How to Decide Between Online and Print Advertising

What exactly is digital marketing? Simply put, digital marketing is the use of digital channels like social networking and blogs as tools for marketing communication to your target market. By using social networking sites you are already well versed in how these adverts pop up on your stream; now when you connect your account to your blog you are adding a little more interactivity to it. By having a blog you can also add a Twitter feed to let people know when you have new content. This is drastically different from print advertising.

When you combine both these efforts you are setting yourself up for massive growth in profits and traffic to your site.

However, there is a problem with this strategy. Many people do not like to have their information exposed to so many other people online, especially if they are unwilling to have their interests advertised to them. This means that even if you set up your account to be visible to the public, that other users are not going to want to see too much of your personal information like your name and where you live. For this reason it makes it difficult to use the social networking and blogging capabilities of traditional marketing channels to promote your business online.

However, traditional marketing methods like print advertising still have the ability to take advantage of these online tools. 

Traditional marketing campaigns include the use of search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising through agencies and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. These traditional marketing channels still have the ability to take advantage of the power of digital platforms such as Facebook, MySpace and twitter. In fact, there are actually many ways that traditional marketers can use these digital platforms to further their marketing campaigns.

For instance, some advertisers would actually take advantage of the Facebook advertising platform by creating advertisements that would run alongside the news feeds on Facebook. This way the advertisements would appear right on the news feed of everyone that is a part of the Facebook community. These advertisements might then encourage users to click on them. By creating these digital marketing campaigns, you would be able to better reach an audience of millions of users in just a short period of time.

PPC is a form of online marketing that has been very successful for many marketers. When you advertise with PPC you are paying each time someone clicks on your advertisement. The good thing about using PPC is that the advertising costs tend to be relatively low compared to other online marketing campaigns. If you can spend a couple of hundred dollars in each month on pay per click advertising, you will have made a profit without really having to do anything else online.

One of the newest and perhaps most overlooked marketing techniques available today is the use of print ads and television ads. 

Many marketers have discovered that by investing a little bit of money in their online ads they can easily bring in a lot more money from their print ads. Print advertising offers a lot more freedom and opportunities for creativity than their online counterparts. Print ads can be used to attract new customers, or to create a greater awareness of current products and services. In either case, investing in both mediums of online ads will help you generate more traffic and more sales.

Pay Per Click and TV ads are not the only marketing methods available for online marketers. Internet marketing offers some unique advantages that make it unique when compared to traditional marketing or digital marketing. Online marketing offers unlimited opportunities; you can create ads quickly and produce thousands of results instantly. You do not need to have a large advertising budget in order to generate traffic to your website, or to your business. There are no real time limits when it comes to internet marketing. You can place ads anywhere there is an available internet connection and you can take your campaign live or set deadlines for when you want to achieve certain marketing goals.

Although print media offers plenty of advantages, they are not always the best choice for all kinds of marketing strategies. 

Pay per click and TV commercials are very convenient, but they do not reach everyone who could be a potential customer. Internet marketing is one way to reach anyone with a computer and internet access. You can create ads for local newspapers and magazines, but they do not have the same impact as they would online. Digital marketing offers the greatest impact and opportunity for reaching your target audience.

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