Network Marketing Structure: The Power of “Three”

You can build a huge second income by joining the right Network Marketing Company at the right time by bringing only “three” people onto your team. Let’s take a look at this network marketing structure.

Welcome to Network Marketing 101

In today’s day and age and the way our economy is right now, everyone is looking for a little extra income. Joining a legitimate and the right Network Marketing business is extremely important because you do not want to waste your time and effort. Network Marketing Right now seems to be the easiest and fastest way to earn that extra income. So what are you waiting for?

Building a giant team is the goal of every Network Marketer and the idea is to recruit people onto your team who purchase or sell products or services your company offers and then teach and help them to do exactly the same thing you are doing and recruit people into their team and so on. Think of it as starting your own business and then opening up franchises that also open up franchises.

“One” is Ok

Everyone knows at least one person they can recruit onto their team.

If you just recruit one person in your first month and stop and never do anything else but help that person recruit one person onto their team and they stop and you do this for nine months helping everyone get their one person, you will only have nine people on your entire team in that nine month period. This is not so many, but it is success and you must remember, you get out of it, what you put into it.

“Two” is greater

Here is where it gets interesting. If you recruit only ‘two’ people your first month onto your team and stop and never recruit another person and you do nothing more than help your two people get their two and so on for the next nine months you will have 1,024 people in your down line and you will be making $1,536.00 dollars a month. Not bad and it is getting better!

The power of “three”

If “one” person is just OK but “two” is greater, look at what happens when you recruit “three”. If you can recruit two people, you surely can find one more to make it three and this is where the magic of compound recruiting of just “one” more person will make your team take a quantum leap.

This network marketing structure is the ideal. If you recruit just three people your first month and stop and do anything more than help your three people get their three people and so on for the next nine months…you will have on your team a total of 59,049 people in your down line. When you compute the commission of $1.50 you are making, $88,573.50 per month. Can you live on that?

Imagine if your effort was just 10% of that, your second income would be $8,857.60 dollars , and that’s nine months from now. This is absolutely a “No Brainer”.

Conclusion On Network Marketing Structure

You can see what the magic of compound recruiting can do by recruiting just three people onto your team and then focusing on helping each one of them get their three and so on.

Remember, the key to making it big in Network Marketing is the power of “three”. There is no pressure or stress because it is easy to find just three people. Your job afterwards is to help your team get their three and everyone else does the same thing. This is the secret.

Can you imagine the power of “four”?

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