MLM Leads Marketing for Starving Network Marketers

Where is the marketing in network marketing? How do you create MLM leads? How do you create MLM leads when your warm market has gone cold?

Most companies provide amazing tools to help create MLM leads. The DVD’s, CD’s, websites, and meetings are usually top notch marketing pieces to help get you started. There is only one problem! Who do you give them to? What kind of person wants a DVD or will go to a meeting? Are you really going to go out in public and hand out DVD’s? Seriously, if the answer is no you need a different approach.

Generating Online MLM Leads Is A Better Way

Why do most MLM professionals say it doesn’t work? They understand networking in person and most of them are masters at it. They do not understand marketing. Marketing your MLM is enticing people to come to you and asking to be in your business.

Where is the marketing in handing out DVD’s at your local bookstore? That is actually networking and not marketing at all. It is actually closer to selling that networking no matter how your conversation is worded. Why not tap into the vast online marketplace? There are thousands and thousands of people looking for help to earn more money or for MLM leads help every day. Why not put yourself in a position so those people can find you and join your downline?

The First Step

MLM leads are so plentiful on the internet that getting started is very easy. The most essential element is creating a blog. Create your MLM blog and start making posts on a regular basis. Your MLM leads will find your blog and get to know you and what you can offer them.

The truth is that creating a blog is about buying DVD’s to hand out. 

No one is ever going to see you blog without some marketing. Internet marketing is the way to go. If you work your marketing right you can get paid to work while you are creating MLM leads. It is called funded proposal marketing. You are creating another stream of residual income along with your MLM business. Marketing is easy but time consuming.

A few ways to market your blog and create your presence online are article marketing, video marketing, blog commenting, forum work, and social media sites. 

All are free and very effective. Of course some paid marketing is much more effective but the free sites  earn money from the ads around your marketing pieces and in some cases so do you! So they have a vested ongoing interest in making sure their site and your marketing pieces are seen and look good. Social media is a great way to network and market which is the best of both worlds. You could spend your whole life on just these marketing ideas.

Create MLM leads through online marketing. 

There is no need to be lead starved when you can literally create hundreds and even thousands of MLM leads per month online. Take the first step and find your dreams. Time to create your MLM blog!

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