GoPro Marketing Strategy – Complete Guide

For your business to be successful, it requires a properly laid down strategy. A business strategy will act as a guide to your business. It is a plan for your business activities and will guide you on what you are supposed to do and at what time. Businesses face many challenges, especially during this challenging time when there is an outbreak of Covid-19. The pandemic has affected most businesses due to the restrictions placed by the government to help curb the diseases. Some of the companies even stopped operating for a lack of enough resources to continue managing the businesses. Most of the restrictions put by the government restrict physical contact between people because that is the way the virus is spread. That means physical contact between business owners and their customers is also restricted. That forces business owners to adopt digital means of operating their businesses. As a business person, interaction with your customers is important to the success of your business. You need to get the customers’ feedback on their experience with your product and where you need to improve. If you are still worried about which marketing strategy to adopt in your business, worry no more because GoPro marketing strategy got you covered.

What is GoPro Marketing Strategy?

GoPro marketing strategy is a marketing strategy that focuses on a consumer-direct approach by reducing their expenses.

The kind of expenses that can be reduced through the GoPro marketing strategy include operating expenses. The cost of operation forms a business’s bigger expenses. All businesses are formed with the major aim of making a profit. A business can only make a profit when the expenses are less with more sales. That is Why GoPro marketing strategy is considered to be one of the best strategies.

It is an American technology company that Nick Woodman founded. The company manufactures action cameras and develops its mobile apps and video editing software. The company’s story began around 20 years ago when mobile phones were invented. That is when nick started working on the project and even came up with the prototype.

When he came up with the idea, he never had a big mission for it, but he only wanted to develop a wrist trap that could help you tie your camera to your arm so that you can take any unusual shots. He later owns realized that the trap could not earn him more sales as he wanted. That is when he decided to design a camera fit for action that has waterproof covering. That made the camera convenient because you can use it anywhere without the fear of it getting damaged.

Apple Sized the Market

GoPro pro dominated the technology market because the technology was not that advanced and because it also had a camcorder that was fit for action. After ten years, Apple realized the iPhone, the first public smartphone and had a high-quality camera. That is when the camcorder market began to collapse. He then upgraded its GoPro series to a high-end category type of camera, the new GoPro model.

GoPro Marketing Strategy

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GoPro is a high-tech photo and video device designed to be used anywhere, including underwater and at the top of the mountains, without getting damaged. That is because it has a hard waterproof cover that protects it from getting damaged. It is considered to be the world’s most versatile camera. You can take photos or videos anywhere, including underwater, while sky diving, and while climbing a mountain. That is one of the major limitations that other cameras have. For example, a phone camera, however high quality it is, cannot take photos and videos underwater without getting damaged.

Its marketing strategy involves recording user-made videos and uploading the video in its several channels. That can be the best strategy for a business because it can reach out to many audiences quickly. Also, you don’t have to incur additional costs such as transport costs to reach your audience. It, therefore, helps a business reduce expenses and maximize sales.

The strategy can deliver the best results because of the advancement of technology. Several gadgets such as smartphones are available where you can easily access online.  You can even make orders of a product after watching its photos and videos.

GoPro advertisements are useful, especially in the sports sector. Athletes can perform complex tricks with their cameras and share them on the GoPro channel. That can even attract more people who are interested in sports also to try them out. That helps promote the sports department.

How GoPro Content Marketing Puts Content Before ecommerce

GoPro is a brand that represents a good experience and adventure. It utilizes a digital camera. It also helps athletes self-document themselves in their sport. It has also expanded to become the solution for capturing most of the lifetime moments.

GoPro marketing strategy puts the customer experience at the forefront of its strategy in terms of its content. How it delivers the content to the audience also prioritizes the customers by using the following strategies.

Content for Everyone

The content delivered by the GoPro marketing strategy captures the majority of the people. It has expanded its reach and has showcased the versatility of use cases for its cameras. GoPro puts a lot of effort to reach out to peripheral audiences by creating content that connects with them. The strategy makes the majority of people to be aware of its content marketing strategy.

The GoPro strategy utilizes a camera that captures everything from pool parties to the first bike ride for a little boy. That strategy ensures that no one is left out.

Share Over Shop

The main content hub and channel for GoPro is the Youtube channel. It hosts videos and photo content captured by customers using its cameras. The strategy emphasizes the content rather than the product. That is what makes it different from other e-commerce sites.

