Is Blogging dead On Blogger? (Here’s What To Do Instead) In 2022

Is blogging dead? – A new picture has rolled out.

The likes of featured snippets, voice search, and embedding of videos, and other SERP features are what bloggers account for to be the next big thing in SEO. In past years, Google judge websites for the number of links provided then webmasters hustle hard for a bunch of links to get their website rank at No1 spot on the SERP. Now it doesn’t happen that way, unlike Bing where you can still rank for the number of links provided that doesn’t happen on Google anymore.

A lot has changed, Google has found a way to get better at semantics and E.A.T.

Google is worried about just ranking content, now it favors content with E.A.T. This shows if you’re going to rank high now you must work on your Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

Is blogging dead? – one of the most asked topics on the web.

Plus, is blogging dead on blogger? – one of the most optimistic questions on the web at the moment. Think of it for a moment and tell me how you can beat these gigantic blogs in their own space.

What strategy do you think works?

If there’s a thing that can get you rank high on Google, what exactly do you think it is?

Because fewer chances are that several of these authoritative websites will link to your content and get you some votes. Think of it for once and let that sink in.

You published about 10 articles with a domain age of less than a year. How can you build authority from that? Blogging isn’t the thing for many but a few so if you are going to get things right.

You have to be consistent. Blogging isn’t dead on blogger yet and if you have been thinking about that for a moment now let that sink out.

Well, in this guide, we will walk you through that tricks and tips for which can help you enough to get you rank high on SERP.

Here’s what you need to know why blogging isn’t dead in 2022:

  • Why blogging isn’t dead on blogger yet
  • Venture out to other channels
  • Optimize for featured snippets
  • Optimize for video search
  • Improve your content quality

Step 1 Why blogging isn’t dead on blogger yet

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Many a time especially in the past where you don’t need in-depth content to rank. 400 words are enough to make your content rank high on Google. Later, things started changing as blogging becomes more competitive within its sphere. 400 words now aren’t enough to get you that ranking you deserve for your website.

That was when content marketers and web publishers shifted their concept to a new one. At that time, blogging wasn’t huge to the extent that it can get your panties wet. You don’t have to sweat at that time before Google ranks your website the whole concept then was new.

But by the time people realize that blogging this time can earn them a living. Then the industry started experiencing a U-turn that no one ever saw happening soonest. The probability then, when think of was kinda low in captivating people’s minds this quick.

Amazingly, the moment changes and as a matter of fact millions of people now blog on bloggers. Making it one of the most popular blogs of its time. But now, as things are and for the fact that you’re one of the less privileged to have access to these numerous plug-ins Yoast SEO has provided.

How will you get at it and rank high?

Fewer chances are that you will rank high and high chances you become second fiddles. Well, there’s a way out but to solve it you have to understand the basic SEO on blogger. Then you have to make this article here yours, it’s free clicking on it will solve the basic on-page SEO puzzle that you ever aim for at that time. Now that you know why you need to understand the anatomy of SEO it will do well for your SEO.

But – There’s a thing.

Over 30% of marketers optimize for video and voice search. Just recently, over 60% of content marketers and bloggers optimize for featured snippets. A lot has changed and it’s no longer the old time where your ranking is being optimized for search results alone. This time things keep happening that bloggers and marketers now optimize for other SERP features to obtain traffic.

Now the ball is rolled up on a different dimension in a way you have to partition your marketing strategy for traffic. Marketing strategy and optimization are getting harder as it is taking shape to drive more unique visitors to a site. Think of it for a moment and why everyone wants the No 0 position on Google. That’s because the featured snippets obtain the most search clicks(higher percentage) on the web that way you have to optimize for it.

Step 2 Venture out to other channels

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If you’re going to rank your Google blogger blog in 2022 you have to venture out to other communities. You can’t just sit and published you need to promote them and boost your authority with it. Maybe you never noticed blogging can be hard when the necessary things ain’t done right.

It can be hard especially when you don’t have quality websites directly linking to them. It can be hard to rank high on Google and your authority sucks. It’s best you know the promotion of content is key although when spam it can get you penalized. But if you make it undergo the normal procedure of building links that way you can grow your traffic and boost ROI.

As a blogger, you don’t know what the next big thing might be in SEO.B

The answer boxes, carousels, knowledge panel, and featured snippets are what marketers think to be the next big thing.

Think of it for a moment. When you do Google searches what makes you stick around for more information? Are you enticed with what you see(answer boxes)? did that make you want to have a click the more?

For instance, when you do Google searches about link building then you may have to stick around with people ask question boxes like:

What is meant by link building?

How do you make building links?

Then if you go ahead to click them, the website that shows up rank top 10 for the particular keyword “link building’. This shows that if you want your blogger blog to get featured there(answer boxes) you will have to optimize and rank top 10 for that keyword. As per featured snippets, Semrush account for 11.52% of search terms having a featured snippet.

In other words, featured snippets are section down in types:

  • Paragraph
  • Listing
  • Table

The best thing you can do that if you own a YouTube channel.

But if not yet there’re chances you could create one free. When thinking of starting a YouTube channel for once think about the keyword you want to get found with.

For example, blogging as a podcast or making videos can still make you appear on organic search engine result lists. You don’t have to worry about that yet, think of it this way. At times when you do Google searches Google purposely shows tons of videos that you can use as articles and have you ever guess where that came from?

Nowadays, videos rank much like articles they have a position where they rank for on the web. Blogging isn’t dead when it includes videos. And if you can optimize for video and blog posts at the same time you can get yourself some insane traffic.

Step 5 Improve your content quality

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A lot of commotion has been going around about BERTH and why you can’t optimize for it than to write a great and insightful article for your reader.

That can also be another case study blogging and majorly we have to talk and iron it out.

First of all, optimizing isn’t the thing anymore you don’t have to die out for that. But structuring for semantics is that thing you should think of.

For example, let’s say you optimized a blog post but lacks structuring it for semantics. Although, luckily you may rank for the search phrase without having the exact keyword. That can still work out for you but to rank fast you have to structure your content for semantics.

It’s important you learn that you can’t search for how to make money blogging that way you see results like how to blog on WordPress, how to start a blog, and how to rank blogger on Google.

All of that is not what you expect seeing then how do you think you will feel at that moment?

The same way will also tally with yours probably you wouldn’t want to return back for another bad experience.

So that’s why as a webmaster blogging it’s important you optimize for search intent with quality content to back it up. That way it will be much easier to rank high and dominant.

Conclusion: Blogging Is NOT Dead

Is blogging dead isn’t the thing that needs to talk about yet what I think nobody is talking about. Especially on Google blogger is how you can get the featured SEO. This way optimizing for SERP features is the new trend blogging. Knowing it will do a lot for you.

So, over to you, is blogging dead on Google blogger in 2022? What’s your opinion about this?

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