How Digital Marketing Concepts Can Benefit Your Business

Digital Marketing is the latest innovation in Online Advertising. Digital marketing concepts include Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click, Viral videos, Social media marketing, and Mobile marketing. 

With digital marketing, businesses are able to target specific consumers who most likely want, or need, the product and service that the business offers. For instance, an IT consultancy firm in San Francisco may target their online marketing solely to senior managers of large health care firms in the region with 500-750 employees, yearly revenue of more than $50 million, and who have been searching for information online for their own careers.

Traditional Marketing

The most familiar form of marketing is television advertising. Most people are familiar with the commercials that interrupt their daily routines and pull them off to watch some advertised program. Online advertising campaigns and search engine marketing can be implemented in many of these same ways, but there are several advantages to using digital advertising concepts to reach potential consumers. Television adverts are still most effective when they are strategically placed within high viewership media like primetime television, prime time, night-time, daytime programming, and movies. In contrast, online marketing campaigns that use pay per click strategies or content marketing techniques are more likely to be noticed by viewers who are browsing at different times.

Television advertising also has the advantage of being very low cost. 

Unlike radio and other media, television ads can be produced and run with a minimum of investment. This means that, unlike traditional marketing methods, advertising costs do not need to be spread across multiple platforms. TV advertisements can also be targeted based on the demographic of the audience and geography, which ensures that the message will be seen in the location where it is intended to be seen.

However, unlike traditional marketing methods, online advertising can also be less effective.

Because there are so many different options on the Internet, it can be difficult for online marketers to determine which advertising strategies work. Advertisements that are too general might not gain the desired attention, or more specific ads that are meant to attract a certain type of audience might be seen as spam. As a result, many online marketers choose to rely on search engine marketing as an effective online marketing strategy. It is a broad category that covers a number of different approaches and offers the benefit of being incredibly flexible in how it can be implemented.

Search engine marketing can be done through a number of different online venues. Organic SEO, or search engine optimization, is the most basic form of this technique. Organic SEO involves making sure that web pages are designed so that search engines will rank them as highly as possible. Inorganic SEO, or off-page search engine marketing, tends to make use of paid advertising or other forms of marketing to bring attention to web pages. Both off-page and online marketing techniques have the ability to increase traffic and boost the number of hits from potential customers.

Another way that many companies use digital marketing conceptis through channels. 

Channels can either be onsite, meaning that they are posted on the website itself, or off-site, which occurs through advertisements on news sites, social media sites, or other venues. Off-site channels tend to be less popular than onsite channels, which is why many companies will choose to post their ads on digital mediums instead. Digital ads can be useful in several different ways, especially when used in conjunction with traditional marketing methods. First, they are easier for users to ignore because they are hidden within a completely different environment, which means that even when the user realizes that the advertisement exists, they may not pay much attention to it.

However, digital marketing can be used to complement traditional marketing techniques in a way that allows businesses to reach an even larger audience. When digital channels are used in conjunction with traditional marketing efforts, they are sometimes referred to as blended marketing efforts. This means that they are made to work together, and oftentimes the content provided on one site can be used on another site as well, resulting in hundreds of advertising opportunities. The same can be said for using digital channels in place of traditional marketing methods, as well. For example, some companies use social media sites as a platform for their business marketing, but they also post links to other websites, which could then be used in traditional forms of marketing.

A final advantage to using digital marketing is that it can be used to improve the search engine optimization of a website. 

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is important for a website because it is the method used to determine where a website will show up when someone performs a search for certain keywords. Because digital marketing can be used in a variety of ways, it is important for a business owner to include SEO practices in his or her marketing strategy. If a business owner makes this effort and incorporates it with other efforts, he or she will find that their business will receive a great deal of traffic and potential customers.

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