GoPro emphasizes a share call-to-action over the shop. When a user watches a video on the channel, there are three calls to action: log in to favourite and share. The share button is the only one that is different from the other buttons, and it is blue.

When the user selects the info button, they receive a small drop-down with a video description. And a link to the other related content.

Delivered with the Audience in Mind

The key to the success of the GoPro marketing strategy is its distribution strategy. Audiences engage in different social channels in different ways, but not all marketer tailors their distribution strategy to accommodate the differences. GoPro has taken its heart and distributes its content with the audience in mind.

Audiences are the ones that determine the success of every business. When you fail to deliver content that satisfies their needs, they will automatically move to the next customer. You have to brand your content to meet their demands for your business to be successful. When you deliver content, you deliver it to the audience and no one else. That means if you don’t put them as the immediate priority, then your business may not go far.

GoPro targets the market, the audience and ensures that what they deliver is to their satisfaction.  That has even made it a popular business strategy that if you use it in your business, you are sure of success.

How to Use GoPro Marketing Strategy in Your Business

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The mission of the GoPro strategy is to enable brands to capture and share their passions with the audience. Most businesses have incorporated this strategy into their businesses. GoPro has also moved ahead by putting the customers at the frontline of their strategies. That explains why its content on YouTube has attracted a lot of customers.

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate GoPro strategy into your business.

There is Content for Everyone

GoPro has expanded its reach and can now provide content for everyone. It reaches out to its users and requests the videos they want to be uploaded to their channel.  It can be the best strategy for businesses who want to expand their market by minimizing the cost. Small businesses can use the strategy to expand their businesses. The small business has not made a lot of income, so a strategy that minimizes its expenses can work best for them.

The good thing about this strategy is that it offers a variety of content, and therefore majority will be covered. That helps expand the market for your brand.

Easy Purchase

GoPro provides content for its users everywhere. It hosts photos and videos captured by the customers using their cameras. What makes it different from the others is that it focuses on the content rather than the product.

While most business strategies focus on the product, GoPro puts a lot of emphasis on the content it delivers to the audience. The audience usually does not have much time to go through the content; therefore, you must present your content so that it will not consume much of their time and be attractive and entertaining.

The audience can easily get bored with your content if they fail to what they expected from your content.

GoPro believes that when you see videos from fellow users, you are more likely to purchase the product than when you see the product. That is because videos sound more persuasive than just seeing the product. Videos are also educative and can make you discover more about a product that you would have taken a lot of time to discover.

What matters is how you present your videos or reviews. The video should not take too long as it will make the audience get bored before watching important parts. The best way to do this is to make your videos as short as possible while focusing on the most important parts that you would want the audience to see the most. You can major on the advantages of the product more than the disadvantages.

Keeping the video short will leave the audience in suspense of wanting to know more. That will attract more people to view your videos, which expands the market for your products, and GoPro ensures all that. GoPro also ensures the video is high quality by capturing clear pictures so the audience won’t struggle to see the pictures.

The Ultimate Storyteller

As for the visual, the human brain is affected by storytelling. The human brain functions so that it tends to remember and understand stories made from facts and data more than just reading.

GoPro team is talented in creating content that appeals to their key customer personas. The brand knows its audience and produces content that is relevant to what they want. They usually use the internet to create meaningful connections with their fans and turn them into brand advocates.

As a business owner, you should only create content for your target audience, not just everyone on social media, as that will waste resources and energy. Your audience will appreciate your content more than a random person.

Leverage Social Media

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The ability to leverage social media is one of the things that has brought GoPro to where it is today.  Their visual content is always successful on social media because they are experts in that. They produce content that goes in line with the demand of the audience. Also, their content is short and compelling instead of the usually long and hard to digest written content.

Because they usually satisfy the needs of their audience, GoPro has attained over 10M Facebook fans, 2M Twitter followers and 10M YouTube subscribers. All these achievements are due to their visual content. You can also try and employ this strategy in your business, and you will be sure of the business’s success. Instead of long, dull images, go for short and compelling visuals that will easily engage your audience.

Target Market

The target market for GoPro is very wide, which is why it is the best for businesses. Every business is looking forward to widening its market to increase its sales. GoPro attracts a variety of consumers because it is based on psychographic segmentation.

