Marketing Simplified | Pulling The Right Strings Can Give You Wings In The Digital Era

Marketing has been around from the start of civilization. Yes, methods and techniques have evolved, mediums have changed but Marketing has always been and always will be the need of the transactions happening around the world.

Digital Marketing, Is it the upgraded version of Marketing or these are two separate subjects ?

How can these methods be useful to you ? What are the correct and proven methods for successful Marketing ?

In this article, we will be giving you a complete overview of the How, When, Why of Marketing miracles that can be achieved by you because when you know the correct way of doing a task you can exponentiate your work in the way you want because Marketing is based on science, not on creativity. It is a game of perceptions.

Marketing contains all the tactics and strategies that are used to promote products and services to consumers. Everything from writing ads to copyrighting, Market research to making sales, all of it falls in the realm of Marketing. So, we want to draw your attention to very important 6 points on Marketing in this digital era that will make your journey smoother in the future.

  • The Fundamentals of Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing.
  • Communication Skills.
  • CATT Marketing Funnel.
  • Integrated Digital Marketing.
  • Personal Branding : Mass Trust Blueprint.

1. The Fundamentals of Marketing

Most of us think that marketing is done when the product is ready to sell, but surprisingly Marketing is the part of a successful business module right from the beginning, even before creating the product. As mentioned earlier, Market research is also a very important part of Marketing. 

You have to make products after analyzing the demand in the market, you should know what your customer needs. And then you create the product. After creating the product you have to send the right message to the right person at the right time to make a successful transaction.

After making a successful transaction, Is the job done ? 

No, Marketing also consists of the strategies to make that customer, a lifelong customer. Marketing is a game of trust. When you build trust in the minds of consumers by providing them value for their money, the consumer stays and becomes your permanent customer for life.

The aim of Marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself… The aim of Marketing is to make selling superfluous.

Peter Drucker

When you create a great product, the product sells itself and the consumer becomes your brand ambassador, promoting your product vocally. And when perception of a product is made in this manner, it becomes a Brand.

2. Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Source: B2B magazine

Remember the last time you were driving your car. Did you see a continuous line of tree guards with ads on them ? Did you see big billboards on the road sides ? Yes, that is the traditional way of marketing including TV ads, Newspapers and Radio. In India, TV has a reach of about 800 Million to 1 Billion people, Newspaper reaches out to about 465 Million people in India whereas Radio has a reach of about 65% of India’s population.

Remember those old days when you used to gaze outside your car and on the other hand now, when everyone is on their phones, iPads and all kinds of screens all the time.

Yes, Traditional means of marketing like TV advertisements or Radio are also an example of Digital Marketing because Digital Marketing is the marketing which is done by digital means.

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

Bill Gates

Marketing through online digital mediums is a vast ocean of possibilities. It’s very efficient because of its ability to target consumers based on their interest and needs with the help of various online platforms.

That is why Digital Marketing is the best medium to reach out to the affluent english speaking population in India with spending power that is more than 100 Million Users.

3. Communication Skills

When it comes to communication, it is not important how fluent your English is. What matters is, Are you able to convey your message to the person you are communicating with. Yes, Language plays an important role but that doesn’t mean that you can’t communicate without sophisticated english. Good communication doesn’t care about vocabulary or grammar.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to enhance your Language. English is a universal language around the world and when you have a command over it, it makes your communication skills even smoother.

So what can you do to improve your English:

Bring Reading and Writing into your habit. (Writing gives you clarity)

Think in English.

Watch standup comedy and sitcoms (ex- Friends, Conan, TBBT etc)

“Communication works for those who work at it.”

John Powell

When you are writing a mail, an article or a landing page; make sure you try to join the conversation going on in people’s minds and for that you need to understand your targeted audience very well, then only you can efficiently convey your message to them.

4. CATT Marketing Funnel

Source: digital agency network

Most important thing that we need from marketing are sales, and sales are achieved through marketing funnels. Choosing a proper marketing funnel helps you achieve more sales and create wealth. That’s why, you need to know about the CATT marketing funnel :

[n] Niche : Niche selection is the most important step, because you must know what you can give to people. Your success and wealth depends on your niche selection. You need to choose a niche on a subject that you are passionate about and have a talent for, and then you need to see that there is a need for it in the market. When these three things that are Talent, Passion and Market need are common in the niche you selected, then it will be a successful niche.

[C] Content : After selecting a niche, you need to create useful content according to your niche that can attract people. You can create content in various ways like Blog posts, Videos, Lead Magnets, Live webinars etc. But you will have to produce quality content not just for the sake of creating it, but instead create it, so that it can attract and sustain people.

