How to Boost Page Views Using Guerilla Marketing Tactics

If you are like most content creators online, you enjoy writing and do not particularly enjoy marketing. It seems most people are either wired for creating or wired for selling, and very few are wired for both. If you employ some of these techniques, you can manage to collect thousands of page views easily. Other articles from fellow content producers do a great job of introducing you to social bookmarking websites or reaping the benefits of search engine marketing and optimization. We want to pass along a few of the unconventional marketing techniques we’ve seen being used to help promote content, along with an overview to understand what is tactical marketing. While the methods are based on offline guerilla marketing tactics, it is good to incorporate technology where possible to make things more efficient and less costly.

What Is Tactical Marketing?

Usually, it is an ongoing process to generate leads. It is the practical side of marketing, whereby you would use marketing tools (such as blogs, ads, newsletters, etc.) and observe the response you get. It is crucial to fully understand what is tactical marketing and how it works to take full advantage of your plans. The rest of this article will show you examples of how you can use tactical marketing to boost your page views.  

Bulletin Boards: Old-School Guerilla Marketing Tactics 

We’re not talking about online discussion boards here, rather good old-fashioned cork-board bulletin boards hanging in building lobbies. Based on the type of content you write about, chances are there is a bulletin board out there that would benefit from advertising some of your content. For example, a content producer who enjoys writing articles on study tips or finding cheap textbooks would do well to promote their articles on the bulletin board of a local university. A content producer specializing in articles related to diet and fitness could post a bulletin at their neighborhood gym advertising a link to their content page.

The easiest way to deploy such a marketing campaign is to simply print out an attractive flyer on colored paper with the headline, “For Great Study Tips Visit:” and then provide a link to your web page. Use the bottom of the flyer to print your URL as many times as you can across the page and cut slits between the URLs to create tabs. People can tear away the tab with your URL so they can look it up later.

Quora and Yahoo Answers 

As we’ve previously mentioned, marketing tools are an essential part of answering the question “what is tactical marketing?” Online question-and-answer forums are an excellent example of such tools. Sign up for a Quora account and a Yahoo account and browse. Many times people post a question that they are having difficulty locating the answer for on the web. Browsing these websites is beneficial in two ways. First, you can provide a brief answer to a question and include the link to your article for more details. Second, by simply browsing, you will discover what types of things internet users are looking for and then tailor your research and future articles to addressing those questions. 

Business Reviews 

Business Reviews are a great way to build a database of content. Just imagine if every member reviewed the favorite restaurant in their hometown. What about their favorite dry cleaning service? One way to promote these types of articles once published is to create a simple email marketing campaign. This is a newer form of guerilla marketing tactics. Visit the business’ website and look for an email address or email form to provide feedback. Be sure to provide your name and let the owners know you recently visited their establishment and were so impressed that you decided to publish a review of their business. Include the URL to the article in your email. Most owners we’ve talked to were thrilled with the review and forwarded the article to everyone they knew. Some may even place the link under a “Media” or “Testimonials” section of their business’ website, increasing the chances others may find your work and boost your page views.

Now that you know what is tactical marketing and examples of how to use it, you will be able to achieve better results in response to your marketing campaigns. With a little effort on your part, you can increase your pageviews by driving more traffic towards your web page. 

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