The strategies it uses to attract customers are beyond just attracting the thrill-seeker and photography market only. Their products are ideal for anyone who loves to save their memories for future reference. It offers products that range from cheap to expensive, small to large, and waterproof to various consumers.

If you are a business owner, whether small or big and want to move your business to the next level, it is important to identify your audience first. Failure to do so can make you waste a lot of time and resources to produce content with no subscribers and viewers. Knowing your target audience will help you strategically position your products and brand them to meet the audience’s demand.

Delivered with Audience in Mind

The best way GoPro can help your business succeed is by delivering content with your audience in mind. Every good business person knows that different social media channels have a different audience and therefore should deliver content that caters to them. That will help you expand your market rather than just targeting one audience in one online platform.

GoPro has understood the difference in audience and ensures the content it delivers caters to all the audience.


GoPro utilizes a multi-segment marketing strategy to divide its consumers by psychographics. They do that by trying to look at the consumers how they see themselves. They also use social media platforms to categorize consumers according to their values, such as animal lovers, family and thrill-seekers.

Getting feedback from your customers and consumers on the social media platform can give a lot of information. You can know what they love, the sites they visit most. All this information can help you to properly strategize your marketing to reach the maximum number of consumers.

Ways in Which GoPro Became Synonymous with Action Cameras

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About ten years after GoPro was invented, it had already dominated the market by more than 40%. That can easily show you how first, it is growing. Today, GoPro is synonymous with action cameras, an amazing feat and a great improvement of Nick Woodman, who invented the idea.

GoPro cameras are now popular and used by the majority for different purposes, for example, sports enthusiasts and anyone who wants to capture their memory.

The question is, how did GoPro manage to be popular within a decade? Here are some of the reasons

GoPro constantly features interesting and exciting user-generated content from novel perspectives.

That makes their YouTube subscribers always come for more. They feature exciting footage uploaded by their users on their YouTube account and allows the users to experience the amazing events by themselves. GoPro does not rely on traditional advertising because they have a wealth of free content generated by their users.

GoPro cameras allow individuals to show off their unique skills, making it in their self-interest to share their videos. GoPro cameras Produce high-quality videos, and everyone who uses GoPro can record their talents and share it with others. It is impossible to share some experiences, such as skydiving and surfing, with someone else without a GoPro camera. Before these cameras came into existence, you had to invite your friends to see you perform in person or have someone take videos of you from the sidelines. GoPro cameras have therefore made things easy.

GoPro wants customers to become heroes of their adventures which is memorable and inspiring.

GoPro users have a chance to different adventure fields performing different tasks such as sky riding. They can record the quality of videos of themselves performing these tasks using GoPro cameras and share them.

Ways in which GoPro could still save itself

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Just like any other business, GoPro may also be faced with challenges. The struggling camera maker may bounce back. Before that happens, GoPro must find a way of preventing that incident from occurring. That can only happen if it makes the following changes.

Hiring a new CEO

GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman cannot be ousted because he is the top shareholder and owns the biggest part of the company’s share. Under his leadership, the company leapt into a new market like media content and drones without enough due diligence. That effort flopped, leaving GoPro stranded in the saturated action camera market.

The CEO also overestimated the company’s pricing power. He also wasted time and resources launching accessories such as head straps which is not of much use to the company but only appealed to niche users. Therefore, it will be wise for Woodman to step aside and let a new CEO operate the company.

Expanding more aggressively in Asia

The greatest market for GoPro is in the Asia Pacific region, which posted the highest annual sales growth. The only problem is that APAC revenues only accounted for 22% of GoPro’s top line during the first nine months.

Expanding into the adjacent camera market

Expanding into a higher growth camera market could also help diversify GoPro’s business away from traditional action cameras. If GoPro enters the professional body cam market, it could give other companies such as Axon high competition while diversifying its customer base.

FAQs about GoPro Marketing Strategy

What is GoPro business strategy?

GoPro shifted to a more consumer-direct approach that focused on reducing the expenses for business people. Some of the expenses it reduces for businesses include operating expenses and workforce reduction.

What marketing strategy does GoPro use?    

GoPro uses user-made video content as its marketing strategy. They beat their biggest competitors with a low ad budget by using their own client’s content on Instagram.


GoPro pro is one of the best businesses that you can try to implement into your business. That is because it can reach out to many customers quickly and ensure quality content is delivered to them. If you have not used it before in your business, then you can give it a try.

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