Fortune Hi Tech Marketing – A New Paradigm Shift in Network Marketing and Modern Small Business

The new paradigm shift about Fortune Hi Tech Marketing is the return of the small business owner. 

The small business owner and entrepreneur are one of the reasons that made America the great and prosperous country that we became. Then along came the box stores. In modern times Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. have all pushed out the small shop owners and even the contractors. Paul Orberson, recognized that there was a way to bring small business owners back into the picture and into the profits.

Paul Orberson is a phenomenon in Network Marketing. 

As a Rep for a company called Excel back in the ’90’s Paul Orberson went from struggling in the network marketing business and nearly losing everything he owned to earning over $1 million per month. Paul retired, got bored with retirement and decided to start his own company, Fortune Hi Tech Marketing. While in retirement Mr. Orberson spent a considerable amount of time surfing the ‘net and doing research.

Long story short, he realized that there was a way to revive the small business owner through a new way to do business. Mr. Orberson realized that he could merge corporate America with Network Marketing and create a paradigm shift that would be profitable for both.

Corporations spend trillions of dollars every year on advertising.

Sometimes the advertising works, sometimes it does not. It is not unusual for a company to spend millions on a Super Bowl commercial and not realize any more sales than they did the previous year. Some companies are spending so much on customer acquisition that the cost to get an individual customer or client is staggering. 

Paul Orberson has been able to convince some very major corporations like Dish Network, Verizon Wireless and Dupont that Fortune Hi Tech Marketing Representatives can bring in new clients with zero upfront cost. This is a little different from Network Marketing or MLM of the past. MLM companies of the past sold stock in the company, manufactured or had their product manufactured and the Reps sold the product.

Fortune Hi Tech Marketing is simply a sales and marketing company. 

FHTM manufactures nothing. FHTM has no debt or stockholders. Approximately 90% of all money earned is distributed to the Reps of Fortune Hi Tech Marketing. The system is very simple. Corporations are taking money that they would have spent on advertising and paying Fortune Hi Tech Marketing only when a client is acquired.

These same corporations then pay a commission every month that the client sticks with the company. Since many of the new clients are actually Fortune Hi Tech Marketing Reps, earning a commission from sales and down-line sales, there is little turnover in clients. Why would you want to change to a different service for your TV, if you are getting commissions from Dish Network?

A simple idea, but very profitable for both the major corporations and the individual Rep for Fortune Hi Tech Marketing. The corporations have no problem paying large commissions to gain new customers and FHTM Reps are able to enjoy large commissions unseen before in Network Marketing.

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