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Sale signage

Online Retail VS Offline Retail – Sales Tips

These days, people who start a retail business are faced with two major options for selling their products: online retail VS offline retail. Most...

Strong Brand Identity – Creating a successful Project

Strong brand identity has always been important to business since ancient times. In ancient Rome, people advertised a product through the dissemination of images....

Social Media Marketing Advantages

Nowadays the development of digital channels in the world, unlike traditional marketing channels, has increased demand for various marketing directions. Social media marketing advantages...

Top 7 secrets of Engaging Content

Talking about digital marketing is unthinkable without content. The 21st century is the era of the digital world, in which content is at every...
please do not eat billboard

Humor in Advertising – To Buy or Not To Buy?

Any marketer uses marketing techniques and advertising to gain customer loyalty and drive sales. However, it is necessary to determine what should grab the...
pricing strategies

Pricing Strategies – Know What Price To Set

In this day and age, it seems everyone is either buying or selling products online. Either as small online businesses, or a merchandise as...
4P marketing mix

Is 4P Marketing Mix Relevant In The Digitized World?

Anyone that has even mildly read up on marketing has probably heard of the 4P marketing mix (Price, Product, Promotion, Place) that are used...
Family for Market Research

Redefining Family for Market Research

The definition of family has been evolving over the past decades. The past year showed us the importance of spending time with our families...
Building Brand Image

Building Brand Image – Why Spend Time On It

Even beginners in business and marketing have likely come across the term “Brand Image”. What is meant under it and what does the process...
Useful Social Media Marketing Tips

Useful Social Media Marketing – 5 Great Tips

We live in the age of social media. No one can escape from the all-encompassing pull of the World Wide Web. Humans are social...