How to Get Rid of a Telemarketing or Unwanted Phone Calls Nicely and Quickly

Telemarketers and their calls can be troublesome especially when you are in the middle of something. These unwanted calls are part of their work and getting rude with them doesn’t make their day any better. Here are some steps and tips to deal with unwanted calls.

Step 1

When you answer the phone and realize that it is a telemarketer and NOT a CREDITOR or COLLECTION COMPANY then do the following steps to make your life easier and have those calls stopped. Take a deep breath and smile. When you smile and speak, you will sound more pleasant. Seriously! Getting rid of unwanted calls can be that easy.

Step 2

Politely say, “Listen, (person’s name/dear) I am so sorry to do this because I know you have had a long day but I am just not interested in anything and would like to be removed from your list permanently. I am really busy right now and would appreciate your help. If I need to write a letter then please call me right back and leave me the address and information on the answering machine. Thank You and have a nice day.” Hang up. It’s over. If they leave an address, write your message, sign it and send it. It is now a legal contract.

Step 3

Make sure (double sure) you are on the “Do Not Call List” by going to Input all your numbers (2 at a time) on the list, even cell numbers. 

Tips & Warnings:

* I have cold-called in some jobs and I can personally tell you that it is terrifying on the telemarketer’s part as well because you would not believe how some people act. I never wanted to disturb anyone or bother them but I was being paid to do this because I NEEDED the money. Be kind and remember that!

* It can take several weeks for your name to be removed from the registry (31 days estimate) so in the meantime, keep on smiling.

* If the calls continue from the same company, ask to speak to the supervisor (again smile), notify them that you have followed the proper procedure and that you do not want to take further action.

* If this does not work, take the supervisors number, name of the company, copy of your letter, date it was sent, other measures are taken and contact the FTC at or call the toll-free number at 1-888-382-1222.

* Creditors and Collectors have a LEGAL right to call you. Now that doesn’t mean that they can harass you but if you are feeling the pressure, ask to talk to someone about some form of payment help. This SHOULD stop the calls.

* Non-Profit Organizations do not fall under the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. Please just be polite and classy. If you don’t have the money, tell them to call you next year. That is it. If they persist then just say you are sorry and hang up. The majority of organizations that are dedicated to their cause do not want to waste your time.

* If you are being called at work even by a creditor, tell them that this is a work number and you cannot talk. Legally, they are to abide by this. Again, do not run and face the issue. Work with creditors and stop the stress of that phone!

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