Selling Items Online: How to Find Products to Sell Online

You have heard people making money selling products on sites like eBay or you may have heard or seen commercials that you can make money from home selling products. Is any of this true? Can you really make money selling items online and is it really as easy as they say it is? Well, yes and no.

You can make money selling items online. This has been proven by the thousands of eBay store owners and millions of other online store site owners. But just like any business, it takes work. It takes research and this includes knowing what your customers want and where you can get what they want.

The first question that comes to many people’s mind when they want to sell online is what do I sell and where do I get products for selling items online

You have to know what people will want to buy. You don’t want to waste your time and money securing products that no one wants. Does your product fill a niche? Niche products can work because you may not have to compete with so many other competitors selling the same or similar products. So you need to do your research on what consumers want and work to meet their needs.

One way to get your online store set up fairly quickly is with the use of wholesalers and drop shippers. Drop shippers allow you to sell a product, say a flashlight, but instead of you stocking and shipping the flashlight, they may stock it and ship the item to the customer for you. With dropshipping your overhead is low and your shipping costs are low.

Keep in mind though, as your business grows you may need to ship products yourself because with drop shippers usually the price of the product you are selling will be higher than if you purchased it in bulk.

Be careful of companies that claim they are wholesalers or drop shippers. Many times these companies are just middlemen and you will pay more for your products than you would if you dealt with a reputable company. If you enter the phrase ‘dropship’ or ‘drop shipper’ in a search engine you would get a million of search results. How do you wade through those results to find reputable companies? Luckily some organizations have already conducted the research and even vetted these companies. 

Worldwide Brands is one such company. The company has a directory that includes a list of over 9000 wholesalers and drop shippers. Their directory can save you time from tracking down hundreds of companies yourself. The directory is also good because Worldwide Brands understands the wholesaling business and knows which companies to stay away from. Finding products at the right price for your online business is crucial. This one step alone can make or break your venture. If you are looking into the wholesaling or drop shipping business, you want to research your market, find your niche, and get your products at the best possible price you can.

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