Fashion Marketing Techniques To Launch A Label


How can you stimulate the sales of your clothing brand in no time? Discover it in this essential guide to follow for bettering your fashion marketing techniques.

Your clothing line is on point, you chose a partner who produces top-quality clothing and your designs are incredible. Nevertheless, there is one big question:

“Why are similar clothing brands more popular than mine?”

It looks like other clothing brands are born to be lucky. They have lots of fans, everyone knows their image and their sales are huge. You probably think that it’s a matter of luck. But we can assure you, none of this has to do with luck. There’s a great chance that you are missing one piece of the puzzle: practicable marketing tips in order to boost the success of your clothing brand.

This marketing guide sums up 22 practical tips and marketing techniques that are easy to implement.

Fashion Marketing Techniques #1. Storytelling: from customers to loyal fans

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If people believe in the brand history and concept, they’ll wear your clothes. This is one of the basic marketing techniques everyone should know about. Imagine your brand tells the story of an adventurous youth: Every day is a new adventure, seize the day, you only live once, expand your boundaries.

Your adventurous story has to be expressed in your clothing line. For instance, T-shirts with an exotic print, a comfort baggy pants and a backpack. Perfect clothes for world travelers. Integrate your story in every message you use to communicate with your target market. Show it on social media and on your website, use it in every campaign. That way, your customers will truly believe in your story.

#2. Partnerships: the ideal partner help multiply your customers

If you want to conquer the fashion world with your clothing line, we advise you to work together with partners that match your brand. If you’re launching a clothing brand, it’s better to cooperate with small brands with similar conceptions. Don’t dream of Nike being your perfect partner, unless you got millions to spend.

Good cooperation is the one where clothing brands enforce one another. Besides, there are other options. Other than a collaboration with a clothing brand. For example, working together with an accessory label is a great idea. This could make the perfect combo for suitable for both businesses as well as your respective customers.

Don’t forget about influencer marketing. That way, you can achieve success by creating a unique product with a relevant face in the industry. The fans of your partner will get interested in your brand and the other way around. The result: you get more customers and your brand image is enforced. So start looking for your perfect partner and explore the possibilities.

#3. E-mail signature: a small effort with a big result

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The bottom line of your emails should be a CTA (Call To Action). Don’t you want to do more than expressing your kind regards? It’s a must to integrate your website and social media platforms in your e-mail signature. Don’t forget to send out emails every new launch, sale, giveaway or an important announcement. You can hire a pro to help with email marketing or get help from online tools.

To give you an idea of how CTA works, you can add a ‘PS’ at the end of the text and briefly mention your Facebook campaign. That way, you can invite the recipient to participate in the activity and engage with your social media. You can conclude with an attractive banner for emphasis, but only after referring to your website and social media channels.

Fashion Marketing Techniques #4. Giveaways on Facebook & Instagram: ways to pile up likes and fans

A giveaway creates a lot of likes and followers on your Facebook page which ultimately attracts potential customers.

As a fashion brand, you can organize a giveaway offering your newest limited edition sweater as a sneak peak.

When organizing a giveaway, it’s important to take into account what is and what is not allowed according to the Facebook guidelines.

For instance, since 2018 Facebook punishes pages who use engagement-bait to stimulate interaction. When you organize a like & share action or you ask your followers to tag their friends or leave a reaction, you use engagement-bait. That way you risk lots of things concerning your brand’s existence on the platform. Meaning, not only the reach of your engagement-bait content will be lower, but also the reach of your other content as well.

Giveaways are one of the best strategy to gain engagements on Instagram. You can go Live when the winner is announced, post Stories at every stage and ask the participants for engagements. Ask them to follow your page, screenshot the proof and post it on their account, or leave likes and comments to participate.

#5. Photoshoot: picture your clothing line

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It’s a must to organise a photoshoot with models who fit the style of your brand. Your models should be the “ideal customer” of your brand. Even if your clothing line is on point, your clothes won’t sell without pictures that fit your conception and style. The story and the style of your brand has to be translated into visual imagery. To put it in an idiom: a clothing line without good pictures is like a pub with no beer.

