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MegaFamous For SMM: Detailed Review

What is MegaFamous and how can you use it to your advetange? Do you want to increase your presence on Instagram and promote your brand? Then, you should consider buying Instagram likes, comments, and followers from reputable growth companies. 

Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term Instagram engagement, hiring Instagram growth companies is very beneficial because it allows you to quickly jump past the most difficult obstacle in your way. 

As we all know, growing an Instagram account is the most challenging part of social media management. But if you can outsource this part to experts, it becomes a lot simpler down the road. So, if you want to grow on Instagram, you should consider buying Instagram growth products. MegaFamous offers Instagram growth services to content creators and Instagram influencers. To ensure good satisfaction, we checked up on them and here is our review of their services. 

What is MegaFamous?

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MegaFamous is an Instagram growth company providing Instagram influencers with the basic tools to get their content in front of more people. The company claims to be a leading social media growth company that has helped numerous account holders towards their dreams concerning account growth and generating organic engagements. 

They also say they offer high-quality followers with operational accounts, likes, and views from active accounts on Instagram stories, reels, and video posts. Their plans are tiered to accommodate whatever budget you are working with. They process orders to meet the needs of their clients in good time.

MegaFamous is committed to helping you achieve your goals concerning your Instagram account. They have been in the game for a while and have perfected their technique. They are also building an ever-growing network that enables them to serve their clients better. 

This company provides premium Instagram followers, likes, and views processed instantly and delivered to your account within an hour. 

The Services

Instagram Followers

You can buy instant followers with instant delivery on MegaFamous. The company provides top-tier Instagram followers to those looking to give their accounts a real boost. The best part is that there’s a free refill on drop on this service. Their system and technique are improved such that these drop-offs are reduced to a minimal level, and most clients do not even experience them. If this affects you, you will receive a prompt refill on these drops as long as the drop happens within 30 days of your purchase.

The order process is also conveniently simple. Here’s how to order Instagram followers on MegaFamous:

Select a package

Whether you’re looking for 50 followers or 5,000, MegaFamous Instagram followers come in different packages. You need to select a package to start your trial.

Enter your username

Next, you’ll have to enter your Instagram username. The company will never ask for your password or compromise the safety of your account. Their services are 100% safe and secure. All you need to provide is your Instagram username.

Time for checkout

The last but arguably most important step of the process is their checkout. MegaFamous is a US-based company and only works with US banks and processors to ensure their clients’ sensitive credit card information is never compromised.

All done

You will start seeing results on your Instagram profile within minutes. Orders are typically fully completed within minutes but sometimes take a little longer, depending on the volume you ordered.

Instagram likes

MegaFamous says it provides its clients with real likes targeted at improving engagements on their accounts. These likes are usually from accounts with organic engagement which provides a good framework for your account to be helped by the Instagram algorithm. As a result, your account can be brought in front of real people who are likely to interact with your content.

There’s also a free refill on the drop( if there are any), and their technique is clean as they are committed to helping their clients achieve higher numbers of video and photo likes without posing a threat to their accounts. This is how to order this service on MegaFamous:

Choose a package

Check their offerings and find a package that works for you. Once you’ve settled on a package click “Buy Now.”

Enter your Instagram username

Pretty straightforward, MegaFamous will never ask for your password or compromise the security of your account. They only need your username to send your orders. 

Select posts

After you enter your IG username, you will be redirected to a screen with your latest posts. Choose one or more posts that you would like to send likes to. The beauty of their service is that you can send likes to multiple posts at once. Select the post or posts you want to give a boost to, and you are ready for the last step.


The last step of the process is their secure checkout. It is important to note that MegaFamous is a USA-based company, and all payments are processed through a secure and trustworthy third party in the US. Cool, but what does that mean exactly? Mega Famous is safe, very safe. They do not store or have access to any of their clients’ sensitive credit card information. After successful payment, your order starts delivering within minutes.

Instagram Views

MegaFamous provides real Instagram views to their clients’ videos and stories using real accounts. This service is properly designed to avoid giving Instagram red flags. But that’s not all. This service comes with a 0% drop. This is very much unlike what happens with followers and likes. Below is how you can order this service:

Choose a package

MegaFamous has a variety of packages to choose from. Select the package that suits you and your budget best.

Enter your details

All they need is your Instagram username and email. They will never ask for your password or sensitive information.

Select posts

You’ll be prompted to select the post(s) you want them to send views. The company will send real people to view whatever posts you select.


After successful payment, your order starts delivering within minutes, if not seconds.

What Does MegaFamous offers:

Fast service 

They offer prompt delivery of high-quality likes, follows, and views to their clients.

High-Quality services 

MegaFamous provides high-quality followers, likes, and views from REAL accounts. This company does not work with bot accounts that do not provide any real engagements in the long run.

24/7 support

Their support team is always at hand to help you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

Affordable Rates

At MegaFamous, there is a package for everyone, regardless of their budget. You will find the most affordable rates at MegaFamous than anywhere else.

What Do We Like:

  • Secure Payment
  • No password needed
  • Instant delivery
  • US-based company
  • Free trial
  • Free refill
  • 24 hours customers support

What Do We Not Like:

  • No about us page

Customers Feedback:

C F. Says:

The site seemed to work for me. They send an email with 50 free likes every day, and the prices are great. I got likes within the hour every day.

Billy C. Says:

I purchased from this website and have not received a confirmation email or anything from them. I have probably been scammed.


Q. Does MegaFamous give refunds?

A. The company says they offer refunds on orders experiencing issues. Make sure to refer to their refund policy for more details.

Q. How long does it takes to receive followers from MegaFamous?

A. Typically, you will start seeing followers start trickling in within minutes after placing your order. Delivery times depend on the size of your order and can take up to 24 hours to deliver in full.

Our Verdict

If you choose MegaFamous, you are choosing a reputable, safe, and transparent service provider for your Instagram account. With MegaFamous, you can grow your Instagram account very quickly. Check out their free trial option and see things for yourself. Good luck. 


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