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The Most Expensive Fish In the World

This article will submerge you into a world of underwater luxury. Fish is the most diverse group of vertebrates with over 33,000 living species. They come in different sizes and colors. Many fish are extraordinarily beautiful while others represent the finest quality in seafood and cuisine some are just downright ugly but extremely delicious. The most expensive fish is surprisingly a large one with many aquarists having a deep appreciation of their scales.

The most expensive fish in the world is Platinum Arowana.

It is one of the most beautiful fish known in the world. People are so fond of this fish that they pay thousands of dollars to purchase this beautiful creation. Despite Platinum Arowana is one of the rare species. The most expensive Platinum Arowana was sold for almost half a million dollars. Yes! It does sound baffling but it is reality. One of the reasons for it being expensive is its rare kind and extraordinarily beautiful platinum grey color with a beautiful black pupil. This is the result of a new genetic mutation in Arowana fish. 

These fish have a slim body and it gives them the look of an eel. They are long and elongated fish that belong to the family of Osteoglossidae. They have massive scales that can get up to the size of 2cm. they have big mouths that are faced upward. This structure of the mouth makes it easier for them to breathe on the surface of the water while they are catching their prey. Because of their good seeing ability, they can identify the prey from under the water and jumps to catch it from above water.

Some distinct features:

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Amongst fish lovers, the Arowana family is renowned for its incredible beauty and distinct coloration. Platinum Arowana is the most coveted among all the Arowana species. There are less than 20 of these owned around the world. Platinum Arowana is so expensive that a micro-ID chip is implanted into it before it attains sexual maturity. It can grow up to 34 inches which are approximately three feet. It has a pair of barbells on their jaws and a body with massive scales. 

They are so rare that it is absolutely prohibited to try and fish any more Platinum Arowana out of the ocean. If this fish is fed well and taken care of it can live up to 50 years in captivity with live food like cricket and worms. They also need at least a 300 gallons water tank to live well. Like most Arowana, they are intelligent and can be trained to hand fed and obey their owners. Those that are currently housed in public or private aquariums must be sold with a proper certificate. All of them have been inserted with a microchip that ensures the authenticity.

Human interaction:

They are very friendly fish. They can become so friendly with the owner that they can be taught to be fed with the owner’s hands and even stroke like dogs. Also, they show responses to the music or any other sound that is familiar to them and can become very interactive with the owner. Arowana start responding to the movement of the owner’s hand. All this is possible but comes with a lot of patience.


Platinum Arowana is a specie of tropical fresh water. These waters are mostly found in Southeast Asia. It is also known as dragon fish and as it is mostly found on the coast of Southeast Asia it is also called Asian Arowana. Their look is also associated with samurai swords. They are super quick in catching their prey. They can jump up to 5 feet to catch their prey. This predator likes to eat from the surface of the water and it loves to feed on crickets, shrimps, prawns, insects, turtles, rodents, birds, and snakes. This fish unlike other fish like to live alone that is why it is suggested to keep the male and female separate unless mating is to be done.

Eating habits:

Platinum Arowana just like other Arowana family members are omnivores. They feed on fish, plant material, insects, turtles, rodents, birds, and snakes. This predator likes to eat from the surface of the water. During its growing stage, it is happy to eat small fish, insects, etc. but as it grows to the fullest it needs a much larger quantity of food and can also be taught to eat frozen food. There’s a significant increase in their length in a matter of a few months.

Its feed quantity varies from time to time that is from when it was small to be a large fish. Younger Platinum Arowana needs to have three tiny meals per day and when it becomes an adult once to twice a day or every alternate day is also fine. Some say feeding blood worms will bring out the color. Platinum Arowana creates an ambush for their prey. They keep on moving near the surface of the water and catch their prey without any warning unapologetically. A few Platinum Arowana have been discovered with snakes in their stomachs.

Mouth brooding:

There are no exterior differences between males and females. And it is one of the difficult tasks while purchasing and trying to breed Platinum Arowana. Scientists believe that the mouth of male Platinum Arowana is slightly bigger than the female Platinum Arowana of the same size. Like most Arowana breeds they are mouth brooders. Arowanas exhibit exemplary parental care. Both males and females lay eggs and sperms in the water. Female releases about 35 – 100 eggs during the breeding season. After the eggs are fertilized by the sperm. The male Arowana carries the fertilized eggs in the mouth until they become mature. They lead to maturity by 5 weeks. Then they are released from the mouth of the male fish. It is said that males do not eat during mouthbrooding.

The reason behind its popularity:

The main reason Platinum Arowana is the most expensive fish was a breeder in Singapore. Who when saw this fish after its genetic mutation in such extraordinarily beautiful color. He became so obsessed with it that he did not care for the money he had to pay for buying this fish. As it was such a rare breed that caught his attention back in 2007.

Good luck fish: 

Because of its unique look, Platinum Arowana is said to bring good luck and prosperity to those who lay eyes on it. People who are fish lovers are ready to pay a hefty amount to take them home. Platinum Arowana is paraded every new lunar year in the belief of bringing good luck. This belief is mostly carried out by the people of Southeast Asia. Some people consider it to be a myth but some take it very religiously. As they consider it’s good luck to be a part of their belief.

Safety measures: 

If you want to keep Arowana in your aquarium then make sure it has closed lids otherwise you may find your Arowana out of the tank dead on the ground or it may get itself injured badly. They should be kept in huge tanks or ponds and should be treated with special food like crickets, shrimps, prawns, and worms. They also need at least 300 gallons of water-filled to live well. Arowana grows in big sizes like 3 feet. Strong filtration of water is very necessary for the most expensive being to swim calmly and happily.


Asian culture is captivated by the majestic nature of this fish. It is said to bring good luck and prosperity to those who lay eyes on it. Fish expositions around China, Japan, and Indonesia have Platinum Arowana as the centrepiece of any of their collection. Audiences around the world have paid to watch the cosmetic surgeries of Platinum Arowana such as its eye lifts and chin job surgeries for which people paid thousands of dollars to witness. 

Anyone who wants to keep the most expensive fish i.e., Platinum Arowanain the USA will have to pay a hefty price not only in the form of money but also in the form of legal charges. As it is illegal to keep Platinum Arowana in the home because it is an endangered species. Rich people want to lay their hands on expensive Platinum Arowana but they should keep in mind it is pretty hard to keep one. One because it is an endangered species and the other because it is very expensive to keep in terms of its food and tank etc. 


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