Free or Low Cost Ways of Marketing Your Business

All business people need to find some way to market the products or services that are being offered to succeed. Without marketing, how are you going to get clients and customers? How are you going to profit at all in any kind of economy without letting people know what you have, where it could save them money or even help them with their own business. Word of mouth is one of the many ways to spread this while there are free and low cost marketing methods for anyone to succeed with their business. 

1. Low cost marketing places such as craigslist, classifiedsfactor, etc.

People love heading to such places on craigslist because everyone knows that site has something to offer for everyone such as jobs, houses for rents, community events, etc you name it. They got it. Some people may not know it but it is free to advertise your business under services. At classifiedsfactor, you can advertise your services for free. It’s easy to spread the word this way if you are good at advertising at such places as craigslist and classifiedsfactor.

2. Social networking sites under the classified section 

Some people know about this but on most social networking sites, you can post up the services/products that you have to offer. Let everyone know such as Facebook by posting under services. Also, have it on your profile when people can check out what you have to say about your business. Everyone is there to connect and eventually, you may get a client out of this.

3. Forums/chatrooms can spread your word

 In some cases, the site will list where you are allowed to post up your company and hopefully, you read the rules of where it is allowed. Otherwise, you are not allowed back into the community where you can spread the word. The more forums that are about your particular niche of what you have to offer, the better because then everyone will be able to read what you have to say as well as seeing your company at the same time.

4. Blogs/websites helps you reach a variety of readers

Most people have a blog and/or website where they can leave a message about their company of what they have to offer. Some people have a guestbook and make an effort to leave a comment and the company of yours so then when others see it, they would be exposed and could leak out of what you have to offer.

5. Content article writings/blogs of your own

This is probably the best low cost marketing tool available to everyone. If you use them in conjunction with the business that you do, not only will you have some readers where if you know how to write as well as entertain and educate them. For example, in articles on here that UM writes, try to entertain and educate but also at the same time make you think about how you can improve yourself with what we have to offer if you wanted to. Content is king and if you have a flair for writing and blogging, go for it and start letting the world know.

6. Print media and digital marketing

 Newsletters are all around us which have content. and ebooks are another thing to help spread the word for free. Your newsletter needs to have content to attract customers/clients and people to work with as well. As for ebooks, they are easy to make and when you think you have enough content, mix some of the materials together into the same ebook and pass them out online for free and make some copies to give to people in person as well as posting it up at bulletin boards. This would work for sure when it comes to newsletters if you get a lot of subscribers as in the thousands area.

7. Postcards are traditional low content marketing.

They are cheap but can add up if stamps are included. Try passing them out in your local area of places that you know of that might need your service such as grocery stores, leave some to realtors, laundromat, school bulletin boards, family centres, some libraries if they allow etc.

Follow and stick to some of this mentioned point and be consistent. You will see yourself moving ahead faster. 

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