Memes have become a fundamental marketing tool on social media platforms. They can be hilarious, interactive, engaging, and relatable for a brand’s followers, helping businesses to generate engagement. Businesses of all sizes use memes to expand their reach. Keep reading to find out how to create a meme for marketing.

What Is A Meme? 

According to Wikipedia, a meme is an abstract that is shared from one person to another. Memes often carry symbolic meaning or represent a theme, and they sometimes become fads. We have all become familiar with memes on social media. We know them when we see them.

Maybe you have been hesitant to employ memes for marketing your brand because you don’t think you’re creative enough. But here’s the thing: You don’t have to be creative to engage in meme-jacking. It’s totally legit, and marketers hijack trendy memes all the time to promote their products.

Meme-jacking helps marketers share content, and this is something you can do, too. Clever memes will resonate with your audience. You can use them to create more awareness about your products and services. Later in this post, we’ll also discuss creating your own original memes, too.

Use These Tips When Using Meme Marketing For Your Business

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while creating a marketing campaign based on memes:

Specify Your Meme Marketing Target Audience

If you are delivering a marketing message to a specific group of people, you must understand who those people are and what message would benefit them.

Then, target your audience specifically. For example, if your target audience is millennials, create a meme campaign around things that would pique that generation’s interest.

Additionally, keep your focus on driving engagement. Don’t use memes in purely promotional ways. You’ll lose your audience’s attention immediately if you do.

Create Memes that Match Your Brand’s Voice

On the other hand, when you’re using memes to market your brand, it is imperative that they match up with your brand’s voice. Although maintaining brand consistency in your marketing memes might appear to be a tedious chore, it is a critical step.

Also, keep in mind that a superior-quality meme is both insightful and funny. This is because memes leverage social commentary, satire, or nostalgia. In other words, they play on people’s emotions.

For this very reason, however, memes can also become offensive or be impolite. Therefore, marketers must be able to make distinctions and take negative elements into account when creating memes.

Moreover, meme marketing is nothing like creating generic ads. For example, even if you are creating a meme to use for promoting your brand, don’t use words like “subscribe” or “buy” in your meme.

Post memes as entertainment for your audience, as if you’re giving them a gift. But use memes to drive engagement and promote interaction. When you do, you’ll see a surge of shares for your memes, creating a broader reach for your brand.

When employing memes for marketing, you’ll need to keep up with the latest trends. With so many elements in circulation online on various social media sites, the struggle to trend is real.

A meme might be in the limelight today and tomorrow you would rarely find it on anybody’s news feed. For this reason, you must always watch for the latest trends and harness their potential while they still are trendy.

Watching Twitter trends, for instance, can provide you with an understanding of what trendy topics, people, products, or things are being gossiped about online.

By capitalizing on such trends and creating memes around them, the odds of your memes going viral will increase.

This means that more people will view your meme, and consequently, your product or brand will stick in people’s minds. Such a strategy can help you generate more leads and increase your sales figures.

However, if you just create some random meme while other popular trends are getting gossiped about on social media, your meme might get lost, thanks to the popularity of those other more fashionable trends.

Make Trendy Memes Authentic for Your Brand

It will help if you remember that while you are driving engagement via memes, you are also creating awareness for your brand. Therefore, it is crucial to be creative while meme-jacking. Tweak famous memes so that they are more specific and original to your brand.

Also, make sure you understand the meme you use and what it implies. Then align that meme to the brand or product you are marketing.

You might want to incorporate your brand name or product into the meme to increase its relatability and make it understandable for people who view it. However, don’t do this at the cost of fun and amusement.

If you feel you could use some help with creating memes for your marketing, check out InVideo. This is an online image and video editing tool that can act as a meme maker. They can help you market your brand the right way by bringing your amusing ideas to life.

Create Original Memes

Creating original content can be challenging. First, you have to source material for your meme, then choose a format, and finally superimpose some relatable commentary.

All of this takes time, effort, and creativity. However, an original meme also increases the chances of your content receiving numerous shares.

For instance, you can utilize a funny clip that you inadvertently catch into a short, looping video or GIF. To get great results, try displaying it in unexpected ways.

If you are marketing a product that customers can click pictures with, seek permission from your community to utilize their photos and videos. You and your team can also film and shoot content yourself.

Experiment with Meme Styles

When creating custom memes for your brand, here are a few things to keep in mind:

There are many ways to generate memes online, be it with photos, screenshots, clips, or GIFs. Keep experimenting with created memes and see what draws the maximum popularity.

  • Fonts: Montserrat or Helvetica Neue are the most common meme fonts as Twitter employs this styling. However, creators also utilize Arial, Comic Sans, and others in various contexts.
  • Style: Use emojis, rounded edges, and embedded text to add charm to your memes. Meme consumers are familiar with such visual elements and recognize them instantly.

While selecting an online meme font, InVideo can be of help. This is because this platform offers multiple catchy fonts to choose from and incorporate in your memes to enhance their appeal.

Final Words

Meme-jacking is an effective way to market your brand and your products without appearing to emphasize sales. Also keep in mind that you can create your own original memes, too. The primary idea here is to make your brand familiar with people through the memes you generate.

Use memes only occasionally for your marketing campaigns and do not go overboard in publicizing your brand. Using memes every day will mark you as someone who is struggling hard to seek attention.

Above all, when generating memes for social media marketing, you must keep in mind that the fundamental goal here is to attract people to your brand.

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