How Many Weekends Are In A Year? Wanna Calculate?

How Many Weekends Are In A Year

Sometimes, in those lone moments of our lives, there could be a question like how many weekends are in a year, which might create curiosity. Is this the same question popping up in your mind, too? Well, if that’s the case, or you want to find out about this interesting information for any reason, we are here to help you. You will get an answer for the exact number of weekends in a year. So, let’s start!

So, How Many Weekends Are In a Year Exactly?

Calculating the number of weeks or weekends in a year is fairly simple if you are a little good at Mathematics.

You should know that weekends collectively mean Saturdays and Sundays. So, calculating them won’t take much longer.

1 year is equal to = 365 days (except Leap Year)

1 week is equal to = 7 days

Total Weeks in a year = 365/7 = 52.1428 which is approximately 52 weekends. In this way, every weekend holds two days of collectivity, which includes Saturday and Sunday. However, if you multiply 52 with 2-week end days every year, it would be 104 weekend days.

So, collectively, there are 52 weekends in a year and 1 day. But if there is a leap year just like the one going to be in 2024, it will be 52 weekends and 2 days.

How Many Weekends in 2023?

The current year holds exactly 52 weekends and 1 day, just like the other years. Yet, the coming year, 2024, will be a leap year.

How Many Weekends Are In A Year

Every year might have a different number of weekends in each month. But as far as 2023 is concerned, the following are the details of months, days and their respective weekends in this year.

Name of the MonthNumber of DaysTotal Weekends

How Many Days and Weekends Are in 2024?

This time, 2024 is going to be a leap year, as stated earlier. So, in this year, the total days of February will be 29, except 28.

The number of weekends will still be 52, with an additional 2 days. Moreover, the total number of days this year will be 365.

How Many Days of the Year are Weekends?

There are basically 52 weekends in a year. These weekends collectively combine Saturdays and Sundays, and if you take 2 days from a week, that means multiplying 52 by 2.

The answer is 104. Ultimately, the total number of days in a year on weekends is 104. It means people work only for 261 days, and the remaining days are counted as holidays in the form of weekends.

However, this number excludes all those public or national holidays according to the specific events of a country!

How Many Saturdays and Sundays in a Year?

That depends on what the day of the first date of the year is. It could be any day from Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. But if you take this examination for the year 2023, there are exactly 52 Saturdays in 2023 and 53 Sundays.

How Many Days in Every Weekend in a Year?

That’s simple to answer because there are a total of 7 days every weekend around the year. These cannot be 8 because every weekend starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

How Many Weekends Are in 5 Years?

For five years, there will be 52*5= 260 weekends. Hence, there will be 260 weekends in a total time frame of 5 years.

How Should You Plan Those 52 Weekends Around The Year?

Well, it’s indeed exciting news that you have got 104 days to enjoy a complete year. But what can you do in these free moments?

Here are some useful tips for you to enjoy these weekends over the entire year.

Spend Time With Your Family:

The first thing every Corporate Worker would love to do every weekend is spend time with his/her family.

How Many Weekends Are In A Year

You work 5 days a week non-stop, and there should be some gratitude for it. It comes when you stay at home, make popcorn, talk, play games, watch movies or TV shows, play cricket or any other games and spend time with your wife, children or mom and dad.

This is the best advice I could give you because that’s what I do on my weekends.

Plan Short Trips

If you live in a town, city or country where there are a lot of recreational places to visit, you can plan short trips every weekend.

It could be with your family or friends. Yet, you have to decide with whom you want to spend these two days.

Some people don’t have a family, like wives and children, and they plan these trips with their friends. Yes, people like me.

But if you are a papa or a husband, you should probably do this with your family. This way, you’d be able to give valuable time to the people who live in your house.

Hang Out With Friends

We understand how hard those five days of work could be, and your mind needs a new spirit and relaxation.

But it is not possible until you don’t have friends who can make you laugh and help you watch this life through a new perspective.

How Many Weekends Are In A Year

So, instead of just breaking the sofa, get up, go out and hang out with your friends. You can go to the pub, or you could arrange a small party at the house.

You can play poker or video games, whatever you like, or you could watch a movie together. Hence, friends always find their ways of living this life to the fullest.

Finish That Yard Work

People have a lot of hobbies that they want to do in their free time. But are you a person with a unique hobby?

How about gardening plants and taking extra care of them? Yes, you can do this on your weekends.

This is relaxing as you breathe into the fresh air and those new plants face their way to this world. Ultimately, you can’t even find out how your weekend ended as fast as it shouldn’t

Last Words:

After knowing the number of weekends in a year, these are some of the best activities you can perform on these free days of your life. Weekends are good actually because they help remind you that there is a world out there except for the busy routine of work and making money. This weekend, I am going to go to the beach with my girlfriend. Would you want to share how you spend your weekends? I would love to hear!