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Nirsal Microfinance Bank Account Opening Form

Want to know more about Nirsal Microfinance Bank account opening form? Nirsal Micro Finance Bank is one of the leading national micro-financial institutions that is licensed by Nigeria’s apex bank. Moving further, out of the total 100% shareholding, Banker’s committee is holding 75% of the shares. NIRSALq is having 15% shareholding and the rest 10% shares are held by NIPOST. 

Earlier opening a bank account was a time-consuming task and requires a lot of paperwork. But nowadays if you want to open a bank account it is very comfortable, and quick. There are two ways to open a bank account. That is by visiting the branch or from the application or website of the bank. So you can choose the one that is convenient for you.

The first option that is a branch visit and when you will go to the bank they will give you the required information and an application form. While sitting at home you just need to download the application or log in to the official website of the bank.  For the second option, you just need a smartphone and a scanned copy of all the documents.

Do you know that it isn’t obligatory to provide an NMFB account for the continued COVID-19 TCF loan?

In this article, we will guide you with all the necessary requirements that are mandatory to open an account with Nirsal Micro Finance Bank. All the details of the procedure.


To open a bank account many documents are needed as earlier. Now you need only four to five documents to open a bank account with Nirsal Micro Finance bank. The list of the required document is as follows:

  • A clear Passport photograph
  • Identification proof( driving license, passport) 
  • Public Utility receipt not more than three months old( water bill, rent agreement, electricity bill)
  • Account opening form

If you are with the options one that is visiting the brand then take the photocopy of all the documents as you have to provide it to the banker. In the second case, download a scanner and save all the copies of the document in both cases your time will be saved and the process will be easier for both parties. 

Procedure to Open an Account

There are six steps you need for an Nirsal Microfinance Bank account opening form. These are as follows:

Step 1: Download Form

The first and foremost step is to open an account with the Nirsal Microfinance Finance Bank.  You have to download a form from the NIRSAL MFB App on Google Play Store or Apple Store. For further information, you can go to the official website. The link to the official website is given below. 

Step 2: Log in All The Required Details 

After downloading the form, log in to the account.  Further, you have to add all your details as per mentioned in the form correctly. Make sure all the information is provided accurately, that is your name, address, and phone number. All the required information should match with the documents issued by the government.

Step 3: Visit Branch

Moving Further, after successfully giving all the information on the downloaded form, the next step is to visit the branch that is nearest to you. At the branch, you have to provide the default PIN that was given to you while the setup of the account. 

Step 4: Know Your Customer(KYC)

No bank application form is complete without a KYC. The next thing that you have to do is to perform the KYC, this is a mandatory step to open a bank account and after providing the KYC you can alter your PIN. 

Step 5: Access

After giving all the desired information and visiting the branch for the work. Later on, the fifth step is where you can access your NMFB. Just add your account number. 

Step 6: Loan Allocation

In addition to all the steps, In the final step, your TCF is added to your account and after successful allocation, you can transfer the amount to your conventional bank account safely. 

Features of the Mobile Application

There are many features that the mobile application provides you and is 24/7 available for your convenience and has a lot of self-service functionalities.

  • The application provides you with the self-registration options with the NMFB account number and the mobile number that you have registered with the bank
  • You can add a fingerprint for faster login
  • Transfer to other NMFB accounts
  • Opening of an NMFB account
  • Increase in transaction limit
  • Transfer to other banks
  • Purchase Airtime for oneself, family & friends

With all the above features transactions have become much more convenient and you can easily purchase for your loved ones by sitting in a single place. A fingerprint option is a good option for safety purposes as it reduces the chances of password theft. 

These are the two links that are provided below to find the bank’s official website and the link to the play store to make your work less time-consuming. 

Click the link to check the official website of the bank:

Click here for the Google application of the Nirsal Micro Finance Bank:

Final  Thoughts

Nirsal micro-finance bank is opened with the goal of redefining the agricultural sector and their working within the country. The bank does the job by measuring it, repricing it, and sharing the risk. It is one of the best banks if you want to open an account with it. Bank provides you multiple features and you can do all the transactions in twenty-four hours and also gives you a lot of features to make your work easy. 

Opening a bank account is a hassle-free process so you can open an account comfortably with just a click. Make sure that you provide all the documents with correct information so that no problem occurs in the process. In my opinion, try to open an account while sitting on your couch and providing the scanned copies to the bank. This is a more comfortable option for any person. 


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