First of all, let’s define what’s easy. By easy, we don’t mean less or no work. If you want to make money blogging, you should NEVER think that this is less work. Maybe ten years after it will be. But for someone who wants to start a blog, this is going to be A LOT of work.

So What Do We Mean by the Easy Way?

Many bloggers earn thousands of dollars every month because they are selling their own products or offering their own services. Their blogs work as a marketing arm for their products and services.

There are also those who do not have their own products or services to offer, but they make money online by recommending other people’s products to their audience. When someone buys through their links, they get a commission. The easy way won’t require you to do any of that.

All you have to do is populate your blog with content and get enough readers every month. That’s how many blogs make money (after one year of blogging). If you can post one to two articles every week, your blog will reach a point when it has enough readers already, and you will start making money.

And that is what this post is all about.

1.Choose a Niche That Has a Large Audience

You might have come across several websites already that tell you to pick a niche where your passion lies. In short, they tell you to write about your passion, and the money will come rolling soon.

This is not totally wrong, but not exactly correct either. Whether you write about your passion or something else doesn’t matter. What matters is that you should have readers. No matter how passionate you are writing about a topic, if there are only a few who are interested in what you’re saying, you will not get a lot of readers. And readers (enough of them) are what you need to make money from your blog.

So to make sure that when you start your blog, it will have the audience that you need, rather than focusing on yourself and on your passions, you should focus on others and what they are looking for. That’s how you pick a niche.

Seven Money-Making Niches

If you want to increase your chances of making money from your blog within a year, you need to focus on one of these niches.

  • How to Make Money
  • Personal Finance
  • Health and Fitness
  • Food
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Personal Development
  • Lifestyle

We learned about these seven niches from Paul Scrivens, the man who is crazy enough to run 13 blogs across different niches just to gain knowledge on how each works.

We’re so glad we learned about this before we started blogging because that took most of the guesswork out. Finally, we knew the different niches where I had the greatest chance of making money online.

Which Niche To Choose

Supposing you were going to start a blog in the lifestyle niche. The reason would be simple… because the topic that you are really interested in belongs to the lifestyle niche. And that is… how to live a simple life. In other words, start a blog in this niche if you are interested in it or choose a suitable niche that interests you.

Among those seven niches, which one interests you? You don’t have to be passionate about it. Just be interested. Start with that.

What if you have many interests?

You can do what one blogger did with Simple Life of a Lady.

She started with home organization – decluttering, organizing, cleaning, being productive. Then she wrote about bullet journals, living with purpose, and meal planning. All the posts that you see on her website site are topics that she’s interested in.

If you take the time to read all of them, you’ll see that somehow, they are all interrelated. All of them are pieces and fragments of just one thing – living a simple life, the kind of simplicity that she has defined in her mind, the kind of life that she chooses to live.

So if you have many interests, that’s okay. What’s important right now is you start with one of them.

2. Get hosting… PAID HOSTING

We run this website on WordPress and this is also what we recommend you do. But for WordPress to run, you will need a host for it. A website host is someone who allows you to rent a space on the internet. It’s like buying or leasing land so that you can build your own house on it.

There are sites that will host your blog for free. But because you want to make money from your blog soon, you should NEVER settle for free hosting.

Why Free is NOT an Option

With free hosting, you will NOT be able to fully own and control your blog You’ll be limited to the templates available. So you will not be able to design the site as you want it.

Your blog can also be removed for many reasons. And you just have no control over it. Some would put advertisements on your blog. They will make money from it, but not you. You also won’t have any say on what type of ads they put in it. They can put pop ads on all the pages of your blog and that can be really annoying to your readers. And then, when you want to make money on your blog by putting ads, they won’t allow you. That removes your chance of earning passive income from ads.

Why would you settle for a blog over which you have no real control? Worse, it affects your money-making potential. Do yourself a favor… DON’T settle for free hosting.

Get a reliable web host. Don’t think of it as an expense. See it as an investment.

When we searched for a host for our website, there were two that always came up in all my research. Bluehost and Siteground.

These two are the most popular among new bloggers. A lot of bloggers recommend Bluehost.

Why Sign Up With Siteground

One main difference between the two is in the price. Siteground’s Startup Plan is at $4.65 per month. Bluehost’s Basic Plan is $4.95. But if you continue with the sign-up process, they will offer it to you at a lower price, as much as $2.65 only per month. Plus they give a free domain when you sign up!

By the way, the $2.65 monthly price only applies if you register for 36 or 60 months. The price changes when you decide to sign up for one or two years only. Siteground has no offer like Bluehost’s and you don’t get a free domain.

The small difference in price shows a big difference: outstanding performance and responsive support. What was more interesting was that many of the bloggers who start a blog on Bluehost and shared their bad experiences switched to Siteground!

