Old-School Methods That Still Work: Postcard Marketing Increases Sales

Postcard marketing is a valuable tool for increasing your sales and gaining customers. It’s still a valid marketing method that brings customers into your business and can have a higher than average response rate if you develop your postcard marketing campaign wisely.

Postcards are a great way to get your advertising message across to new or existing customers. Also, it is a stand-alone marketing tactic. Your marketing message will not get lost in a sea of newspaper advertisements – this is a marketing technique that will actually get into the hands of your customers. They will actually touch it and look at it.

The first step in developing a typical promotion campaign is the same for postcard marketing

Any promotional campaign begins with identifying your target market. When it comes to postcard marketing, it will influence the design and much more. In order for your postcard marketing campaign to be successful, you must remember a few things. First, bigger is better when it comes to your postcard marketing plan. The bigger your postcards are, the better chance they will stand out among the slew of other postcard advertisements that your customers receive on a daily basis. Oversized postcards stand out.

Next, make sure your postcards are visually appealing. Lots of bright colors and attractive fonts will get your postcards noticed. A successful postcard marketing campaign does depend on the visual appeal of the postcard for sure, but your offer is just as, or even more important.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Postcards

Never inundate your customer with multiple offers within the same postcard marketing campaign. One or two offers on the postcard are all you should give your customers. You will dilute the importance of your offer if you give them too many. What word makes lots of your customers respond to your postcard marketing offers? The word “free.” Who doesn’t want a free sandwich or a free drink or a free entree? Always include a free offer to your customers when launching your postcard marketing campaign. You will get a better response. You could also use the “2 for 1” offer on your postcard. This will also get a good response, albeit not as good as a free offer.

Visually Appealing Is The Way To Go

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Brightly colored postcards are a great attention-getter. Use bright colors in your postcard marketing campaign. Make sure the colors look nice and appealing to the customer based on the product you are trying to sell. Reds and yellows are good for a food business. Purple is not.

Give The Reader Something To Do

One of the most important things to remember when launching your postcard marketing campaign is what will your “call to action” be on your postcard. If you do not have a strong “call to action,” chances are you will be losing out on a good percentage of new potential customers. A good example of a “call to action” would be “Call Now” or “Hurry, Limited Time Offer.” You can also tell your customers to visit your website for more information. When offering a coupon, always include an expiration date on it. It will give your customers a sense of urgency and might cause them to react promptly to your offer.

Quality, Quality, Quality

Next, if possible, always use first-class stamps for your postcard marketing campaigns. Bulk mail labels are often perceived as junk mail. You do not want your customers to view your postcard marketing campaign as junk mail. It also helps if you handwrite the addresses on your postcards. Again, your customers might perceive address labels as junk mail. They will appreciate the personal touch of a handwritten postcard and will be more likely to read it.

Repeat Your Campaign To Get Results

A one-time-only postcard marketing campaign mailing will not likely get a huge response unless your offer is outstanding. A better way for you to go about your postcard marketing campaign would be to send multiple mailings to the same customers over a period of time. Repeating your offer multiple times will get a better response than a just one-time mailing. You will start to gain your customer’s trust as they begin to see your postcard over and over again. Instead of mailing 1000 postcards out once to different customers, mail 200 postcards out to the same customers five times.

By following a few basic suggestions and by repeating your postcard marketing message over and over again, you will start to gain the trust and business of more and more customers who will be excited to get your offer in the mail. It is an important component of your marketing and advertising campaigns.

You can also have your postcards created onto a magnet. This will keep your message around longer, as customers will be able to use your postcard magnet at home, and every time they see the magnet, they will think of your business. To save on postage, you can launch your marketing campaign to local businesses by dropping them off and distributing them at various locations. Be sure to check with your local village or city offices to make sure it’s okay to distribute your postcards at a certain location.

You can grow your business with a good postcard marketing campaign. Your customers will appreciate your offers and coupons if you craft them well. Experiment with different postcards to see which one works best for you.

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