Experiential Marketing: Ways to Enhance Stronger Relationships with Your Customers

Get On board Experiential Marketing Trends If You Want To Be Successful

The term experiential marketing is one of the newer marketing terms being added to the arsenal of modern digital marketing techniques. You can call it an offhanded relation to personalized marketing that’s so prevalent now. This one, though, takes personalization even further to a point where your marketing works on an interactively emotional level for the prospective customer through personal experiences.

It’s part of the growing movement to connect on a personal level with prospective customers before they even become established, loyal denizens of your business. But gaining customers faster than ever is the main objective now in a digital world that’s expected to move faster every day.

Here’s how experiential marketing can work in quickly capturing the emotions of your leads.

Creating the Interactive Experience

Part of the new experiential marketing process is in letting customers gain something and sharing it with others online. Gamification has helped this considerably where interactive games on websites let people win points and then share them with other people on social media. In the future, experiential marketing is going to provide interactive experiences like this, yet do it by tapping into something in a customer’s own life.

You can see the emergence of the above through the past campaigns such as Fuel Band from Nike. With Nike providing little digital wristbands, you could keep track of a particular fitness goal (like a FitBit).The campaign was also interactive with a mobile app, so you could share your efforts with friends to stay motivated.

Nike obviously did their homework and found the valuable emotions of their customers. In this case, it’s proving how interactivity is an important motivator in losing weight or getting in shape.

Yes, we all know this works easier for corporations with deep pockets. What about a small business with a limited budget?

Creating Interactive Experiences Through the Small Business

With small businesses becoming a larger presence on social media, personal interactivity is already happening. For the smallest business, that may be as far as they can go until larger profits come in. Even so, creating a motivator tool on your website that relates to one of your products doesn’t even have to cost that much to involve customers. It could be as simple as a diet cooking contest using a kitchen utensil you sell or let people share videos telling about an emotional event in their life that can be helped with your product.

This kind of communal activity can help your business connect with customers in personal ways never attempted before. And that’s going to become the future of all businesses as experiential marketing becomes standard in the corporate world. With those opportunities available on everything from mobile to LED touch screens, the above emotional connections can happen at any time and anywhere.

It’s up to you to create those interactive emotional experiences while finding information on your customers so they can become close members of your own family. Of course, as the relationship between a business and a customer grows, we usually see consumer behavior showing signs of brand loyalty. This means customers will keep coming back, and a business can depend on them for a steady monthly (and yearly) income stream almost predictably. 

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