How To Find Sponsors For Your Podcast? 6 Ideas!

Is this one of those times people are highly interested in listening to your podcasts? Are you receiving more appreciation, downloads and shares of those podcast files? If this is the case, surely, it’s time for your podcast to find some sponsors so that you may earn more money for your hard work. There are different types of sponsorships you can choose from to bring more bucks to your pocket. But how to find genuine and valuable sponsors for your new or rich podcasting channel?

In this guide, we’ll discover the types of sponsorships out there and how they can help you earn an income stream. And we’ll also take a look at finding some excellent sponsors for your growing podcast channel. Let’s get started!

Type of Sponsorships You Can Apply For With Your Podcasting Channel:

Before we strike on finding some excellent sponsors for your podcasting journey, let’s learn from how many income streams you can generate hefty money.

Of course, when it comes to driving more dollars to our bank account, we are interested in doing anything legally!

Here are some good ways to earn money through sponsoring your podcast videos.

Advertising Companies Or Brands in Your Podcasts

This works when a hosting company or brand creates the ad content for you. And you take place somewhere in between your podcast audio or video.

It often works as displaying a video ad when people are actually watching your video on their devices.

Or it works in a radio-style advertising method where you speak about a specific brand or company.

This sponsorship helps you earn significant money, and currently, there are two simple models in this type of sponsorship ad format!

Injecting Live Video Ads-As stated, you put the company-provided content into your podcast video so that people can watch it while watching your podcast.

The content is basically provided by the company itself.

Injecting Paid Promotion in the Form of Reviews- This happens when a company asks you to talk about their products or services in your live podcast.

It’s just like those YouTubers nowadays and influencers who review these products on their social profiles.

Sponsorship Through the CPM Model

This type of sponsorship comes for your podcast when companies or brands are willing to pay you per 1000 downloads.

We call it Cost Per Mile “CPM”. There are different costs associated with these downloads.

For example, some companies might like to pay you $2 for a single download of a podcast. It results in $1000 when your podcast is downloaded 1000 times.

Sponsorship Through Affiliate Marketing

Next comes affiliate marketing.

When you know that your podcast is being watched, appreciated and downloaded across a variety of communities, you can apply for affiliate marketing.

There are various stores that offer affiliate marketing choices to the general public. For example, brands or companies like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

One can join their affiliate platforms and then advertise those products from various stores on that podcasting channel.

Companies or store owners have nothing to lose here. Instead, you make a profit through commission when a specific person buys that product from your affiliate link.

This practice is adopted by thousands of podcasters and YouTubers across the world and you could be the next one.

How To Find Attracting Sponsors For Your Podcast?

It seems like you have known all about what type of sponsorship markets you can apply for. The next hustle is learning how to find sponsors who pay handsomely.

In that regard, here are some great steps to follow to make your sponsor’s quest successful!

Step 1: Know Your Niche

It is important to consider that you should have comprehensive knowledge of your niche. You might be performing in any industry.

It could be about cooking, reviewing the latest products, discussing history, or anything else. Know about your niche first before you start looking for a sponsor who pays well.

Step 2. Build Up Your Audience First

Without having a profile of followers and active listeners, how will you be able to attract valuable sponsors to your podcast?

Therefore, build an active audience that showcases your comprehensive efforts over that period.

This will make that sponsor understand how your content is valued by your audience!

Step 3. Reach Sponsors Directly

You can learn the art of cold emailing or use the DMs of sponsors to approach them directly.

There will be relevant podcasting channels that can provide you with the names of those sponsors looking for podcasting channels to advertise themselves.

Step 4. Join Directories

Those famous places like Spotify or Apple Music have so much room for you.

One can join these directories where sponsors are constantly looking for highly listened-to podcasters.

These directories have millions of listeners every month, and when you have a growing podcast channel, consider driving traffic to an Apple or Spotify Directory.

Step 5. Monetize Your Podcast

If no sponsorship is in your luck, which is a rare case, let’s monetize your podcast on the same platform.

If you have a famous podcast on a well-known platform like YouTube, you can go for monetization depending on your watch hours and number of subscribers.

This will help you grow your channel more significantly, and you will earn a handsome amount of money every month!

Step 6. Partner Up With Your Hosting Service

Hosting Services like Buzzsprout offer you a space to collaborate in a partnership. This partnership can bring many benefits to your podcasting journey.

These types of hosting services have genuine sponsors and podcasters in the same place. You can get paid either for monetization.

Or the sponsors might directly get in touch with you!

Wrapping it Up:

Starting a sponsorship journey is one thing. But having sponsors who actually pay for your remarkable services is another. Always work hard on building a loyal fan base, no matter if it’s a YouTube Channel or a Podcast at any place. Your long-term efforts will automatically convert, and sponsors will be interested in contacting you as they please. But don’t worry, even if a single sponsor does not bring an offer. You can still earn plenty of money by monetizing your growing podcasting network on whichever platform you are!

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