Is the “Snack Hack” a Smart Marketing Move for Oreo?

There’s not much out there better than an Oreo cookie. We’ve come across a YouTube mini-series profiling LA celebrity chefs tasked with creating new “Snack Hack” recipes using…well, Oreo cookies. This is a part of online business marketing

This promotional mini-series is based on the afore-mentioned challenge issued by “Snack Hacks“. Yes, a strange name, but it’s quite suiting-and catchy. Consider what the word hack means. Combine that image with the chocolaty goodness of Oreo and voila! Now we have creative new snacks created with Oreo cookies.

Who are the principal players?

Typically, actors and musicians excite the average person. However, many of us are serious foodies, so it’s the professional chef who fascinates us. The chefs of this adventure are celebs Michael Voltaggio of the Ink Restaurant, Roy Choi of the Kogi Food Truck empire, and the innovative Nguyen Tran of Starry Kitchen.

Professional chefs intrigue us because we can’t help but see the artist inside each one–creating art with food. These chefs did not disappoint. Although we’re not sure about Voltaggio’s lemon Oreo shandy. The thought of lemon-flavored cookies ground up in beer, just isn’t our cup of tea. Nevertheless, that’s just us. Besides the shandy, chef Voltaggio also created tortilla chips with Oreos and served them with strawberry salsa. That, we unanimously agreed we’re ready to try. Chef Tran created a delicious-looking Oreo-and-cherry-soda bread pudding. In one word-yum.

The most attractive dish, in our opinion, was Choi’s Oreo-crusted chicken tenders. Many of us took his idea and recreated it at home. It was an instant favorite. It was so easy and delicious.

Will it sell cookies?

With the hip, entertaining appearance of the videos, the charismatic chefs, and the delicious-looking food, it’s easy to forget that these are commercials for Oreo cookies. Of course, there are telling moments when it becomes clear what product the chefs are promoting, especially when Tran introduces his dog named…wait for it…”Oreo”. This does detract a bit from the illusion that this is all about creating something unique. However, we believe the Snack Hack videos remain entertaining while pushing packages of cookies.

Up to take the challenge? 

The Snack Hacks is all about Oreo challenging people to create their own ‘Hack’ creation. Visitors to the website submit their pictures along with recipes. One of our favourites was Crème de la Crumb’s Oreo Stuffed Mint Chocolate Brownies.

In our opinion, this campaign is fun, innovative, and fresh. If it motivates us to participate – which means purchasing Oreo cookies – others just might as well. Top marks go to marketing moves!

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