How to Create Awesome Facebook Offers – Tips For Guaranteed Success

Looking to create and promote offers on Facebook, but not sure how to go about doing it? You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn how it’s done.

Facebook Page Offers 101

So, what’s a Facebook page offer? Simply put, it’s a marketing tool provided by Facebook itself that allows businesses to promote discounts and deals to customers directly from a Facebook page.

Facebook users can save offers they like and get reminders, which boosts sales. You can set up your offer to include all sorts of info to get users to join. You can also promote your offers through standard advertising campaigns or boosting posts.

The Power of a Good Facebook Offer

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Simply put, Facebook offers are perhaps the single most powerful tool in Facebook’s own Ads Manager platform.

By offering coupons and other bonuses, you encourage your customers to purchase. Offers can also be used to create more traffic, make a post-viral or just give your brand more exposure.

Facebook offers are also extremely scalable. When you promote offers, the cost is the same regardless of audience size. You can target products and services with the same ease, and the process is fairly straightforward thanks to Facebook’s Power Editor.

Combined with direct marketing services that promote offers, your offer can go viral and bring a huge influx of sales.

Finding Which Facebook Offers Work

Every brand is different and every marketing campaign sets different targets. You can’t expect to replicate the success of one offer by copying and pasting what your competitors did. You should experiment with offers to find out what your customers prefer.

An easy way to do that is to simply ask your customers what they prefer. Simply go to your page and post a Facebook update asking your customers to comment with their ideas on what to offer. Use that feedback to promote offers that truly interest your customers. You can also give them a list of options and let them vote.

If you are running a newsletter or mailing list, you can ask your followers there about which offer they prefer. You can also include a popup page in your official store about upcoming offers. By tracking the clickthrough rates of that page, you can gauge interest in new promotional offers.

Schedule Your Facebok Offers

Timing is essential in social media marketing. Customer behavior changes through the year, and your offers should be tailored to fully use that fact.

If the offering type allows it, you can plan your Facebook offers to coincide with a major holiday and make your offers holiday-themed. For example, Halloween-themed costume offers, or Black Friday-themed offers about electronic devices.

Promotional Offer Best Practices

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When preparing to promote offers, it’s important to keep in mind the official best practices. Facebook itself lists the best practices on how to create and promote offers in its official business portal.

These best practices include:

Making Discounts Substantial

Facebook says that while there is no minimum discount or value required to create an offer, you should aim to give substantial discounts to entice your customers to participate. When promotional offers are good, everyone wins. For Facebook, this means offers with free items, or with discounts of at least 20% off.

Using Engaging Images

According to Facebook, photos of people using a product perform better than photos of a product by itself, and both of these perform better than just logos. Keep in mind that to be compliant with Facebook rules, text cannot make up more than 20% of promotional images.

Setting Realistic Expiration Dates

Not every customer will interact with your offer the same day you post it. Give your visitors a few days to claim an offer and share their impressions on Facebook. According to Facebook, the ideal length when looking to promote offers is one week.

Promoting Your Facebook Offer

After your offer is done, you should pin it to your page for your visitors to notice it and take advantage.

How to Create and Promote Offers

Creating and launching your Facebook offer is similar to creating a Facebook advertisement. Anyone with some familiarity with Facebook’s Ads Manager can do it. However, an expert digital marketer can make the most out of a promotional offer.

Let’s see the basic steps below:

  • Logging In and Finding the Menu – To get started, log in to Facebook’s Ads Manager. Navigate to the campaign section and the conversion sub-section. There, click “Get people to claim your offer” and continue.
  • Choose What You Want To Promote – If you’re running multiple fan pages, you will be asked to choose which one to promote. If you have only one Facebook page, then this step completes automatically. Facebook asks you for verification many times during the process, so don’t worry about making a mistake here.
    After you’ve picked a page, click next to continue.
  • Fill in Promotion Details – After picking the page to promote offers, you will have to fill in the details. Facebook gives you a number of required fields to fill. These include:
    • Offer Title
    • Offer URL
    • Discount Value
    • Percentage, Fixed Discounts and “Buy One Get One” Offers
    • Promotion Date
      All of the above are mandatory, but you can still go back and edit them if you make a mistake.
  • Choose Audience Details – After filling in your offer details, Facebook takes you to a page where you are asked to define your audience. This allows you to target ads to people who know your business. You can either pick a prefilled audience or create a custom audience for your new offer.
    In this section, you can define your audience’s:
    • Geographical location
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Main language
    • Interests
    • Online Behaviors
    • Income or Net Worth
    • Education Level
    • Marital Status
      The targeting within the Facebook ad platform is near limitless. You can even upload your own list of customers or subscribers to target, or have Facebook create a “lookalike audience” consisting of people with similar profiles. After you’ve defined your audience…
  • Budget and Schedule – In the next section, Facebook asks you to choose a budget and schedule your offer. There are several advanced options here, but the most important ones are your daily budget limit and the launch date.
    When you set these two parameters, Facebook will tell you the maximum amount of dollars your promotion will cost.
  • Select Media, Text, and Links – In the next section, you can choose what type of media, text, and links will be featured in your ad. There are tons of formatting options here, but you don’t have to dig deep to make a good promo offer.
    You can choose either a single-image ad or a carousel ad. Carousel ads “cycle” through multiple media.
  • Placements – Here, you get to choose where to show your offer. Options include:
    • Mobile news feed
    • Desktop news feed
    • Desktop right column
    • Mobile devices
  • Add Offer Text, Preview and Place Your Order – In the final section, Facebook asks you to add a brief text to accompany your ad. After you have written your text, you can preview your offer on the right side of the page.
    You can also go back to tweak details from any of the previous sections. When you’re satisfied, you can then click “Place Order” and finalize your offer. Before you can actively promote offers, you will have to wait a brief period of time for Facebook to review and approve them.

Keep Promoting Ongoing Offers

After your offer is live, you still have to pay some attention to it. Many businesses just post an offer and then forget about it, but that’s not how it works. To make the most out of your Facebook offer, you will need to actively promote it.

To do so, you can use Facebook itself, your newsletter, your official store, and any other outlet that might be available. Send polite notes and periodically update your pages to remind your audience that the offer is still active. Be careful not to oversell your offer, as customers might be tempted to unsubscribe if they consider your offer spam.

You can also team up with other businesses and cross-promote each other’s offers. That way, you expose your business to your partner’s audience, and vice versa. When doing so, just make sure that your partner’s brand image is in line with yours, otherwise, you might alienate your audience and cause more harm than good.

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