[A] Attention : Now, when you have created the content, How do you drive the attention of the people towards it ? You can drive their attention to your content using SEO, Social media, Paid ads and referrals. Because without traffic, even your valuable content is of no use.

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

George Berkley

[T] Trust : You need to build trust with your audience by continuously communicating with them, with marketing automation and retargeting. Trust is very important, because once your customer or potential customer starts trusting you, they become your lifelong asset and your brand ambassador.

[T] Transaction : You have to convert your leads into customers with natural sales methods. When your leads have trust in you and you are providing them with valuable content then converting them into customers will not be a big deal. But, then also you need to properly conduct phone calls, sales webinars etc, to push them a little to make them your customers.

5. Integrated Digital Marketing

If you look around nowadays, brands are continuously trying to draw the attention of customers towards their brand. Same is happening in digital space too. Brands are giving ads everywhere, on YouTube videos, Facebook, Instagram. They are everywhere.

To cut through the noise and get better results out of it you need a better strategy, this is where Integrated Digital marketing comes to rescue. Now, the question is, What is Integrated Digital Marketing ?

Integrated Digital Marketing comprises the idea of creating a unique form of expression that is easy to identify in all the channels your customer uses. It’s like speaking a single language in different situations.

Integrated Digital Marketing is unifying all the channels of communicating with customers with such a strategy that it creates an image of your brand in the customers mind.

By being consistent, you can become more memorable for the customer.

There are many available ways in which you can convey your unique message about your brand. You just need to strategize your communications in such a way that all the communications with customers from different mediums and platforms compliment each other.

Unbounce has created a great infographic, on all the channels you can reach out to your customers. You can apply it in your business module to get better results.

6. Personal Branding : Mass Trust

Source: caissarecruirment

Do you know that Elon Musk is more popular than SpaceX and Tesla ? Ever thought of the reason behind it.

Because people want to hear it from people, not the brands. Because they are able to connect from them, Most of the time they do not feel connected to a brand, they feel connected to a person. There are many examples about the power of personal branding like Pewdiepie, CarryMinati, Technical Guruji, Flying Beast, DigitalDeepak and many more. They have a massive following that is even bigger than some big Giant brands on social media, because people feel a connection from them.

Personal branding is the practice of marketing people and their careers as brands. It is an ongoing process to manage and improve the reputation by their work, skills and achievements.

All things have their pros and cons, so does personal branding. A main problem with Personal brand is that it cannot be invested in and it can’t be sold. But there is an immense possibility that arises from a personal brand that it can give rise to many brands from his or her influence.

How to Build a Personal Brand

So, now when you know the importance and power of Personal Branding, the question arises: How to do it ?

Here comes to your rescue the blueprint of MassTrust, It is a 6 step cycle that helps you create, improve and sustain the efficiency of your Personal brand. These six steps are :

  • Learn.
  • Work.
  • Blog.
  • Consult.
  • Mentor.
  • Startup.

Learn : Skill is the key, if you have one, polish it. If you think you don’t have any skill then decide which skill you need to learn based on your interest and passion. Learn it thoroughly with facts, concepts and procedures. Remember the facts and keep working and practicing procedures every day to make it even better.

Work : when you become familiar with the skill facts and procedures, you need to start implementing it and put that skill to work. Implementing it in the real world will give you a better understanding of it. You will get to know about the changes and corrections in it you can make to make it more efficient and polished. You can do a job , freelancing and even start your own projects for that.

Blog : Start writing about it , what you have learned and experienced in your job or work. When you write it you will get a better understanding of it, and with the blog you start creating your personal brand. You can even monetize it for passive income.

Consult : Now you have a skill, work experience and a personal brand with you. Now you can start consulting other businesses instead of working for them. You can even consult some of them for free to get testimonials for you. It will increase the value of your personal brand.

Mentor : After a long learning journey you are ready to teach now. You can mentor other people who want to be like you. Mentoring other people will open the new dimensions of understanding this art to a whole new level.

Startup : Start your own business with products or services with all the knowledge you have accumulated, because now you know the needs, problems and expectancy of the market. The skills you have developed will take you to a long and prosperous journey in your business.


So, now after talking about all the factors involved in Marketing to digital marketing, From niche selection to building a startup. We hope the clouds of confusion must be getting away in your mind. We just want to say that, don’t think of how to do it. Just take the first step because a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We know you will build a successful business because of your thirst to learn something new daily that has brought you till the end of this article. So, that brings us to the end of this article. We hope you have learnt some important lessons of marketing through this article.

Don’t forget to write your thoughts about it in the comment section.

Happy Marketing !

By the way, there are some examples of entrepreneurs who are exploring the power of Digital Marketing in their careers by unleashing the immense possibilities in Blogging and much more. Don’t forget to also check out their blogs.

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