Purchashing Decisions: How marketing can affect your decisions when it comes to spending money

When you venture out into the world, are you master of your own decisions? It is my opinion that regardless of what you think, that you are not. There are many instances where it has been noticed particular gravitation towards either food or product without any reasoning to justify the choice. We all might ask ourselves at some point why, in regards to reasoning with ourselves to determine the reasoning behind our run to Taco Bell, or a purchase of an iPod. This is the principle of purchasing decisions.

Every day millions of people are bombarded by advertisements. Advertisements and marketing are everywhere you look. It is the result of the society we live in. Companies need money to survive, people need to find out that these companies and services exist, it is through advertisements and marketing that this message is delivered. The problem is that your choices are limited. While we have ad’s all over the place such as billboards, any form of media such as TV, Internet, radio, movie theatre and so on.

Marketing Affects Purchasing Decisions

The power of marketing, however, makes you feel as though you have a choice in the matter. The nature of marketing is to lure people in, either by choice, through the convenience of a new and improved product, such as found with the Swiffer wipes, or the Dyson series of vacuums. This is an example of acceptable marketing, how else other than word of mouth would you have known about these products. The vehicle of marketing allowed the masses to be aware of these improvements.

The problem is there are all sorts of products that have no beneficial use such as soft drinks, and materialistic items that are making their names embedded into our memories. Would women be disappointed if they received jewellery that did not come from Zales, Kay, Jared or many other notable jewellers? It is seen in many instances where people have returned or exchanged gifts based solely on the fact it was not a name brand.

This rejection of a gift is absurd to perceive

It should not matter where you purchase something, as long as it serves a purpose and has a use. We tend to say it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts. UM believes the phrase is something some people may say, but do not really associate with it. This attitude is found in my observations the closer you get towards a metropolis or heavily populated area. As nature says, where the more mates there are in a given area the flashier or complicated animals have to make their mating rituals. While humans want to seem more advanced, we are really simple when you take the time to observe how people act/behave.

It’s all about understanding the buyer mentality. Marketing is what tells you what to purchase and where. That is, marketers are affecting your purchasing decisions. It is what people hold in high regards regardless of the true quality of the product. An example of this that many people can relate to is chocolate. Many people perceive Godiva to be a high-quality chocolate brand. This is due to the colour they use (gold) in their name, and their marketing also high prices give the illusion of quality. Lindt chocolate is by far a superior, yet less known chocolate. If you were to compare the ingredients and quality of the actual ingredients Godiva really isn’t a top-quality brand, as seen. That is a discussion for another day, my intention was simply to prove the point that marketing is like magic, we see what they want us to see with their visually pleasing distractions. 

Another example is fast food. Much like political campaigns fast-food giants such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King are using not what they have to offer, but negative campaigns against one another. This results in a perception that one is better than another, potentially changing purchasing decisions. If you went out to purchase ground beef it would be far superior to any of them. We as a population do not think of this, we sit and have debates with our friends about whose burger is the best. It’s more about brand loyalty than the actual quality of the product. Burger King says they are better due to their Flame-Broiled burgers, Wendy for being made fresh, and McDonald’s for its taste. They all come out of a drawer, however, when I order it. So regardless they are all making them somewhat ahead of time with layers of toppings, but if you asked people who was better they would use the marketing tag lines to give you your answer.

The Bottom Line

The point is that you really do not have a choice, the only choice you have is the perception of a choice. We are all influenced by catchy phrases and the millions of dollars that go into marketing studies. Marketing is not just about creating a catchy jingle, or the development of the next big thing. It goes as deep as how people related and perceive shapes, colours and sounds. It is the statistics of studies saying that people will purchase items more often that are to the right of the store, or that are at their eye level. They study people and their behaviours, we all have patterns.

With this in mind, take a moment to think before you buy, ask yourself is this what I want, or is this something that I really need. 

Some people are in massive credit debt and have no idea why. If you take the time to analyze why you do the things you do and what influences you, would be as clear as day. We do need marketing for useful items or helpful services, what we do not need marketing for is to make us payment zombies for the next fad item or thing we will not need a few months after it’s purchased only to collect dust.

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