Free Marketing Resources To Market Your Company

Starting up a business in today’s challenging economy can be a daunting task. You might have a good idea, a great product, and just enough capital to get you started, but if nobody knows about your company, you won’t make a dime. Here are a few free marketing resources to use in your strategies.

Create a Business Facebook Profile To Raise Brand Awareness

Many people already have personal profiles on Facebook, but it’s easy to create a business one as well. You need to use another email address, preferably the business email. Join groups that have similar interests. Leave comments for people from time to time. Share informational links to relevant business news. Social media is a great tool and one of the best free marketing resources to increase the awareness of your company.

Use an Email Signature To Give People Ways To Explore Your Company

A professional-looking email signature should include your website. If you don’t have a website, add your social media accounts. Give people a way to keep current on what is new with your company. The signature line is also a great place to offer a discount code if you run an online shop. It’s a way of gauging if people are reading your emails.

Create Email Newsletters

Create a well-written, simple newsletter to email current clients, customers and prospects. Try not to make it too lengthy, three paragraphs at most. Nobody outside of your best customers takes the time to read the entire thing, so make sure the main points are highlighted first. Make sure to provide links and contact info. Keep in mind that certain email providers will only let you send out a limited number of emails per hour. If you are just starting, you probably won’t max this number. Be considerate; offer an unsubscribe button at the bottom of your newsletter to allow people to stop receiving emails.

What is the primary goal of blogs written for organizations and aimed at external audiences?

Blogs are an excellent way to engage your target market, and they are considered a form of public relations and practically a free marketing resource. If you have a website separate from your company blog, be sure to pepper your blog with links to your website. Keep your blog updated at least monthly. Share tidbits about what is new with your company, new products, upcoming releases, etc. It may seem counterproductive to have both a blog and a website but remember, it’s all about people finding you when they search for you online. As you provide more content, your chances of being noticed increase.

Get LinkedIn To Socialize On A Professional level

LinkedIn is a business networking website. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking websites, it focuses more on establishing business contacts than social contacts. It allows you to post your company’s summary, website, industry, education, networking requests, etc. It also allows other businesses and contacts to recommend you. It is one of the free marketing resources that are more seriously taken in the business world.

Try Twitter To Keep Your Customers Updated

Everyone seems to love Twitter. It’s probably because we are all busy, and Twitter is a way of keeping in contact with friends (and, in your case, potential customers) in less than 2 minutes a day. Twitter allows integration with Facebook and Instagram so that those readers can see your updates too. Once again, staying current is important.

Build an Amazon Profile

How can Amazon be a free marketing tool? No doubt you purchase items from there related to your company. Why not create a profile with your Business name and write a few reviews about those items? People who are looking at the products will undoubtedly have a similar interest. A review can be very brief, with a few sentences about why you like the product, book, tool, etc. Make sure your Amazon profile has the link to your company.

Join online groups (Google, Facebook)

Find online groups that share your interests. There are literally thousands of groups to choose from. Select ones that already have quite a few members and a good reputation. Most of them have a links page to add to your business. Also, view these groups as free resources, a place to ask questions and seek advice.

Etsy Can Be Used As A Second Storefront

Are you selling products you personally make? One of our favorite DIY sites in recent years is Etsy. It is primarily for people who hand-craft items. It calls itself “the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace” Once you have created an online shopfront (free to join), it’s a mere 20 cents per item to list for 6 months. Even if you have an online shop, showcasing some of your products to the Etsy community will bring in a new audience. Etsy fans are also fans of Twitter, so that you might find yourself with a few more folks following you on there as well.

Create a Instagram Account for your company

Everyone likes to see behind-the-scenes photos. Creating a free Instagram account in your company name lets people not only find you but be able to put names and faces or products together. Keep the account public to allow search engines to pick it up.

Create a press release

Utilize a free press release service. Make a press release for important business events, sales, new items, etc. Just starting a business? Now is a great time to issue a press release. Most of them allow links, so be sure to include your website.

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