HD Learning in a Wide Screen World: Emotion Based Marketing

Imagine, merging your family’s fiscal status with the principles of honor, ethical decision-making and neighborhood concern. Tie your personal growth with a new and enriched lifestyle. Think about the peace of mind you’ll get from knowing exactly how money really works. Welcome to emotion based marketing. 

Isn’t it time you allow yourself to go for more? Isn’t it time to learn HOW to convert every situation into an opportunity? Make today the day you fulfill the promises you made to yourself and your family through emotion based marketing.

The “information age” is over. The Internet Era and Web 2.0 are just the tip of the true marketplace glacier. Why? Because there is too much information on the Internet. And there are too many newspapers, magazines and shock jock radio shows. You’ve got over 500 different cable channels. There are 100’s more satellite stations to choose from too. Do you choose, Yahoo, or Google, MSN, Ask Jeeves or Lycos? And there’s a billion new blogs being created every day. You’ve got Spam, pop-ups, viruses, worms, RSS Feed, e-zines, Instagram, and more, More, MORE!

Let’s think about the impact of emotion based marketing. How do you choose from the “Great Wall” of breakfast cereals? Which of the thousands of cars, pets, schools and cellular phone providers do you pick? How do you know which dry cleaner provides a better service at an honest price? Now-a-days, who do you trust? How do you trust them? Do you read Consumer Reports Magazine, do you listen to Ralph Nader’s Podcast or Al Gore’s next motion picture? Do you always use logic and reason? Or do you stay true to your gut?

Oh yes my friends, the “information age” is dead. It’s not about what you know. It’s no longer about who you know. It’s about how you “feel.”

This is the age of “Emotional Empowerment.”

Do you think those who are successful are the ones who have the most relationships? Admit it, it isn’t about your instant availability. (How many times do you screen your calls using caller ID?) It’s about how those relationships make you FEEL.

Everyone seeks greater expression in life. Each of us might have different interests, needs, wants, tastes and expectations. However, when it comes to the required “EMOTION” for success in today’s IM slash “text me” marketplace, it is essential to connect the spirit, heart and mind of your client. When you can create enough emotion based marketing you begin to direct the behaviors of your clients. Only then may you connect to their wallets.

There are new tools and technologies available for emotional and financial growth. Spend just a few sincere minutes online and you’ll find them. Once you educate yourself on the new technologies, you’ll understand how your clients “feels”. Watch their behavioral patterns. Read their blogs, comments and postings. When you dedicate your marketing efforts to studying client trends then you’ll actually begin to value their emotional states.

Aren’t money and peace of mind the essential pillars of successful living? Heck, you feel deep within your heart that better than a life of success is a life of significance.

Online “Embedded Video” is our favorite new tool. Emotion based marketing content is our passion. When your website and blog promises to continually grow, morph and improve you’ll be nurtured, inspired and prepared to experience the next evolution Emotion Based Marketing.

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