Newsletter Marketing: A Simple Way To Help Small Businesses Thrive

When it comes to marketing a small business, many owners are forced to get creative. One tool that marketers have always found to be very effective in maintaining customer satisfaction and increasing word-of-mouth referrals is email newsletter marketing campaigns.
If you already have a business website established, setting up an opt-in email newsletter system is very easy. Some companies offer this as a service as well, so if your budget permits you may consider hire such companies.

Add a Sign-up button to your website

The first step in creating an email marketing and newsletter program is to create a sign-up on your website. Individuals must sign up and authorize permission for your business to send emails. Otherwise, it could be considered spam, and your company could get reported.
Once your sign-up is in place and your list of subscribers begins to grow, it is time to start creating your newsletters. Some businesses will do weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters, but my best experience is semi-monthly or monthly. This way, you get your business in front of customers often, but not too often that it gets annoying.

The banner on the front page of a newsletter that identifies the publication is the most eye-catching part

Of course, you will also need a basic design template for your newsletters. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but remember that visually-appealing websites (and newsletters) are preferred. Pay special attention to the banner, because it is the first thing that the reader will see when they open up your email. Readers should be able to navigate everything within the newspaper easily. Give them a chance to unsubscribe (at the end), but don’t make it too obvious. Try incorporating colors from your brand into the colors of the newspaper as well. Keep everything minimalistic and trendy, and change the design if you feel it has gotten too outdated.

Content For Your Newsletters

So, you may ask, “what should I include in these newsletters?” While some businesses use these email and newsletter marketing campaigns as nothing more than a way to deliver special sales or promotions, we recommend making them much more than just coupons and a sales flyer. A newsletter campaign can be used as a way to connect with and educate your customers. It creates a way for you to show your customers your vast knowledge in your industry or product line, to make them aware of new developments or trends in the marketplace, and also a way for you to ask for feedback from customers.

Suppose you don’t feel confident in your writing skills. In that case, freelance writers or business writers are available to research topics and provide quality and professional articles at a reasonable cost. You should review the material they provide before sending it out, to make sure it is relevant and in tune with your business objectives, vision, and brand identity.

Overall Advantage Of Opt-in Newsletters

The main idea of this type of marketing campaign is to bring your customers and business closer, to show them that you are staying current and on top of changes in the industry, and to show them that their experience with your business is your primary concern. It is creating this type of relationship that will increase your word-of-mouth referrals. If a customer is happy and satisfied with your business, they are more likely to tell their friends and thus increase your customer base. Even if you find the need to pay for design and writing services, your marketing costs are still relatively small compared to the potential increase in customers you will see as a result. In this way, opt-in email newsletter marketing can prove to be a very cost-effective asset to your marketing program.

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