How Much Does Clix Make A Year? Net Worth in 2024

How Much Does Clix Make A Year? Net Worth in 2024

If you are into the gaming world, you’ve probably heard about Clix. Clix Conrod is a famous Fortnite player who makes a lot of dollars by playing this video game. Just like those trending and most famous names we hear in the gaming industry, Clix Conrod is one of them. He started at a very young age, and nowadays, he is a pro player of Fortnite. 

In this short article, we’ll reveal the net worth of Clix, how much he makes in a year and about other factors related to his life. Let’s start exploring Clix Conrod. 

So, Who Is Clix Conrod Anyway?

The real name of Clix is Cody Conrod, who was born on January 7th, 2005. This young dude had a lot of passion for playing video games, even from the start. The guy who is famous in gaming these days has a hometown in Connecticut, USA. 

Cody’s first love was Minecraft when he started playing video games on his brother’s computer. The smallest hobby gave him a new career, and he promised himself to buy his own computer one day. 

He started playing games professionally at the age of 12 years old. 2017 was the kickstart of his official career when he created a Twitch account along with a YouTube channel. In 2017, which was the start of playing Twitch, he started publishing content on his YouTube Channel. 

When this hustle went so far, he earned a prize of $112,000 by participating and winning the Twitch tournament in 2019 at the age of only 19 years old. Currently, he is a member of NRG, an Esports organization which is based in Los Angeles. 

His gaming career has given him a lot of fame. That’s the reason he is a topic of discussion, and you are reading about him in this blog!

What is the Current Net Worth of Clix, The Fortnite Pro Player?

Currently, Clix has over $2 million in his bank account, and this amount is rising day by day. You can expect this number between $2 and $5 million anywhere in between. 

How Much Does Clix Make A Year

He makes a lot of money by posting his gaming videos on YouTube and through other sources. Since 2019 was his first year of real money making, by the end of 2022, he had this $2 in his account. 

Now, this amount has reached a new level of anywhere near $5. We can expect him to make around $1.5 to $2 every year. 

How Clix Cody Makes Money By Playing Games and Other Sources?

Clix, a famous Fortnite and Twitch player, makes most of his bucks through YouTube. But you’d be amazed to know that YouTube isn’t the only source he has. 

Other than YouTube, the following are the most transparent ways through which Clix makes millions. 

Participating in Gaming Tournaments

The perfect source for Clix making millions of dollars is through participating in Gaming Tournaments. 

This dude is a participant in the NRG Esports organization, and through their support, he participates, wins and makes money.

In 2023, he participated in almost 39 tournaments and earned around $276,768. So, we can say that his main source of income is Gaming tournaments.

By Playing Twitch

How Much Does Clix Make A Year

The next source of income is Twitch. Clix has around 4 million subscribers on Twitch, and he charges around $3.50 for every subscriber. 

This way, he makes approximately $70,000 per month only from Twitch. Just imagine how much this kid is going to make by the end of 2025. 

YouTube, Of Course

On the Clix YouTube Channel, he has around 1.9 million subscribers, from whom Clix earns around $20,000 per month. This helps Clix build an even better wealthy image by adding these bucks to his account. 

Don’t Forget Sponsorships

Like every other YouTuber or Content creator who is famous, Clix does make a lot of money from Sponsorship. 

He charges around $2000 and $5000 through sponsorships that come through brands and other famous spots. 

So, this guy is making a hell lot of money from these resources and earning a living, which one can expect only!

What Games Do Clix Play Online?

To make this much money, Clix is an expert at playing multiple video games. From simple Twitch games to a high-end Grand Theft Auto Player, Clix is famous for nailing all these options. 

Besides being an active member of NRG Esports, he earns from there, too. 

Overall, his fame is because of Fortnite. But Cody Clix can play any game he wants to become an expert in!

What Does Clix Do In His Free Time When Not Playing Games?

Clix is a young guy and he often hangs with his friends when he is not on his gaming player. He does have a Dog, Max, and this lovely, comfy dog often stays around whenever Clix needs him. There is nothing much interesting to find except Clix making thousands of bucks online!

How Much Money Does Clix Make A Day?

No one can record Clix Daily-earnings, but it depends on that specific day. Sometimes, he can make more than $10,000 in a day by winning a gaming competition. Or he can just earn $2000 by getting a sponsorship. So, it all depends on how he is doing, what he is doing and from where he is making his money in a day or night period. 

How Much Does Clix Make A Year

How Much Does Clix Make A Month?

Clix Monthly Money Bank is enough to bring a smile to his parent’s and family’s faces. But unfortunately, we cannot keep a record of this. That’s because the earning from Gaming tournaments is unmeasurable. 

It is sometimes a lot, and sometimes, it’s just a few bucks to buy crunch. Hence, we’ve counted the yearly income of Clix, which can easily tell you how much average income he would be making around the year. 

Final Wording:

Clix is one of those famous names in the Gaming world that people find motivation from. By starting from this early age, Clix shared a perfect record of making more and more money. He contributed to a thought that if he can make millions, why can’t somebody else? So, let me know if you want to be the next Cody Clix and do something different in the gaming world. The world is waiting for your final reveal! Don’t lose hope!