Importance of Hiring a Search Marketing Expert

It’s a shame the number of quality ideas that get lost in the webo-sphere. Business plans, start-up funding, and a strong product are worth nothing if a website does not understand search marketing. Anyone can publish a website and drive traffic with article directories, but search marketing is about more than traffic. Search marketing experts understand the structure that makes up search engine results and thus help online entrepreneurs build organic traffic – the source of real profits online.

What is Organic Traffic in Search Marketing?

Organic traffic is simply traffic that finds a website through a search engine. Being listed on a search engine is not enough, however. The majority of consumers look at the first page of search engine results for the products, services, or information they are seeking. Depending on the keyword, hundreds of millions of websites could be returned, with only 10 appearing on the first page. That first page spot is a desired position that leads to organic traffic that requires no PPC ads, article links, or forum marketing to create traffic. Search marketing experts understand the power of the first page, but they also understand patience.

Get In, Get Out, Get Lost

The lure of the Internet for many businesses is increased profits. Throwing up a website and making a feeble attempt at marketing will soon turn that dream into a thing of the past. Search marketing requires time and constant attention – a thing search marketing experts understand quite well. If a business honestly believes they can develop a website and see instant gains in profit, they are highly mistaken. The get in, get out, get lost cycle is far too common in these cases. 

Despite all the flashy ads promising a top spot on a major search engine in just weeks, true search marketing can take years to increase traffic organically. But, with the right support, websites may be able to position themselves in a spot to increase traffic and profits exponentially if they only take the time to practice search marketing.

Search Marketing Experts Offer Advice – Not Implementation

The reason many website and business owners choose to forgo search marketing experts is the intangible service they provide. Search engine marketing, or SEM, often includes keyword research, website analysis, and advice on physical changes that need to be made as deep as .php or .html structure. These are not your typical freelance writers or Internet marketing professionals. 

With years of experience, the SEM expert can analyze a website and provide a detailed list of the things that need to be changed to anchor the business higher on the search engine rankings page. Some examples of common advice include increasing keyword density and creating an SEO friendly website.

While some SEM experts will offer help finding professionals to complete these tasks, many are there to offer advice only – but the advice of these professionals can mean all the difference in climbing the search engine rankings page and establishing a constant stream of organic traffic.

Every word, letter, and number that makes up a website is important – even if they are not visible to the reader.

SEM experts understand what it takes for a business to be competitive and successful in a market flooded with new websites every day. Many will fall by the wayside, but those who take the time and money to hire an SEM expert will have website and marketing campaigns rooted in success.

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