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Blog Niche Ideas 2023: Narrowing Your Niche

Blog niche ideas 2023: narrowing your niche. Benefits and downsides of the niche selection process and the ways to choose the most optimal option.

Starting a blog is probably one of the most exhilarating things you can do when you finally settle on a topic you are passionate about. If you remember when you first started you will also remember how your posts used to be all over the place. You were not the only one. In fact, most people do this in the beginning. Inexperienced writers will write a post about your children, then maybe the share a recipe the following day, then the next blog is about 10 tips for better parenting. There’s a mixture of everything one can think about.

Based on expert advice and observations, doing such a thing is actually one of the biggest blogging mistakes. Narrowing your blog niche should be a part of your blogging strategy. And that’s even before you start writing your very first blog. You should be set on the topic you are going to cover. It’s better for you, your future readers and search engine.

Let us be clear, writing variety of posts is not a bad thing per se. Nor is having them in one space. It’s just a simple fact that drilling down and choosing one specific topic or niche, will help make it easier for you to monetize and grow your audience. Below, we have compiled do’s and don’ts of blogging and the tips for choosing your niche.

Launching A Blog? Here’s your No-Fail Blog Launch Checklist!

Opening a blog on platforms like WordPress might seem like a no-brainer. You just have to sit and start writing. While that could be true for people who just want to share their thoughts, for those who want to launch a blogging website and make do with it, “just writing” will certainly not work. And here’s why: if you want your blog to operate the same way business does, which can happen, you should treat it like a business opportunity. In other words, you should plan ahead.

Pre blog launch planning should include at least these details:

  • Choosing a platform for launch your blog;
  • Niche selection;
  • Setting up your website on the platform of your choice;
  • Taking care of the initial aesthetic;
  • Content creation;
  • SEO optimization;
  • And market analysis which should be done every step of the way. You have to oversee what your future competitors and doing. What are they offering to readers. Especially those consistently getting the top rankings. At an initial stage you should take an inspiration from them, if you want to get where they are.

Each of these points can be further broken down into several details. But for the sake of our topic we will be focusing on the niche selection process. As you can see, it’s almost at the very top of the list. Rightfully so. Here are a few reasons for narrowing your blog niche, why it can benefit or damage your blogging strategy, and what you can do for a better experience.

Blog Niche Ideas 2023: Creating Content Made Easier

When you think about the benefits of narrowing your blog niche, the first one that comes into mind is easier content creation process.

First, if you are writing about something that you have a deep and sincere interest in, it will be pretty easy to come up with topics to write about. When you sit down to write, the words will just flow. It could be a niche from your profession. For instance, if you got a degree in law, you can use the knowledge you got at the academia to write about all things concerning law. If you are a professional chef, share cooking tips, new recipes, uncommon cooking techniques and best kitchen equipment reviews.

However, you should realize, that easy writing won’t ALWAYS be the case. Every author experiences writers block at some point. Or maybe you will run into a tricky topic, don’t know where or how to start. Not knowing everything about an area of interest is okay.

The fact stands that having to sit down and do the necessary research won’t be as difficult. You will know exactly what you are searching for and where to look for the right information. Most importantly, it is much easier to create content on things you are familiar with, than things you need to relay entirely on research to write about.

So what are the things you should be writing about?

Think about content writer creator job requirements. Businesses and individuals want to hire writers that specialize in a certain niche. If you have never had an experience with tech, it’s likely that you won’t be hired for a tech writing job. A business owner wants the best results at a minimum effort. Treat your own blog the same way.


  • You want to write about something within your field of expertise.
  • Or things you’re deeply passionate about. Could be a hobby. The main thing is to have a lot of knowledge about the niche.
  • Write about things that excites you. This way, content creation will feel less like a chore.
  • When you have to completely rely on research to write a blog, there’s a higher chance of accidental (or intentional) plagiarism. Write about something you can offer your original insight and point of view.
  • Choose a niche broad enough to allow you to create abundance of content. Especially at the beginning, it’s important to put out blogs frequently. It’s better for SEO and rankings.

Blog Niche Ideas 2023: Creating A Natural Flow

This is a tricky one and here’s why. It can have an unexpected advantage not many think of. If all articles on your blog have a similar topic, you will likely have readers remain on your blog for a long time. You will have less bounce rates. Meaning, the readers won’t click right back. Time spent on a website and low bounce rates, by the way, are two out of the few key aspects when it comes to getting top rankings on Google.

readers can easily jump onto another blogpost on your site when they start reading the post that piques their interest. As long as you provide relevant links, and the content is actually useful. This way you can create a natural flow. And this is one of the primary advantages of narrowing blog niche.

