Marketing is the process of finding ways to sell a product or a service, and coming up with new and unique ways to do this is not easy. Studying other people’s successes in mail order business marketing is a good way of getting started. Listen to people who have actually had success with their marketing efforts. Why seek marketing advice from a book that reads above your head and was only written by someone who “studied” the field? Go and talk to the people who have actually lived it, people with a mail order business that found ways to market well. You will find them to be of more help than most books.

You must have a sales mindset. 

Of course it helps if you created your own product or whole-heartedly believe in the product you are selling. You have to locate a target market, a group of people that needs your product or service. Find out what makes people buy a product like yours. Study how others are selling the similar product you are selling. Then, armed with all this valuable information, work out a direct plan that you’ll enjoy developing. Design methods around your likes, dislikes and personality traits. These will be most successful for you.

You have to work on your business EVERYDAY in order to become successful.

Even if you work outside the home 8 hours a day, you have to devote some time each evening to your home business enterprise. This step is essential.

People have seen many businesses come and go and you will have to prove that you are serious in order to get people to order from you and become good customers. You also have to treat customers like you would your own family with respect and concern. This does not mean that you have to allow people to take advantage of your goodness. 

Customer service is nothing more than placing yourself in the other person’s shoes and seeing the world and the situation from their viewpoint. Take the time to hear people out and there is usually a resolution that will be acceptable to both parties. In marketing, it is all about what people want.

Here are some tips to help you appear professional and serious to potential customers in your mail order business:

Compose an introduction letter for your company and enclose it along with your first list of promotional offers. Ask your potential customers to let them know what they are looking for and what you can do for them.

For the price of a stamp there are many types of information you can send to your customers that may lead to many thousands of dollars over the next several years.

Keep a list of all the mail order publishers you come across. Then, if you ever move or introduce a new product to the market, you can send them a short press release. Publishers are always looking for news to pass along to their readers.

Give something away FREE for every order placed (depending on the amount of the order.) 

You might even want to give the customer a choice of the free items he/she can obtain free for every order over $10, $25, $50 and $100. And instead of 50% off, offer double the order. (For example, instead of 50% off an order of 250 printed circulars – say that you will double the order to 500 FREE.) 

Marketing is the bones of your mail order business. If you do not have an effective marketing plan in place, you do not have a business. Marketing is what is going to sell your product and service. Finding the marketing techniques that will work for you can be a challenge, but it can also be a lot of fun.

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