How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business

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How to start network marketing? How would you like to have 1,000 personally sponsored by you on your front-line. Go to a site that offers guarantee sigh-us and you can buy them, and they will do exactly NOTHING. They will not even respond to your email. It would be far better to have just 10 people who will build strong organizations without your constant calling and emails.

It all starts with YOU. Your attitude of “selective sponsoring” not “wishful sponsoring.” 

Know this, that every single person that your recruit Must be the type of person who will earn $100,00 the very first year in the business, they would do it with or without you being there.

This is the guy or gal you are looking for: already somewhat successful,highly organized,self-starter,self-motivated, the one that is determined to change their financial situation, willing to take massive action.

If you believe that you will not be able to find such a person, able to approach the high-level prospects, you do not need to read any further. Network Marketing is not for you, you will be wasting your time.

Approach: “I am excited about my home base business, I am looking for a few people that have leadership abilities. I understand that you may have no interest in it, but I would like for you to do me a favor by looking at my business and tell me who I should be calling?”( you may get him or a referral)

Continue: “The people I am looking for are concerned about not having enough money for retirement; layoffs; downsizing; not enough free time with the family or just job dissatisfaction.”

This sets the stage.

“Hey that is me” or “Hey that is Jim Brown” you talk to your prospect or your new referral. Ask why would you be interested in this; What appeals to you about the business; What has attracted you to know more; How would this program benefit you?

The more reasons they tell you WHY they need something like this, the better chance you have of enrolling them as a leader. 

Next step is to let them try the product or services, and prospects must believe in them too. Sell them some products to use before the interview, as a requirement.

Next meeting with them: Ask them about the benefits of the products and services you sold them. If all is good, continue – Our Companies business plan goes like this. We have a conference call at this time, need to be there (this could be your opportunity call).

Your prospect has followed your lead to this point, the final requirement for them to qualify is your start-up system.

Simply, sit down with them, using a checklist of what you want them to do to get started. Set goals – pay the business cost to get started – training calls – ect.

Point them in the Direction to go and be with them their first 30 days. Show them your company’s procedure system and then Let them go.

If during the entire process of this system, prospects resist at any of the steps you Must Disqualify them. 

Most people will not qualify. You do not want everyone. You are spending your time and energy in the recruiting process, not the developing process of building a business. Should you successfully work this system and stay with it, your business will take off all by itself.

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