How to Create Your Own Video Course: Tools and Ideas

If you want to diversify your revenue sources and build a passive income, then, to create your own video course would be a great idea for you!

In the digital era any information about online video courses can be found easily, with only one or a few clicks on the button.

Now, let’s see the benefits a video course includes. To begin with the fact that you can be positioned as an expert and an authority in the niche. This is also a chance for you for an additional source of leads for your services.

When you create your video course, it is also a good opportunity to repurpose your existing content marketing assets.

Above all, you’ll build an outlet to share your passion which you can work on at your leisure time.

The good news is that you don’t need to have any technical skills or even a huge budget to set up your own self-hosted course. It’s so fantastic, isn’t it?

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Here are a few options you can use:


Kajabi is the VOD platform that gives you lots of flexibility in terms of using a custom domain, branded design and etc. While being the most transparent solution on the list, choose your plan and go ahead! There will be no price increase and there’s no need to go through the demo to find out how much you are going to pay.

Apart from easy-to-use VOD features (video hosting, speed, smooth playback and video usage analytics), you can also create the branded apps to give your subscribers alternative ways to access your content and tie them close to your brand (through push notifications).

The best part about Kajabi is that it’s very easy, flexible and transparent. You will not need a developer to set things up.


StoryXpress is an all in one video platform where you can Record Or Host/Upload pre-recorded videos in an ad-free environment. Making it easier to create your own video course.

The In-built video tools turn your screen into canvas during recording and allow you to draw, type, or focus to highlight important points on the screen. You can record your screen or just the webcam or screen webcam together. StoryXpress offers a cloud storage of videos that you can access from anywhere. The platform also allows you to upload pre-recorded videos in an ad-free private video hosting. You can create a playlist of videos for your courses or send them to students or staff individually.

The platform also has the video annotations available, like: In-video CTAs, Forms, Banners and etc. The video post-production tool helps in video editing.

Furthermore, to make your work easy, the platform also has various integration apps like: Zendesk, Gmail, Twitter, Mailchimp, Intercom, etc. You can also track the performance of your videos using a powerful heatmap powered video analytics.

You can either distribute your videos/Playlists using sharable links, or you can embed them on your own website.

Contuse 10

Contuse 10 is all about the encryption and security. They ensure every nook and cranny of their platform to be nailed down tightly. VPlay, which is their VOD service, is particularly focused on distribution and syndication without risking the safety of your copyright.

They don’t just deal in video, either. You can use it for all media, such as music, e-books, podcasts and even governmental and educational content, which requires some different rules. Get live streaming capability if you need it, including full monetization.


Muvi wants your brand to be as popular as Hulu, Spotify or Netflix. They provide the tools to create a full service audio, video or combined site that includes mobile apps as part of the business model. They let you build stores for physical items to be shipped to customers, such as T-shirt, figurines or anything else you create for your brand/programming. Sony, Universal and other giants rely on Muvi for their features. In spite of that, they have an affordable, non-enterprise pricing available. For more information about Muvi you can visit the following site:

Do you want to start handling merchandise as well? Why not think about it?


Apart from a video hosting site and the marketing service, Brightcove wants you to grow through lead generation. Monetization is another aim, with a side ad insertion. All of this, on top of OTT and video streaming features, live and pre-recorded.

They have a transcoding feature for less than most, as well. As you go, use their analytics platform to monitor the success of your content and better plan your future strategies in both video programming and marketing. It all starts from $199 per month.


Imagine that you could produce, publish, market and analyze your content from one place, faster than ever before. Sounds great, right? That’s a good news for you, here comes Ooyala that works to make the entire process as one closed circle, done from the same place and without the disconnect of multiple tools.

They do their best to automate enough to streamline the process and put less work on the content creator, especially on the publishing and monetization side. Arsenal, the Vienna State Opera and Zooming TV are a few ones from the success stories.

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Do you want to automate and eliminate the stress of the front-end process of OTT platforms?

In other words, you don’t have to worry about the technology side when you create a video course, because there are some apps created exactly for that.

Your job is to worry about the content and to create it in the best way you can.

Mangomolo takes care of the rest, so you can rest your mind knowing you are in good hands. They have segmenting/chapters, live streaming to multiple social media platforms and more.

When investigating the site, I found it really hard to navigate to the pricing issue or any actual call-to-action for that matter (The site only invites you to subscribe for updates) which left me wondering how people were actually buying the service. For more information, you can visit the site:


Are you tired of the fact that your content is being scraped up by plugins that record file versions online? If so, you should certainly be aware that VdoCipher doesn’t allow any of those plugins access to content, making your videos more secure and protecting your copyrights.

Those include a whitelisted domain, encryption and watermarking. They cost a pretty penny, but less than you lose if people steal your content.

Basically, VdoCipher is a video marketing solution, you can probably handle on your own using existing LMS plugins. So, security is their biggest selling point.

Conclusion: Create Your Own Video Course

Thanks to modern technologies people can earn money in different ways and even better and pleasant if you are fond of what you are doing as well. This article should help you create a video course easily. It was especially interesting to discuss special tools that will help you to create, manage and improve your online course. Some people just sit and dream, while others prefer to act. Which type do you belong to?

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