door Technique

To maintain subject consistency when sending marketing emails in intervals you pretty much need to give each one you send the same name or else something with just one or two varying words. Your marketing strategy may include sending periodic newsletters, articles, press releases or announcements to your customers. Whichever the case, it’s a good idea to come up with a brief, straightforward title from the start and use it consistently from the get go. This way the customers will register the subject phrase somewhere in the back of their mind, even if only subconsciously, and they will over time develop a comfort level with your name.

As they get accustomed to seeing emails from you in their inbox once a week or month or whatever applies, they’ll associate your name with familiarity, which is a positive association. It’s a way to get started with marketing – if they open your email and read it, it’s much like a salesman having his foot in the door to keep the potential customer engaged. 

A Brief Tutorial on Subject Titles 

Let’s say you are sending email marketing newsletters, for instance. A good subject title to use consistently would include your company name and a two or three word phrase that will simultaneously catch their attention and describe what they’ll be reading. Something like “Company ABC’s Weekly Guide To Sports” or “Company BCD Celebrity Gossip” would be supporting examples. If you feel the need, you can distinguish each email from the previous one by adding something like “Issue #2” and so on. That may also be easier for you to organize and keep track of your marketing materials internally anyway. But keeping this subject phrase consistent over a period of time, in your regular emails out to them, will help you keep your emails out of their spam folders.

Keeping Your Mailing List Engaged With High-Quality Content

Getting your target audience to recognize your sender’s address and familiarize themselves with your company name is the easy part. The harder part is creating content to insert within the email marketing message that is worth their time and interest. If they don’t find it useful, whether that means informative, entertaining or practical, they may just junk it anyway. Or they will formally unsubscribe from your mailing list. Don’t get discouraged if one or two people from time to time choose to discontinue their periodic emails from you. Oftentimes people just go through a “spring cleaning” phase with their email and try to eliminate and prevent as much mail to organize their lives a bit. This is definitely normal. However, if you are receiving several requests to unsubscribe after each mass mailing, you might need to brainstorm a new direction and focus on better content for your newsletter or particular sales tool.

Consistency comes into play here, once again. To retain current customers and gain new ones, as mentioned before, you need to gain their trust. Even if they don’t read the whole email in full, or perhaps some weeks they skip it completely, you want your company’s emails to be worth it to continue the subscription at the very least. One way to promote this loyalty is consistency within your marketing email message’s content. In other words, follow a similar structure, the same level of formality and maintain the same voice in all of the material you send out. 

Note that some customers and potential clients may require differing goals and therefore you might create separate mailing lists and a new marketing email for each. That may be considered a form of differentiated marketing.

Using the Same Writer Increases Consistency

It is not imperative to have the same writer create all of the correspondence but it’s probably the smartest idea. People tend to stick with things they know, things they can count on. If they read marketing emails from your company that are always within the same general pattern guidelines, it is almost as if some internal spiritual, intrinsic need is filled within them and they achieve a feeling of satisfaction every time they see your senders address with that same familiar subject title. This is because they know that not only can they count on it to always consistently say what they predict it will say, but it always shows up on time.

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