Hundreds of people join affiliate marketing every single day hoping for a better way to earn money and more freedom. 

But although Internet marketing and e-commerce is still booming, and Internet business is getting more and more simple to set up, there is a growing competition that makes it more and more difficult for new people to make a success of their affiliate marketing business. It is still a good business to start, but only if you are determined and not afraid of failure.

Of course still loads of people are earning money, but these people are only making affiliate marketing commissions because they refused to give up after the series of failures and managed to figure out how to earn more by doing less.

There are hundreds of thousands of online businesses claiming to be the proven system where you can not possibly fail and you will become a top affiliate in no time. 

Are you receiving those “get rich quick” programs, claiming to make you thousands overnight? 

The truth is that only around 3% of people make a sizable income from affiliate marketing, and only 2% can make a living from their affiliate marketing business. All these programs claim to create millionaires overnight, but in most cases the only millionaire created is the business owner, not the affiliate marketer. They can show you a big house, nice cars, and a lot of money promising that this could be yours – how far this is from the truth! 

Before joining any type of program, you should try to learn as much as possible about the affiliate program you are going to join. 

Using just the internet as an up to date resource it is very easy to research different programs, just key in the affiliate program’s name in the search box and see what comes up. Always check how long has the program been online, the reviews, reputation, and to be on the safe side, check the “whois” information as well as how long has the domain been bought for. If it is a one-year period, try to avoid the company. If the company has just started, make sure that the owner has a good name, doesn’t appear on online scams lists, running a different program previously.

Some people only claim overnight successes because they want you to join their business. 

Most of the MLM companies throw in success stories in order to make you work for them. And some affiliate programs, too. The most unethical way of doing this is when they say that they are doing the work for you. It is never true. Don’t get caught up with the hype of internet marketing, in order to achieve success in affiliate marketing you have to actually work hard and learn hard at the same time.

You need the right amount of determination. 

If you want to make a success in the affiliate marketing world, you must be self motivated enough to push yourself forward every day. The amount of courage you have to motivate yourself is going to determine your affiliate marketing business’s future.

You will need discipline. 

If you are ready to teach yourself to work everyday without other people pushing you, you’re on the way to success, because you will be able to achieve more and more every day by keeping your eyes on your goals, and finally achieve them.

The best way, though, to spot internet scams is to look for the following. 

Does the sign up page tell you exactly what you have to do? Is there a clear detailed compensation plan published on the site? Can you contact the support desk initially if you have questions before joining? Are there testimonials, payment proofs published? Does the site look legit, well established? Does the affiliate site have a clear disclaimer and a privacy policy?

Once you are ready to promote, and you have your affiliate site ready, you have to put content on and drive traffic to your affiliate site. 

Make sure you have useful content on your site with keywords related to your affiliate program, in order to gain visitors and build up trust. Be creative, flexible, and don’t be afraid of trying out new ideas. Once you get the traffic through, you are on your way to earning money with your affiliate marketing business, just be patient.

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