How To Contact Depop Customer Service? 5 Top Ways!

How To Contact Depop Customer Service? 5 Top Ways!

Are you trying to contact the Depop customer service for a while? That could be a troubling thing to do as, for a while now, Depop has taken a break. But there are still ways and options to contact their customer support, and this article will reveal everything about it! Keep reading!

What is Depop Anyway?

Before we start finding why and how we can contact Depop support, let’s understand what Depop is and what they do.

Depop is basically an online platform from where you can buy new clothes from a variety of collections. Also, they sell other clothing accessories.

And the best thing for which this platform is This much famous is because of its eco-friendly clothing practices. Yes, Depop helps you sell your clothes at their shop and in the meantime, you can also buy some new clothes.

Depending on this, everything goes normal in a normal day working routine. But sometimes, you might need to ask for something extra or file a complaint.

How can you do that if you don’t know the exact customer support help? This is what we’ll reveal here shortly!

So, How Do You Actually Contact The Depop Customer Service?

There are various ways you can reach out to Depop through their customer support help. I’ve figured out some of the easiest ones, which are explained as follows.

Take a look, please!

Way 1: Reach Out to Depop Customer Support Through Instagram

The first easy method of contacting the Depop help centre is reaching them through their Instagram page. Just visit the Depop Instagram page and click on the message button.

Afterwards, you can ask any query related to your specific issue or concern. So, this is the first way of contacting the Instagram Support Page.

Way 2: Contact Depop Customer Service Through X (Twitter)

The second easiest place to visit or check customer support for Depop is X (Twitter). They have a customer support page on Twitter with more than 147K followers.

This page is with the name or on account of @askdepop, which you can easily visit and text their support team eventually.

Way 3: Use Resolver To Contact Depop Customer Support

Resolver is an online website which has a built-in algorithm that helps you make contact with different service providers over the internet.

If Depop is next on your list, you can contact it fairly by just following simple steps. Visit thiswebsite here and find out what they have to offer!

Way 4: Contact Depop Customer Support by Email

The next option you have to reach out to the Depop customer support team is their email address. You can just send them an email at and check out if they reply to you.

Way 5: Contact Through Zendesk

The last place you can contact or try to contact Depop is Zendesk. Yes, it’s again a community support centre created for Depop customers, and they can reply to your queries and troubles or provide you with related support. So, try Zendesk if it may make a difference.

Is Depop Still Operating?

When you look at the recent posts on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, it feels like Depop isn’t operating anymore. The last post from the company on their Twitter page was on September 6, 2022.

When you open the official Twitter page of this company, you will find out what they have written in their bio section. It is with, We’ve taken a break right now!

In addition to Twitter, the last post on the Facebook page was done on December 4, 2022. After that, no one ever heard from Depop, and it feels like they are not operating anymore.

Despite these things, their website is live. But we won’t recommend you buy or sell anything on Depop now because of seeing the glamour of their website.

It feels like when they are not operating on their social media accounts, they are not even there.

What Type of Complaints Have People from Depop Over The Years?

Over various platforms that provide or review these websites, people seem frustrated. They do not have good reviews to share about Depop.

Some say that Depop has been hacked by a bunch of guys and they are looting money.

Some have had trouble with getting their Debit or Credit card back. Also, there are people stating that Depop has scammed them with thousands of dollars.

Plus, they are also stating that the Depop online store is not operating anymore.

These are all updates we have been seeing from people recently in the June, July and August months of 2023. So, I guess they are not trusted anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How To Contact Depop Customer Service By Phone?

A lot of people keep asking how they can contact Depop Customer Service by phone. The answer is very simple: no phone number. They haven’t provided any phone number so that you may reach them out!

What Is Depop Customer Service Number US?

The sad news is you won’t get any number for Depop customer support in the US. People have lots of trouble contacting them as there is no legitimate way to do so. Therefore, the only solution you might have is not to use Depop service anymore until they make it official on their Twitter page that they are officially back.

What is Depop Customer Service Phone Number UK?

Just like the United States, there is no number to contact Depop in the UK as well. So, end your struggles and make peace with whatever you are dealing with or trying to say to the Depop. That’s because they are not going to reply to you at all!

Final Thoughts:

Depop has served a variety of customers in the UK and USA over the years with their wide range of clothing options. They have also provided a platform where you can perform eco-friendly practices to sell your clothes at a fair price. But that might just be in the past now. That’s because their X(Twitter) page says that the company has taken a break. Hence, I believe that this article would be helpful in finding the information you have been looking for so far. Thanks for reading. See you in the next post!