Humor in Advertising – To Buy or Not To Buy?

Any marketer uses marketing techniques and advertising to gain customer loyalty and drive sales. However, it is necessary to determine what should grab the customer’s attention and what type of advertising they like to watch. The marketer must choose the type of advertising that penetrates the consumer’s mind and pushes them to buy.

Humor gains interest

Many researchers confirm that the use of humor in advertising generates interest in the brand. Influencing the human mind is never easy. As David Olive says: “The user is not an idiot, imagine that he is your wife and never insulted his intellect.”

Today it is no longer enough to use traditional marketing tools to gain a competitive position and focus on the brand. Consumers are always expecting something unusual and funny that sets them apart from other companies, which is why humor plays a very important role in advertising.

Why humor?

Humor is an indispensable way to grab a user’s attention. Such advertising will be remembered by the public for a long time. Humor is a universal phenomenon that evokes pleasure and laughter. It can also be difficult and inexplicable to analyze.

Black humor

The use of dark humor violates the boundaries of social taboos, it concerns death, illness, morality, sex. The use of this type of humor can cause the user to feel offended, since the user’s psychology and their relationship to intercultural research in this regard are not deeply studied.

black humor
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Unexpected humor

Situational humor is not based on imagination, its description can be dictated by everyday situations. It is based on the factor of surprise when the viewer is not ready for something.

Blue humor

This kind of humor in advertising opens up sexual taboos, focuses on the body and its functions. Marketers during this time should focus on the sexual side of the product or service and find ways to showcase it.

Influence of hilarious ads

Humor has the ability to break the ice between the brand and the audience and strengthen the bond between them. Humor is a good way to create a good mood and get a positive response to an offer.

For which products should we use humor

Consumer responds positively to the use of humor in advertising for beverages, alcohol and sweets. Humor is not particularly suited to business services, healthcare, and higher education. It seems that the consumer is not at all “funny”.

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3  types of consequences

  • Increasing the general awareness of the advertising object in the market (combined with a positive or negative attitude).
  • Unambiguously reduce the already negative attitude towards the product on the market. 
  • Increase the popularity of the product and gain more recognition, but at the same time lose the main advertising message by Vampire Effect.

Regardless of how a customer relates to a particular product, the quality and creativity of advertising can be influential.

Author: Nino Gogitidze

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