Choose the models, the setting, the poses and the attributes wisely. It’s all about your brand vision. Be aware that you need two kinds of pictures: photos for the webshop and photos for your other communication channels like the website, social media platforms or magazines.

Make sure your photo’s on social media include your brand story. For example, as a sports brand, you can shoot action pictures in an adventurous setting. Like skateboarding or displaying models horse riding. On the other hand, if you’re promoting a girly glitter brand, go for something similar to Sultry Virgin or Blumarine. Create the wow effect, your pictures have to make people want to check out your store (and follow your brand on socials).

#6. Social media: more visitors on your online channels

You can obtain fantastic results if you use your social media channels effectively. Social media can set the standard when it comes to expressing the image of your brand.

Most important of all, social media has the base of your future fans that will eventually turn into customers. As a business operating within the fashion niche, you have to make a use of Instagram and Pinterest.

Interesting facts about Instagram:

Visual content is shared 40 times more than other content. Instagram is perfect, as it is 100% visual focused. Especially for the age group 18-29 who are the most engaged users of the platform. This group represents 55% of all active users. Instagram is a must for any fashion brand.

#7. Bloggers: promote your brand recognition

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A strong brand recognition is essential for starting a clothing label. To keep it short and on point, the brand story will be valuable if others talk about it. Especially influential people like known bloggers or celebrities, who can influence the image of your brand. Find out which blogger might be interested in your brand. Reach out to them. Most bloggers will write about your brand if they are truly interested. They will most likely tag you in the post. So it’s important that you contact them to thank them or offer a collaboration.

Good tip: spoil influential bloggers by sending them a gift, for example a unique clothing piece off your collection. Convince bloggers that your brand is worth writing about. Put them on the PR list.

Fashion Marketing Techniques #8. Retail shop: find the perfect store for your brand

You can’t sell your clothing line in every retail shop. That includes one you might have in mind. First, think about what is it they can bring your business. Things like customer base suitable for your range, affordable rental pricing, great location.

It’s kind of the same with digital retail platforms. Which clothing retail platform online fits the style of your business? You may want yo start selling on Farfetch, but will the target audience be able to find you among hundreds of well established high fashion and alternative brands? Perhaps it’s better to stick to your website and Amazon for starters.

#9. The strength of E-commerce: your shop open 24/7

The past few years, online shopping has been developing as an increasing trend. Statistics proved that 74% of all Belgians bought at least one thing online. From toothbrushes to drilling machines, from post-its to chalk boards etc. But this trend is especially big on clothing bought online. Every fashion label has an online shop set up on at least one of the popular online platforms. As a beginner, we recommend Instagram. You kill several birds with one stone. More engagements, boosting brand image and selling products.

The big advantage of selling online is that there are no closing hours. You can’t go to ZARA store at your local mall at 4 in the morning,but you can open Instagram and order the item you want online.

#10. Guerilla Marketing: get creative with low budget

Guerilla marketing is a low-cost type of marketing on the streets or in public places.

It could be the next in marketing technique that can help skyrocketing your sales. But you’re going to need a great idea to succeed! Come up with something unique and eye-catching. Make sure it gets people involved, so when they see your campaign they’re going to share it on their socials or talk about it with the others.

#11. Blog till you drop: your brand as an inspiration

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You can increase your sales even more by telling a creative (and credible) story to your customers. The key to success is to make sure that your customers actually believe what you are telling them. The story of your brand should fit perfectly with the content of your blog. Writing some interesting blog posts causes more results than just improving your turnover. As a result, a random reader that came across your article might become interested in your brand. The possibilities of writing a blog post are limitless.

Write things like How To Dress Up For guides with pictures for special occasions like holidays or weddings. Give style advices and display clothing from your brand as an example. Sneak in the promo while providing useful content for fashion lovers.

Fashion Marketing Techniques #12. Collaborate with webshops: multiply your customers

You already have a webshop? That’s great! Obviously, you aren’t the only one. There are lots of brands that sell online. Don’t worry, it’s more like an opportunity rather than a disadvantage.

You could work together with other webshops, referring each other to customers. You could provide the customer with a voucher of another webshop when they buy an item from you. The collaborator will do the same. Who would refuse an extra discount code? A true win-win situation. This makes up for a sort of ‘customer-exchanging‘ process. 

