How to Succeed in Retail Management

The retail shopping industry has gone through many changes in the last 100 years. The most recent is the ever changing Internet. While many feel that shopping online from home is wonderful and fast, many still want to go to a store and talk to a salesman. The reason could be as simple as “is this product the best” or “what are my options.” In either case, if the salesman does not know he would go to his manager. Being a successful retail manager has more to it than how long you have been with the company. To be successful in retail, as in everything else, you have to have knowledge of three key points. The three key points are knowledge of products, product placement and knowledge of your customers.

Know Your Product

First let us start with the knowledge of the products that you have or will be selling. Obviously you know what the product is and how much it costs. But, do you really know all that could make or break a sale? Say a customer wants a special light to light up a room for a party. If you know the area that the light will fill, then you know if the light is right for them or maybe another one is, or possibly a set of lights would be best. If you just know make and model, then you open yourself to having the customer be unsatisfied. Another example of this would be in a clothing store. Say a lady comes in and wants a black shirt, but you notice that she is holding an environmental friendly bag, well instead of just pointing her to the shirts you can then send her to the “green” shirts. Knowing what you carry in your store and having a general idea of what it is made from can help to satisfy all customer needs.

The Steps of the Consumer Decision-Making Process in Order Are Important to Market Effectively

Knowing your customers goes hand in hand with knowing your products. In the last example we learned how just looking at what your customer wears or how they act can make a difference in making one sale or making many. What I mean is that if you take a few extra seconds to make that customer feel that you understand them and what they like, then most likely they will come back time and time again for your outstanding service. Knowing your customer also means knowing what a customer is like. Some customers do not like it when a salesperson follows them asking every five minutes if they are okay. Watch their body expressions and listen to what they say. Every customer is different, what they like and how they want to be treated are important for having success in making sales.

Think of the Best Way to Display Your Product

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Now I know you saw product placement and I bet you thought to yourself, “Somebody already handles that.” Well that is partially true in the retail world. You get planograms or a generic design for what your store is supposed to look like. What I am talking about is what to do with extra space or either the space your store has the others do not. Let us use back to school time as an example. Say you have a wall that is supposed to be filled with backpacks, but you only have enough for half, you do not like having the extra space and you know that you have other school supplies in the back that do not have a place for. So you decide to move the school supplies with the backpacks. In doing this you have kept the store looking full and you have found a way to possibly double your sales. Always remember to check with your district manager before making changes.

Knowing what you have, who you are selling to, and where to place products are very important to becoming a successful retail manager. But do not forget to believe in yourself and your team. Every good manager has a good team. Do not be afraid to help them succeed, because aside from making a successful business, helping others succeed is what we need to do to ensure that people always have knowledgeable associates to help with they’re every question. Do this and you are sure to become a very successful retail manager.

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