How to Build a Content-Rich Product Sales Site with Product Reviews

If you have a website that sells a product, you have probably read a lot about how to promote your site, submit it to search engines, and how to manage linking, rankings, and ratings. Somewhere in all that marketing, you have probably heard about “content-rich” sites and how they will generally fare better with rankings and search engine placement.

The Problem With Using Keywords

Since everyone else who has a product website is likely to have the same information you do, competition in the internet marketplace for traffic is fierce. Trying to get rankings for the most popular keywords is nearly impossible for the small internet product sales site. There is a way to increase your traffic and build your rankings, though, without shelling out a lot of cash to do it.

Article Writing: A Solution With It’s Own Drawbacks

The buzz words for internet marketing are articles, articles, articles. Content-rich articles that increase the prevalence of specific keywords on your site, which in turn increases page views for targeted traffic, and more targeted traffic should convert to more sales. However, when 1000 websites are all properly optimized with the same keywords for the same product, it seems the only way to drive traffic to your site above your competitor’s site is to pay for costly advertising.

Redefining The Basics: What Is A Sales Website Anyway?

When building your site, it’s time to think outside of the box. To do this for a sales site, you need to redefine what a sales site should be. If you want to get a leg up on your competition, you need to give some things away – for free!

You’re probably wondering how giving things away for free is going to make you money. After all, isn’t the goal of a product sales site to sell a product? That’s correct , but in order to do that, you need to drive traffic to your site and make your site something the viewer will remember. What will make them remember your site over the other thousands of sites with similar content and products at comparable prices?

Product Reviews Can Influence Purchasing Decisions

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One way to bring traffic to your site is to build yourself or your site up as an industry leader and expert on your site’s products. When you tie this in with a content-rich website, what you come up with is the concept of Product Reviews.

Instead of just offering a website with a product, a description, a price, and a few bits of additional information, you will convert more sales for that product if you provide product reviews. These product reviews can be both consumer and industry reviews of the product you are selling.

Methods Of Obtaining Product Reviews

There are several ways you can incorporate product reviews into your sales site. The easiest and probably least time-consuming is to use articles for the products you are selling. You can find free reprint articles on websites such as Ezine Articles or others, and search their directories for product reviews of the products your site carries. As long as you follow the rules of the article site from which you receive your syndicated reprints (most are free or inexpensive to use), you can have a virtually unlimited resource for product reviews that are usually already keyword optimized for you.

Another way to have product reviews for your website is to actually give away products for free or at reduced rates in return for a testimonial or product review from an actual consumer. This will help you in more than one way. First, you will drive traffic to your site if web surfers know you are giving away or selling items very cheaply in exchange for a review, and this traffic might make additional purchases on top of the free review products, giving more content-rich pages. This will help you by receiving real-life testimonials and product reviews from the actual consumers who use the end product. In turn, this gives some credibility to your site that other product sales sites may not have.

Another way to incorporate product reviews into your product sales site is to use a model similar to Using this model, you would have a blog-like comment section under each product where consumers who have used or purchased this product can come to your site and write a short review of the product for others to read before making their purchase.

It’s a proven fact that web surfers seem to like interactive sites in which they can participate or share their opinions. Therefore, a place where consumers can give their reviews of the products you sell on your site will drive traffic to your site. It will also help add credibility to the products you have available.

A consumer might read a corporate blog in order to find a connect to the brand on a personal level

Keep in mind that some consumers may find product reviews insufficient content for their engagement. Try adding a variety of other content-rich pieces such and informative articles. If a consumer establishes a personal connection to your blog, they will become a loyal customer.

These options will add keywords and valuable content to your site while also making it informative, engaging, and interactive. Of course, this is something that will set you apart from small-sized competitors, setting you up with a product site that rivals the big boys.

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