#13. Facebook advertising: small budget, great results

Advertising through Facebook is the perfect way of ‘luring’ more visitors to your website. Why? Very simple: there are over 2.912 billion active Facebook users as of January 2022. Worth a shot, right? The biggest strength of Facebook advertising: pointing your ads to your target group. But be careful, your advertisement has to be convincing, creative and visual focused.

#14. Word-of-mouth advertising: happy customers spread the news

The best way of advertising happens through your customers. Better than any direct marketing technique, your customers will bring better results. Real fans, who fully support your brand, will happily promote your corporate image. Fans don’t pop up by themselves: the condition of having a powerful and reliable brand story has to be met. And of course you should provide your customer with a unique and satisfying shopping experience.

You should occasionally provide your loyal customers with a bonus or a gift. For example, invite your customers to like your Facebook page, or to follow your brand on Instagram. In exchange, the customer receives the opportunity to win a unique set of cozy socks, a warm beanie and a pair of great gloves. The ‘thank you’ post on social media will be there without any doubt.

#15. Create the wow effect: limited editions 

You can score even more with marketing techniques when adding limited items to your collection. Creating the ‘limited-feeling’ has a positive influence on your sales. The customer will be tempted to buy your item as it will only be available for a short period of time. An example might be a trendy sweater with sequins. Offer no more than 25 pieces. The tiny group of customers who manage to buy one, will probably post a picture of your limited item on social media which will create quite a buzz among their followers. Need inspiration to create an original design?

Fashion Marketing Techniques #16. Impress the press: the marketing techniques to create brand awareness

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Launching your brand in the press is the perfect way to attract attention. For example, you can turn the opening of your pop-up store into a hot news in your area. The press has to decide whether they will mention your brand or not, so make sure your brand is worth mentioning. Be prepared when addressing the press and ask yourself the following question: “what publishing platforms could be interested in my brand?”.

Convince the interviewer by offering an interesting news in a powerful way. As a conclusion, make sure their interest in your brand keeps growing; the positive articles about your brand from time to time is what you need.

#17. Pop-up shop: skyrocket your turnover

A lot of clothing brands are being sold in both a store and a webshop, but these aren’t the only two channels of selling clothes. The most effective way of boosting your sales figures and reinforcing your brand awareness is by opening a pop-up store from time to time. This is one of the marketing techniques that allows you to reach new customers that otherwise might not have found your store. It requires some time and money, but it is worth it. The biggest advantage is that you provide the visitors of your pop-up store with a unique shopping experience when compared to brick-and-mortar stores.

The key of operating your pop-up is the location; always keep in mind your target group: where can you find them? Where do they hang out? Useful tip: if you are looking for a temporary space, you could rent one through online platforms. Big Facebook groups can be useful.

#18. Release your #hashtag 

Your hashtag is like a digital footprint able to cover all social media channels. It’s what makes it easy to recognize & find your brand. Hashtags make it easy to classify your products and the information about them. Once you grow bigger, creating your own hashtag can empower the launch of your new collection. Hashtags pool content together. That’s how your fans and customers learn more about your brand across all platforms. Also, it’s a good way to let people not familiar with you share content using your hashtag. It will get YOU engagements.

For example: Jack is following your hashtag on Instagram, and discovers your posts. He’s intrigued by your pictures, so he decides to check out your website. That’s how he gets in touch with your fashion label. He immediately falls in love with your clothing line, and places a purchase or saves an item for later. The perfect scenario.

Think carefully about your own hashtags. Such marketing technique require great creativity and flexibility. It has to be unique but simple. In addition, people have to remember it. And it also has to be linked with your concept line. Some tips: Don’t use long or complex words! It’s better to use a word that is easy to spell.

#19. [NEW] Prepare your collection launch: the art of the pre-launch process

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It’s important to generate buzz before the official launch of your first or new collection. Use social media to engage with your fans by making them curious. For example, you can trigger potential fans with a use of a trendy hashtag. You don’t need to be a world class designer to create an appealing visual trigger. You can use Canva or other digital templates with your brand color to create your visual teasers.

