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Jaynike Complete Review With Guide

If you have never heard of Jaynike before, we’re here to help. Social media platforms have their own metrics that can help you measure the success of your social media account. Some of the popular metrics are likes, comments, views, and shares. These metrics can help you grow your account, although they won’t necessarily lead to sales.

They play a big role in enhancing your online presence, so you must strive to get more and more of these metrics on your social media account. Many social media users have even gone out of their way to buy these metrics from SMM companies. 

However, there are various SMM companies out there, selling different engagement packages to social media users. Although most of these companies have a high success rate,  there is one SMM panel that’s hard to beat. The name is Jaynike, and the staff is surprisingly competent. Read our review of below.

What is Jaynike? 

Jaynike is a social media store that offers marketing and promotion services for artists, producers, and music labels. They also offer some useful social media services that will improve the visibility of your brand on social media sites. 

The company started small, but its work’s reputation has made them become  trusted seller in the industry throughout the years. They have worked with various clients, including solo artists, video creators, marketers, and many other people interested in growing their channels organically. 

According to them, they are not just selling the services, but they are based on their experiences as content creators. They are well-versed in the best social media practices and will ensure that your social media profile is safe and secure. It’s no wonder they’ve won numerous accolades for customer service and product quality.

Jaynike offers services for four major social networking sites- YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music Services. They’re also one of the few SMM panels that provide their clients with several packages for these platforms and offer fast service delivery. 

The services

YouTube: Jaynike offers YouTube Subscribers, likes, views, and dislikes at a competitive price.  

Spotify: You can promote your music on Spotify when you buy Jaynike Spotify followers, plays, saves, playlist followers, and playlist plays.

SoundCloud: The company also offers SoundCloud followers, plays, and likes. 

Apple Music: Apple Music 

What does Jaynike offer

Quick Delivery

With Jaynike, there are no long waiting times for delivery. Their orders typically start the same day and are gradually delivered.

Premium Quality

Jaynike is known for the best quality across the music and video marketing industry. They will only provide you with high-quality music and video marketing services.


The company guarantee 100% confidentiality on all its services. Their services are also 100% secure and risk-free.

24/7 Support

Jaynike says their team is always available to attend to all queries from their customers.

Affordable and Flexible Rates

Jaynike has the experience and the expertise to get their customer’s channels going. The best part is that their services are cheap and flexible. 

YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music

Jaynike offers their customers the social proof they need to grow their music and videos organically. So, if you are looking for subscribers, followers, views, or other social signals, they know how to get them professionally.

How to order on Jaynike

Select your Package

They offer a variety of services and different packages that are signed to give you the best value for your SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube profile. All you need to do is to select a package that meets your needs.

Enter Details

Next, give Jaynike your username/ link and email address to work on your order. Unlike other SMM companies, the company will not ask for sensitive information such as passwords. Once your username is provided, they will start working on your order.

See the Magic

After you have selected a package and given them the details they need, they will expedite the delivery, and all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your subscribers, followers, and likes increase.

What Do We Like

  • Campaign tracking 
  • Visible pricing
  • Specialized services (YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music)
  • YouTube tips and blog resource
  • Quick delivery
  • Simple ordering process 
  • Pay with major credit cards and Crypto 

What Do We Not Like

  • No free trial
  • Poor customer service 
  • No phone or email support
  • Few valid positive reviews
  • Little information about the company

Customer Feedback

Jessica Smith Says:

My music label uses Jaynike to promote our tracks, and we were working with them for 7 months now. I have not used their youtube services but the Spotify and SoundCloud services are of good quality. What I like is their gradual delivery.

Jakub Says:

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend them, I ordered 100 youtube dislikes, never delivered – contacted their support, and they answer that they escalated the issue to their technical department. After that no more response from their side, so I opened a dispute on PayPal, and after 1 month Paypal refunded me the money because the seller named Wick LTD (their PayPal name) didn’t even respond. So if you have a similar problem with them, just open a dispute on PayPal, and PayPal support will help you.

Reginald S. Says:

The company never delivered the monthly listeners I ordered back in October 2020. Today, I was forced to escalate my claim with Paypal because the seller never even responded to me on Paypal. 


Q. How long does delivery take on Jaynike?

A. Jaynike has streamlined its processes to offer quality, fast and affordable social media services. They don’t waste your time using long and tedious forms, and neither do they take forever to deliver your order. All you have to do is follow three simple steps, and you are good to go. The actual amount of time it will take to deliver your order will depend on the specific order you made. Bigger orders will take slightly longer, while smaller orders will be delivered relatively fast.

Q. How is the quality of Jaynike subscribers?

A. Their subscribers are real people who have real Gmail accounts and are actual users on YouTube. Secondly, they are highly targeted. This means that they are subscribers with genuine interests in your specific niche. So to say, they are of outstanding quality – the best you will ever get on the internet.

Q. What are the payment options?

A. Jaynike caters to worldwide customers and therefore is always working towards payment options to keep them safe. The company allows only two types of payments actively; one is PayPal, and another one is credit cards from major banks. Also, if you don’t have the listed bank’s credit card, you can do a bank transfer. But for that, you should talk to their customer support first. The company also provides a refund to the customer in the case of order unfulfillment.


Despite the gizmo-filled name, Jaynike’s services are actually worth considering. Their website offers users an enjoyable and seamless experience while shopping for the services. In addition, customers have the option to chat with the company’s customer support team to receive additional information about their services. Their services are delivered within hours, and they offer users absolute security and confidentiality of their data. We hope you will give Jaynike a chance to help you promote your music and video content. But make sure you visit their official website to read more about their services.


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