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How To Add Users To Moz – Beginner Guide

Want to know how to add users to Moz? In the last few years, this feature has received the most requests. Essentially the option for Moz Pro owners to grant exclusive login information to their team members and clients. And is what we refer to as Multiseat.

We have begun and renewed work on multi-seat support numerous times. Given it new priorities several times, but for various reasons, we were never able to complete it. It’s definitely here, we’re delighted to report, after a tremendously successful engineering collaboration.

In reality, we secretly introduced this feature in August. And since then, we’ve been keeping an eye on usage and resolving any problems. This is to make sure Multiseat was ready for prime time before we announced it. It’s currently used by hundreds of individuals, and everything appears to be in order.

We’ll explain what Multiseat accomplishes in this post. How to configure it who has access to it and what updates are in the works.

What is included in Multiseat today?

The majority of the fundamental features requested by users are supported in this first version of Multiseat. These consist of:

You can create individual logins for clients or team members

Anyone who already has or starts a free Moz community profile can be added to your account using Multiseat. Until recently, the only option to share access was to give your password, which was both unfavorable and a bad security policy. Numerous situations call for the use of multiseat:

  • offering team members with access
  • granting a client access
  • inviting an advisor to assist with your initiatives

Billing data is now only accessible by the account owner

This has been a frequent request, particularly for more substantial companies. Now, billing and credit card details are kept secret and are only available to the account owner.

Which account emails you get can be controlled independently

blue and white logo guessing game

You might get a ton of emails regarding data changes and finished reports if your organization has a lot of employees handling a lot of campaigns. We apologize in advance for this email congestion.

You can have a seat on numerous accounts

A few of you, we’ve read, work with multiple customers, each with your own Moz account. Therefore, as many customer accounts that you require can have you connected to them. You will be capable of logging in using your own Moz username and password for each account to which you have been given access. No more requesting each client for their login details and then attempting to keep track of them all.

How can I then add new logins to my account?

Manage Seats is a brand-new tab that you may access in your account settings by going to You can choose to add one or more of your coworkers to your account after you arrive here.

Who is permitted to use Multiseat?

Accessibility to Multiseat is available to all Moz Pro users! You will have access to 2 or a limitless number of seats for your team to use, relying on your subscription option. For tiers that are more business and team-focused, we incorporated Multiseat into our current subscriptions in a way that gives extra seats.

What will Multiseat do next?

Even though this release has a lot of new functionality, we haven’t yet been able to include several crucial features. most prominently

Ownership change for an account

The capability to transfer account ownership from one person to another is the following improvement that we are aware we need to create.

Determining which campaigns a seat may access

For v1, all tools and campaigns are accessible to everyone. The ability for the account administrator to limit individual logins so that users can only view a specific selection of campaigns has already been requested.


a person writing on a piece of paper

Creating a new user in Moz is going to need a bit of your time and energy, but it doesn’t have to be scary. The process is straightforward, and if you follow these steps, you should be able to add users with ease. A few minutes now could save you from hours of headaches in the future.


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