Before your launch, you have to implement your communication strategy. Decide which communication channels will be used to enforce and maximize brand image. Some necessary ones include:

  • Webshop
  • Website
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, WeHeartIt…
  • Bloggers: find potential influencers
  • Press: make sure that your brand release is picked up by the press

To summarize

NO GO IN FASHION MARKETING: start communicating when you start selling.

GO IN FASHION MARKETING: communicate your launch with a trigger before you start selling.

Fashion Marketing Techniques #20. [NEW] The ultimate customer experience: custom packaging, hangtag & postcard

Customer experience is everything. Before you start selling your clothes, it’s important to think about how you can empower the customer experience. How can you make them feel satisfied?

For example, a customer receives a sweater they bought from your webshop. The postman delivers it in a safe packaging. Your customer opens it and sees the sweater safely wrapped in plastics. This customer is happy. But wouldn’t you like if the customer was super super excited and not just happy? So excited that they will tell all their friends on Facebook how awesome your brand is? Well, you need these 3 simple things: custom packaging, a creative hangtag and a personal (maybe even handwritten) postcard.

Custom packaging. Your customer will be surprised to receive a personalized package. That way, your brand image rivals that of luxury fashion brands.

When they open the customized packaging, they see a postcard with a personal message. On the postcard, they notices things like the washing instructions. Or a unique message not usually seen on clothes purchased elsewhere.

Most of the times, the main message is ‘Thank you for your order’, and a motivation to share their happiness on social media. Of course, don’t forget to mention the fact that they have to tag your brand, using your hashtag in the caption! Another idea: motivate your customer to buy again, and give them a personal discount code. Or mention a referral to a friend campaign.

Custom hangtag.

And for the ultimate finishing touch, create a custom hangtag. A hangtag is a small cardboard that hangs from an item of clothing, it is the very best method to give additional information about your item. It may look like an unimportant card, but hang tags play an important role in attracting the attention of a customer. It gives information such as your brand name, logo, size, color, fabric, price, contact information, a memorable quote, a special hashtag to use in case they want to tag you.

Keep in mind that as much as these bring profit, they also require extra effort and resources. So if you are not up to it yet, it’s okay. Work your way to it.

#21. [NEW] Rock it with email marketing: effective brand newsletters

Email is the most powerful tool in your toolbelt. A newsletter is perfect to communicate about your fashion brand. Before the release, you can e-mail to potential customers to trigger them. Generate buzz around your release, and prepare them for the big news: the launch of your collection.

Integrate the e-mail subscription into your website and webshop. Add a comment that says why someone should subscribe for your newsletter. For example: ‘Don’t miss out the latest fashion news’. Don’t forget to post frequently on your social media channels about the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter. Convince people that they should do it.

Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing techniques. When someone subscribes for the newsletter, they actually receive it. On the contrary, not all your followers will see your Facebook or Instagram posts.

Email marketing has always been known to have a good conversion rate. Emails don’t have an algorithm that determines who sees them. Everybody receives them in their mailbox and everybody can read the headline. If you play it right, the engagement and conversion will stay all time high.

Tip: you can motivate people to subscribe to your newsletter if you give them something. For example: ‘Subscribe, and get a 10% discount’. Or launch a giveaway and ask the participant to fill in an email address to participate.

Last but not least, you can motivate people to refer a friend with your newsletter. Discover more about the Refer A Friend campaign in the next step.

Fashion Marketing Techniques #22. Refer a friend campaign: attract new customers in no time

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Referrals work, people trust the recommendations from someone they know. And your happy customers are the very best ambassadors for your clothing brand.

You can use a referral program to spread the word about your clothing line. That way, you increase your customer base and sales. Motivate people to refer your brand by rewarding them with an exclusive gift or a discount. You can also reward your customer if their friend subscribes to a newsletter or participates in your giveaway.

Launch your Refer a Friend campaign on social media, communicate it on the postcard, spread the word and make your customer base grow!


Now, it’s time for action!

Might sound like a tall order, but these 17 (+5) fashion marketing tips and techniques will definitely help you take your business to the top. Start small and use the most efficient ways to benefit your company. With these, you will be able to set up your marketing plan on both short- and long-term. We advise you to use the checklist, just to get everything straight. It will offer you a structured overview of all the performable points of action and help set your business up to the right direction.

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