How to Use YouTube for Video Marketing Strategies

A great social media place to share videos is YouTube and it’s great for your video marketing strategies. We are going to share some information with you about the basics of why you should be using this social media site for videos.

YouTube was founded by three previous PayPal employees in 2005. It’s an online public media communication site, where users can upload videos they have created. Once videos are uploaded, anyone who is on the site can view the videos. So why should you use YouTube?

The Basics Of Youtube And Video Marketing Strategies

YouTube is a great tool for everyone, whether you use it for personal or business reasons. You can create videos to share with family and friends or to drive traffic to your site. Once you have created your account, you need to create a channel. Without a channel, you won’t have any presence on YouTube. You have to have a presence in order to share videos, leave comments, or if you want to share comments with others.

  • Determine Your Audience – Before creating your account, decide what you want to use your account for. Do you want to drive traffic to your business or is this a great place to share your videos with family and friends?
  • Create Channels – Once your account is created, you must create a channel in order to have a YouTube presence. Without having a presence you won’t be able to do anything other than view videos.
  • Share Comments – You can decide if you want to have comments shared with other users, want them private, or have no comments at all. When you upload a video, comments are automatically public for others to see.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Youtube Has For Personal Use?

There are a variety of reasons to answer the question, why should you use YouTube for personal video marketing strategies. It’s an easy way to share your personal videos with family and friends. Rather than trying to send the video to everyone through e-mail, you can just send them the Youtube link. You can also watch learning videos that will help you with your education. There are several how-to videos to help you with subjects you might be struggling with. It’s also a great place for entertainment. Watch your shows, bloopers, or just watch music videos from your favorite performers!

  • Sharing Videos – Once you upload your video, you can share with others by posting or emailing them the link. Don’t forget you can make comments either public or private.
  • Educational Learning – You can search for how-tos on just about anything on YouTube. Whether it’s a subject in school your struggling with, such as math, or learning how to play the guitar. Instead of having to read how to do something, you can actually see how to do it!
  • Entertainment – Watch your favorite shows or the bloopers from the shows. You can also find episodes from shows you have missed once they are posted. If you have music videos you love to watch, you can watch them on YouTube. Which is much better than waiting for them to come on, on the TV!

Can Businesses Benefit From Using Youtube For Video Marketing Strategies?

Your business can definitely benefit from using YouTube for your video marketing strategies. We are going to share with you some of the basic benefits of using it for your business. It’s an excellent marketing tool, that’s free. People would prefer to watch videos more than having to read about a business. Even though YouTube doesn’t have an actual account setup for a business, you can customize your channel for your business. A very important benefit of using YouTube is that it is SEO-friendly.

  • Business Marketing – Content is very important for any business. If individuals had a choice to either read or watch a video, they will choose the video almost every time. You can share tips, ideas, promotions, or some basic information about your business.
  • Business Channel – YouTube doesn’t have specific settings for an actual business account. However, when you create your channel, you can base it on your business. Upload your logo, add your business description, and add your social media sites for your business.
  • Increase Search Ranking – YouTube is very SEO friendly. Every single video you post gets tagged and indexed. This increases the chances of your brand showing up in the organic search engines. Plus, if you put in the video content tags; such as, the title, description, and keywords.


Using YouTube as part of your video marketing strategies is important. Whether you want to share your personal videos with others or you want to drive more traffic to your business, it’s a fantastic way to share with others.

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