Marketing Mistakes that Affect the Entire Company

Our team members have been a part of marketing teams for a variety of companies over the years. Working for an advertising firm, in particular, offers a close-up perspective on the very nature of marketing and how it plays out. In our experience, some marketing mistakes have a great impact on a company.

Members Of The Marketing Team Are Most Often Involved With Public Relations

Because the marketing team is responsible for the public relations aspect of a company, mistakes in marketing are not kept private. We’ve analyzed common mistakes marketing teams should avoid, to keep the integrity of their company’s brand image and reputation. These are the most frequent marketing mistakes we’ve found. 

Grammatical/Spelling errors 

It is the simplest and most frustrating of blunders, because it is a preventable error that leaves a not-so-good impression. You know what we’re talking about – we’ve all seen posters, mail blasts, or even websites that have misspellings or incorrect grammar. It detracts from the message that the marketer is trying to convey. A second, third, even fourth pair of eyes is never too much when it comes to proofreading words on a page. Do not depend entirely on software to spell check and proofread, because there are still many nuances in language that are better detected with human eyes.

Not budgeting enough 

Oh, the marketing woes when the fourth quarter of a fiscal year rolls around and there isn’t enough left in the marketing budget to garner the extra revenue needed to finish the year strong. Time and time again, teams have been in the middle of this exact scenario. Understandably, things happen throughout the year that were not expected, but you have to do your best to plan for these things. We can’t stress enough the importance of putting cushions in the budget.

Keeping the wrong people

Some companies are very soft on their employees, giving the slackers too many chances before getting rid of them. This is especially true of companies that have a younger workforce. You can’t keep people on the marketing team who aren’t getting the job done. Just because so-and-so is a cool person doesn’t warrant the loss in revenue that you could be earning if that person were better at marketing the company. Find the right people for the job and eliminate the ones that aren’t.

Not keeping your website updated 

Website maintenance, particularly for small businesses, is extremely important in staying relevant to your target audience. Many small businesses have a website, but a lot of the content is “under construction” This creates a negative perception in the client’s mind that your business is not serious at all. This is probably the more careless marketing mistakes. In today’s technological world, your website is the window to your company. It’s one of the biggest marketing tools you can have, so take care of it.

Not following up on leads

Monthly meetings in some companies often seem like the movie “Groundhog Day.” The team would hear the same things from the salespeople over and over, where they were making calls all day but not following up with the clients that showed an interest. Cold calls are fine and all, but you have to put aside a piece of your day to pursue the folks that may need a little extra sales pitch. And, if you’ve got salespeople that don’t want to be aggressive, consider whether they are the right people for the job.


These mistakes may seem like simple things, but these are the finer details that set apart a successful business from a failed one. Go through the trouble of avoiding these mistakes, and you will quickly see the benefits almost instantly. With a little effort, you can take your business and grow it to rival leaders in your field  

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