All around us there is doom and gloom. People are getting laid off, and confidence is in shambles. We aren’t meeting sales and performance targets to achieve financial success. 

Consider this: why should anyone buy from someone who looks shaky and wobbly? Or do business with a person who looks and comes through as one who has already lost the game? Yes, our tensions show. Customers and clients are gifted with a keen sense of smell. They smell defeat and sense weakness.

Crying or hard luck stories never helped anyone but beggars, so why not laugh? 

Ever wonder what the secret of the success of many spiritual gurus is?

Check out any beggar at the subway or corner. He or she cries, wears rags and begs in the most pitiful of tones. This is to arouse some pity and guilt feelings in the more fortunate populace. Soon some more fortunate person will drop some coins into the beggar’s bowl. The beggar gets nothing more, nothing less. He hasn’t had any financial success from the interaction. The person walks away feeling good with this exchange.

The beggar gives nothing, and the person gets nothing – apart from a sense of having done some good deed. Perfect!

A man is a selfish animal and wants to do the least in any exchange.

Coming to the spiritual gurus. They are just like the beggars, they too give you nothing.
They just use a clever marketing trick.They are healthy, exude radiance, laugh, look relaxed, and they don’t seem to have a care in the world. We are ridden by cares and worries, and naturally we want to know how they can do it. So we buy their cds, listen to their sermons and flock around them, trying to know the secret of their happiness.

It actually works like the oldest casino tempting trick.

In a crowd around the blackjack table or roulette there is one person who has this insane run of good luck. He is probably a new player. His good fortune tempts the others. It drives the others to try their luck – and they start spending heavily – and of course losing. The casino makes a pile.

This happens with the Gurus too. Someone walks in, makes a huge donation and is full of gratitude for the change in luck due to some advice offered by the Guru. Soon the donation box fills up too.

Consider this. Why should the guru not look relaxed and happy? He has no deadlines, no targets to meet, he’s achieved financial success. He probably does not have a son or daughter who is getting bad grades. He has no alimony payment to make, food and fuel bills etc etc. He has no needs and worries i.e. as long as we have needs and worries. Our worries and our needs are the foundation on which his business is built. They are the secret of his happy life.

But it’s a nice business proposition, isn’t it? It is an excellent business, good in good times, better in bad times.

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