Niche Market: How to Market Bottled Air in China

In the world, there is nothing more precious than the air we breathe, which allows us to live and feel good. Apparently, although there is plenty of it, it is a product that, if sold in the right way, sells a lot and is required on the market. This may sound tough, but it is a clear example of a niche market.

Is Air Quality In China A Major Problem?

Anyone who has been in a Chinese metropolis knows the poor quality of the air. The air is a dense mist that does not only cover the sky but the streets, the buildings. The sun is rarely visible. In the winter of 2012-13, 70% of the 74 largest cities in China exceeded the acceptable level of air pollution (standards already much more permissive than those in Europe). From there, the choice of the Beijing government is to restore the air quality to the level of the 1980s by 2030, when 70% of Chinese people will live in the city.

Today in China there are already air stations where you can breathe with an air mask carried by the mountains. Chinese President Xi Jinping states that “air quality is a decisive factor in the perception of people’s happiness”.

Is Imported Air The Solution To China’s Smog Problem?

Air pollution today is “the main environmental health risk“, according to the World Health Organization. It is from here that we explain the niche market of bottled air, apparently unlikely but confirmed by the success of several companies that exploit the environmental drives to sell cans and jars especially in the Asian markets – China, but also Korea and India.

150 Breaths In Your Pocket

Moses Lam, the founder of Vitality Air, started this business “as a joke” (he reveals) after reading that Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao sells clean air in a can of 1 dollar per tin. The first experiment, born as a game, turned out to be a real success. The bottles, which contained within them the air of unspoiled natural places in Canada like Lake Louise and the Rocky Mountains, snapped up on eBay. Gradually the product – a can with a capacity of 4.5 liters – began to become famous among the fans, conquering a slice of the market that did not yet exist.

To buy the air for sale were, from the beginning, the Chinese who have always been grappling with the frightful pollution of the atmosphere. The first orders, which amounted to five thousand bottles, came from Beijing and allowed the company to continue production.

The New “Air Farmers” Market

Start-ups in Switzerland and Australia launched similar products: canisters filled with compressed air collected from areas of outstanding natural beauty. Normally the sites were rural and marketable, locations already associated with purity, or adventure holidays: Banff, Lake Louise, Lucerne, Sydney’s Blue Mountains. There is no luxury air, cold-pressed air, 100% mountain air. There is air canned for the benefit of mothers (“Keep awake and command the household naturally. There is air for work, Air for kids, and Air for grandparents.

The Opportunities For This New Niche Market

According to the founders, today Vitality Air has exceeded two hundred thousand units of fresh air sold all over the world. Given this, the new market, and the little competition, opening a business could be a great opportunity in this sector. Obviously, before entering a market like the Chinese one, it is advisable to know which stars and channels to use

Being Digital Is The First Rule

Chinese consumers have totally adopted the digital lifestyle. For brands, digital marketing has become an interesting way to reach consumers. Especially since it favors the customer. Companies have understood the importance and potential of digital communication in the country. With a large population, digital facilitates the conversation with consumers and thus simplifies consumer targeting and brand engagement. Compared to Western countries, the Chinese quickly adapt to new technologies. These technophobes are hyper-connected in the environment that surrounds them.

Optimize Your Seo On Baidu

Users usually search on the first or second page of search results. The number of individuals going further into the pages is very low. Moreover, the vast majority of Internet users favor websites referenced naturally. Ensuring you have good SEO for your website is the key to good visibility and presence

SEO differs from the Pay Per Click because it takes longer to implement. SEO is a long-term strategy since it is working on the keywords that define your site, the content, the internal and external backlinks on your website.

Choose The Right E-Commerce Platform

China is considered one of the most developed countries in the adoption and development of digital. The country has already faced the emergence of several digital solutions for online businesses like online to offline commerce, social commerce, and M-commerce (mobile). Cross-border trade is also becoming more and more popular with consumers, who see these new platforms as a means of purchasing international products. E-commerce in China is made up of 3 leading companies. Dominating the market are Taobao, Tmall, and JD.

The market share of foreign products sales on E-commerce channels currently accounts for 8% of total sales. It should be noted, however, that cross-border platforms were created less than 5 years ago and this segment represents a real opportunity for brands to establish themselves. Since e-Commerce is increasing each year by 50%

Wechat As A Business Tool

WeChat is an essential app in China, just as Google in the rest of the world. WeChat Official Accounts are powerful means to gather followers and redirect them to a website or e-commerce platform. It helps brands to build thought leadership and engage with both potential and current customers. When users want to find information, they resort to WeChat’s search tool, which can direct them to WeChat’s Official Accounts as search results. Users can subscribe and view these accounts both directly on the accounts and in a feature similar to Facebook’s “Newsfeed” called “WeChat Moments.”

Air Market is a niche market in China, and we can help you to go through it with the right innovative marketing strategies. Don’t hesitate and be the first winner in this market.

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