We still believe that it can be on a case-to-case basis. Just because some bloggers encountered problems with Bluehost doesn’t mean you will too. But there’s also this chance that what happened to many of their customers might happen to you too, and that’s something you probably can’t afford to risk.

If you’re not a techy, it’s best not to leave anything to chance. So, if you want to give your blog the best shot,  part of that would be getting a reliable hosting service.

3. Install WordPress and Select a Theme.

When you already have a host, installing WordPress only takes a few clicks. After installing it, select a theme. Many bloggers make a big deal out of choosing a theme. I tell you, it’s not a big deal. You don’t have to buy a theme when you are still at the start of your blog. The free themes in WordPress will do.

This website was originally built on a free theme. Many popular blogs and websites are still running on a free theme. So don’t worry about having the perfect theme at first because there are more important things you should focus on.

4. Write Your First Article/Blog Post

Please please please don’t think that this has to be a perfect post.

When you read our very first article now, after one year of writing it, you can see its flaws. But that was perfect for us when we launched it. You see, your idea of perfect changes as you learn something new. So when you’re going to write your first post, write it with what knowledge you have.

It’s not going to be perfect, but for now, it’s enough.

You will want to know how your blog is doing. How many page views and sessions does it have for a month? From what country are most of your readers? Which posts are getting lots of reads? What keywords are you ranking for? You will want to know the answers to that.

And there’s no better way of knowing than linking your blog to Google Analytics.

6. Promote your content on Pinterest.

black LED monitor
Image Source: Stephen Phillips

When you’re done publishing your post, it’s time to let people know about it. It’s pointless to start a blog if no one read it after all. That’s where Pinterest comes into play. It’s the fastest way to bring readers (also known as traffic) to your site. It’s because of Pinterest that many blogs get a lot of readers every month, enough to make money online. And without it, some blogs would still be in the underworld.

Create a Business Account.

You can always create a personal account on Pinterest. But for the purpose of promoting your blog, you should sign up for a business account. This way, you can link your website to your Pinterest account and your pins can be converted to Rich Pins.

7. Create a Free Giveaway for Your Readers.

The purpose of this is for you to collect your readers’ email addresses. If Pinterest is what you use to attract new readers to your site, sending them emails is your way to keep them coming back. You can’t rely on Pinterest alone, no matter how great it is, to give you traffic forever. There should be other means. And one of those is sending your subscribers emails leading to your new posts.

Another reason that you may be even more interested is: in the future, you can send them products to buy where you can get a commission. This is called affiliate marketing. But be very careful with this tactic. Only send them products that you think are awesome and will benefit them a lot!

Do not send them products just so you can rake in commissions. Always give value to your subscribers.

8. Continue Writing and Pinning Like Crazy, Until You Reach 25,000 Sessions per Month.

After the launch, the next steps are repetitive: writing more content and pinning them to Pinterest. Your goal is to reach at least 25,000 sessions every month. But what type of content should you be writing to make you reach this number fast?

Not all content is created equal. You will have to write about topics that people are interested in, things that your audience wants. Thankfully, you don’t have to guess what those are! Many bloggers that came before you already did the research.

How Pinterest Can Help You

Since Pinterest is the main social media platform that you will be using, you might as well find out what topics stand out in it. Every time you create an article, you should research on Pinterest first. For example, if you want to write about command centers. If you see that pins related to command centers have a high number of repins, that’s a sign that you have a good topic. Many successful bloggers usually do a list post so they’re going to find at least 10 awesome command centers on Pinterest and write about them in just one article.

How Long Does It Take?

Some bloggers reached the 25,000 threshold in 11 months, with 36 posts. We don’t know how long it will take for you to start a blog and reach that threshold. It depends on the articles that you publish on your site. But if you continue writing about popular topics in your niche, you’ll probably hit it in a year too.

Never EVER give up. The only enemy you have here is yourself. Writing content and getting traffic is a lot of work. What’s difficult is when you have poured your everything into a post and still, people are not visiting. Don’t give up.

Instead, continue to search for popular topics. Always make your articles better than the rest. And never stop pinning like crazy.

9. Apply to Mediavine.

The moment you reach 25,000 sessions for the last 30 days, apply to Mediavine immediately. But what is Mediavine? Mediavine is a company that works directly with advertisers on your behalf so that you can earn money by having ads on your blog.

Earning money from ads is a short-term play when you start a blog. As long as you are posting content every month; as long as people continue to visit your site, you will earn ad income. But making money through ads is just a short-term play. Eventually, you will have to learn about affiliate marketing and product creation to maximize the potential of your blog. And that is the long way to go. But that becomes a lot easier when you are already earning.

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