Remember: The longer people stick around your blog, the lower your bounce rate becomes.

What Is the Disadvantage of Creating A Natural Flow?

Not so much about the natural flow itself, but everything discussed about is not to say you have to stick to the same topic. Writing about similar things over and over will result in not having a loyal readership base. Loyal readers are returning readers. Those you should aim for. One time visitors will check out a particular blog post, perhaps even roam around your blog for a time being but won’t click check it out frequently. What you need, are readers who will be waiting for a new content you put out.

Saying this may sound something like: “you should write about similar things, but don’t make them too similar”. How are you supposed to do that? Let’s give you a simple example.

For instance, you are a fashion enthusiast. Think about how broad of a topic fashion is. Even if you only stick to writing How To Style guides you can have thousands of different blogposts on your website. “How To Style Your Bridesmaids” “Style Ideas For Your Kid’s First Day of School”, “Vacation Style Guide For Minimalistic Fashion Lovers”. You will never run out ideas. And if the content is consistently high quality, one time visitors will be turning into loyal readers in no time.

The Key: The niche should be broad enough to allow creating various original content. So not something like “building bird houses” because that’s your hobby, but something about birds or building pet houses in general.

Blog Niche Ideas 2023: Keyword Research Made Easier

We all know that SEO is HUGE right now, and rightly so. Google basically does the work of deciphering if something is worth reading or not. But, in order to prove yourself worthy, you will need to provide useful content. Sounds pretty straightforward. But those with even a minimal experience would know about the amount of detail that goes into writing “useful content”. It means research, great writing skills, good formatting, research again, but this time for keywords because no matter how well written something is. readers won’t be able to find it on Google unless it’s SEO optimized.

While doing this is relatively easy if you love your niche (as mentioned in tip #1), you need to ensure that you are writing about stuff that people are actually interested in. Which is where Keyword Research comes in. If you know what your area of expertise is, doing Keyword Research will be less time-consuming. This is because you won’t need to shuffle through ALL the possible wording options, just those that are relevant to your niche. Narrowing blog niche also makes keyword research more specific and targeted, attracting the right kind of audience.

Remember: Having a solid SEO practice can lead to higher Google rankings.

More Tips For Better SEO

Keywords are the key to creating a SEO optimized content that’s true. But there are few other things that even beginner bloggers can do to make their articles rank higher through a better SEO practice:

  • Pay attention to the Title. Put your keywords in the beginning of your title if possible. Don’t make it too short or too long. Make it a headline. Come up with something witty and original.
  • Use optimal amount of keywords within an article. Using it only once in a, say 2500 word article, will not be enough. Search for the right keyword density per 1000 words before starting to write.
  • Make sure keywords are evenly distributed throughout the text. Definitely include them in your introduction paragraph.
  • Pay attention to the meta description. Title and meta description is how you lure readers in.
  • Make sure the keywords, title and meta description are all relevant to the actual content.
  • Break up your text with links, videos and images. Again, everything should be relevant to the topic of the article.
  • Put headings within your text, especially H2 and H3. Put your keywords within the subheadings.

Blog Niche Ideas 2023: Finding An Organic Audience

There will still be PLENTY of legwork when it comes to marketing and promoting your blog, regardless of what you do. But if you have a specific tribe or group of individuals you want to target, and if you don’t, well you should. When narrowing the niche, reaching out to them tends to happen more organically.

Again, given that you provide great content. And given that you know where to market them. Meaning, sharing your posts on social media for instance. Especially popular platforms with lots of active users where you can definitely find a group of people who are interested in your topic. That should be your target audience. This way there’s more chance they will share your blogposts with their followers and friends outside that particular platform. Before you know it, you’ll have a dedicated readership base.

Remember: Utilize an opt-in form on your blog to ensure your readers never miss a post.

How Do You Correctly Market Your Blogposts On Social Media?

Simply sharing your content is not enough if you don’t know where, how and when to share them. Here are the few things you should take into consideration when creating your social media marketing strategy:

  • Correct platform selection. Twitter is the number one social media for technical writers; Instagram is great for fashion, food and small businesses creating items; Fashion bloggers should definitely be on Pinterest.
  • Time your posts. Share content when the majority of your target audience is active. If your timings overlap, simply schedule your posts. Most popular social media platforms have a scheduling feature. And you should research what is the optimal amount of posts you can share daily. For Facebook one long daily post can be enough but it’s not the same on Twitter.
  • Tag your posts. Hashtags and geotags are how you initially reach out to your audience. Through tagging your posts you increase the chance of getting on a trending page.
  • Be active on multiple social media at the same time. Greater chance that you can make it somewhere.
  • If you don’t have enough time or you don’t know where to start, and you have enough budget, definitely hire a professional social media manager.

