Opt-in Email Marketing Presents Attractive Opportunities for Wineries

Email marketing can provide a positive boost for businesses in virtually any industry. In fact, we’d be hard-pressed to think of any industry that would not benefit from a well-orchestrated opt-in email marketing campaign. Its extensive reach is perfectly suited for companies with large numbers of clients, while its cost-effectiveness makes it ideal for smaller businesses working on a tighter budget. Many important players in the wine business are discovering the benefits of email marketing, and the following are some ways that wineries are using it to their advantage.

Create Good Subject Lines To Lure In Potential Customers

If prospects do not open your message, there is no way your email campaigns can garner any success. There are numerous tricks to getting your message opened, and most of them involve the subject line. While keeping it short and using it to concisely explain the content of your message is typically effective, creating good subject lines is largely based on knowing what not to do. As someone trying to market a winery business, it is a must to understand that mail filters will aggressively hunt down emails with subjects that appear to be spam. Subject lines that include phrases like “Free Sample With Purchase” or “Discount Offer On Select Vintage Brands” are prime examples of messages that will trigger action by the filters and could seriously hinder your message’s ability to be successfully delivered, opened, and read. Fail to realize this, and your marketing effort could end up in junk mail folders instead of the readers’ inboxes.

Keep Marketing Messages Simple To Avoid Losing Readers with Short Attention Spans

Although email is light years behind the web, it has advanced, and those advancements make it pretty easy to go overboard with your marketing message. The same could happen when trying to provide readers with what you deem to be all the necessary information. You have to be careful, though, because if your design is too complex, it could distract the reader and devalue your message. If it is too long, it could cause the reader to lose interest and move on to something else. Whether it is sales offers on wine specials or updates on your company, one of the golden rules of opt-in email marketing is to keep your message simple and straightforward. Remember, the email is the teaser and should entice the reader to click through to your website. Don’t be afraid of not providing enough information. If the reader is interested, they will click through, and that’s where you make the sale.

How Can Opt-in Email Marketing Fuel Your Overall Inbound Strategy?Give The Reader A Call To Action

There are a variety of elements you can choose to implement in your email, but the call to action is one no marketing message can do without. Offering a special deal on your best wines, inviting readers to attend a tasting event, getting them to pay a visit for more information, no matter what it is, that specific action must be clearly defined in order for people to follow through. Leave it up to them, and they may not be sure what it is you are asking or decide to do nothing at all. Both your subject lines and marketing content could be in order, but if your call to action is lacking, none of that will make a difference.


By simply following the best practices of opt-in email marketing, wineries can deploy campaigns that result in more opens, clicks, and conversions. It all starts with knowing the basics and what it takes to be successful. Where you fall on the knowledge tree could be the difference between selling a single bottle or selling multiple cases of your finest brand.

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