Marketing is the key to a successful business. There are many types of marketing such as speaking to the public, placing an ad in a local paper and posting flyers. One form of marketing strategy that is becoming more popular is exchanging links. 

The more websites your business is advertised on the higher page views you will receive resulting in an increase in profits.

The first thing you want to do is create your own website. 

There are many sites on the Internet that offer free website builders. Some sites such as have site tools which make it easy to create and publish a website within minutes. If you want a website with your own domain name (, which removes all surrounding ads a small yearly fee is charged. I personally would recommend getting a domain name because that will remove all other distracting advertisements and detach your connection with the site builder website.

When you have created a website add a page just for exchanging links. 

You can name your page such as “My Favorite Websites”. Have a title for each website along with a brief description and the link below the description. Then interested visitors can easily access the website. By now you are probably thinking, “How am I going to get others to exchange links?” The following are some tips on how you can get others to exchange links with you.

Ask friends and family to exchange links. The best place to start is with people you already know. Let them know that you are willing to market their website if they market yours. Provide an incentive by mentioning to them that you will also submit their website to search engines. There are many websites that offer free submissions to different search engines. This will help boost page views for them and for you.

Submit an article about exchanging links to free article websites. 

You can talk about the benefits of exchanging links and then offer others to exchange links with you at the end of your article. By making the article an informative one you will be avoiding threats of spamming. There are many free article websites. One of my favorites is Ezine Articles and Reprint Content. You can find other sites by goggling free article websites.

Start a thread on money making forums. 

Visitors on the money making forums often want to increase their page views and are looking for people to visit their website. You can start a new thread offering others to exchange links. Many people are more than willing and happy to do this. I do want to mention that you should be selective on who you exchange links with. Review their website before agreeing to exchange links. For example, you don’t want to exchange links with someone who has a bad reputation or advertises on something that could turn some people off such as a website on sex tools.

Join a link exchange group. 

There are many link exchange groups that offer a free link exchange service. One example is Links Lister. They provide a spam free link exchange program that can drive traffic to your website everyday. You just sign up, provide your link to their directory and start exchanging with others who you think would be compatible with your type of business.

Exchanging links is an effective marketing tool that can increase visitors to your website and boost your business. 

I can help you get started by exchanging links with you. We can review each other’s website and if we both agree an exchange can be made. If that’s something you’d be interested in please email me. Have fun exchanging links!

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