Blog Niche Ideas 2023: Avoiding the Dreaded Writer’s Block

If you are genuinely passionate about the topics within the niche you’ve chosen, then you’ll have less trouble sitting down to write each post. Simply because you are driven to share your knowledge and message. Definitely not a guarantee that you will never experience writer’s block. But there’s a less chance you will be stuck after a short amount of time and a higher chance that when you experience one, you will overcome it much more easily.

You can visit similar blogs or internet spaces for inspirations. Or ask your readers for a feedback. Ask them what kind of content they would like to see you cover in the future. This way, you get ideas, and you get ideas that are already reader customized because they asked for it. A win win situation for everybody.

Remember: Keeping a running list of blog post ideas is another fantastic way to avoid writer’s block.

Blog Niche Ideas 2023: Stopping the Email Overload

Are you someone who loves signing up for an email opt-in after an email opt-in, only to find your inbox OVERFLOWING with content that you’ll likely never read? You join, telling yourself that it is all in the name of research, but if you are signing up for opt-ins from mommy bloggers, pet bloggers, and tech bloggers, you might get overwhelmed with everything you’re receiving.

Instead, if you’ve chosen a specific niche, you can unsubscribe from all the newsletters that are not serving you, and are just bulk up your already busy inbox. This can be tied back to the tip #5. Email can also become a great way to generate more inspiration for future posts. Focus on what information you need to learn and grow to write bigger and better stuff for your website.

Remember: There are tools out there that will allow you to remove yourself from multiple emails lists at the same time.

Blog Niche Ideas 2023: Monetizing Your Blog

If you’ve ever given any thought to monetizing your blog through sponsored posts or advertising, then having a specific niche will make this process SO much easier. In fact, many sponsors may start reaching out to you, after they see your (great) content, given, it is drilled down to their niche.

When choosing sponsorship opportunities, be sure that you are taking ones that represents your blog well. And something that won’t disappoint your readers when they try the products or services. Otherwise you might get more negative out of the collaboration than a one time advertising pay check. Great products or services, on the other hand, can land you a long term sponsorship contract. The face of the company kind of thing.

Choosing sponsors based simply on who will pay you the most, will lead to no good. Your readers won’t know where your loyalty lies (in providing them great content, or with your sponsors). Just do the research ahead of closing the deal and select the best option. Initially however, when there are no options to choose from and you need money, take the risk. Unless the sponsor is offering something outrageous.

Remember: But it’s also okay to start a blog and NOT want to make a profit from it.

Blog Niche Ideas 2023: Become The Expert

If you take the time to create amazing posts and grow a solid audience, you could begin calling yourself the expert in your niche. In fact, others will consider you one. The process will naturally happen over the time. This is how all big bloggers came to be.

You see it all the time, star bloggers claiming to be the expert in a certain field, and you know what? They deserve the title! They’ve devoted extensive time and research to grow their knowledge. Creating abundance of good content for a long period of time. Technically speaking, even if they don’t have any degrees in the field, they still can be considered experts. You don’t have to graduate from college with a geography degree to run a travel blog. Similarly, you don’t have to be a doctor of veterinary medicine to write about animals in an interesting and professional way.

The key to becoming an expert is to consistently offer your readers original, well researched and well written content. SEO optimization plays part in delivering this content to the right audience. As long as you have the initial knowledge, the ability and willingness to always learn more and are passionate about niche, you can become an expert. Anyone can! And once you do, don’t shy away from marketing yourself as one. For instance, link your own content in your articles.

Remember: No need for a certificate or a degree from a research institution to claim the title of an expert. Not everything starts and ends with the academia.


As you can see, choosing and narrowing your blog niche is a very important step in running a blog. It can benefit your blog in number of ways. There are, of course, some downsides too. But nothing you can’t solve.

If you find yourself struggling to come up with topics or areas to select your blog niche, start asking yourself: “What am I passionate about,” or “What do I have a lot of experience with?” Take some time to really sit down and journal. Brainstorm some ideas once you answer these questions and you will have the initial bulk for starting to write your first blogposts.

Hopefully this post has helped you in learning some tips for creating a clever blogging marketing strategy. Share your experience or ask anything in the comments down below!


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